"The Dream Body in the Making"

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I'm 31 yrs old mother of 4 (13,11,9, and 1) and...

I'm 31 yrs old mother of 4 (13,11,9, and 1) and I'm ready to have the body of my dreams. I'm having Tummy Tuck and Liposculpture + BBL done. After stalking several SX dolls pages on IG and much outside research I've decided that Dr Henao in Cali, Co will be the one to give me my much needed makeover. I contacted him via Whatsapp and he replied back in no more then 3 hrs. I'm hoping to stay at BeautiSleep RH, just waiting to hear hear back from them. I'm nervous and scared but knowing I will have awesome results (positive thinking) surpasses all of those feelings. I will try to keep you'll updated... Ask me anything ????

Quote from Bellavita received

I emailed Bellavita for information regarding their daily rate and amenities included at their Recovery House BeautiSleep in Cali. They responded in less then 24 hrs (thumbs up). Their daily rates are as followed:
Master Suite: $125 USD
Double: $100 USD
Triple: $85 USD
Guest: $75 USD
A $200 deposit is required and payments can be made in 4 installments. *full refund if cancelled within 5 days*
I chose Beautisleep RH because of its great reviews from Dolls who have stayed there and plus I personally think Bellavita is extremely knowledgeable of the SX world, have great connections and I trust they have the best intentions for their clients. The next step for me is to get my blood work and EKG done. I pray all goes well. I had post preeclampsia after my baby and been battling with hypertension since and sometimes I get chest pains and palpitations even though doctors say everything is normal it still worries me a little when I think about having surgery, I don't want any complications.

Pics of Dr Henao's Work

Amazing Results... Cutting Edge Techniques... These pics are giving me life ????

Admiring Dr Diaz of DR work

I've been admiring the work of Dr Diaz from his personal page on IG and from a doll on I follow on IG who had her work done by him and her results are amazing. The look I'm going for his sexy yet subtle.... Dr Diaz's work seems to be just that. Yes I want a nice ass but not too much. My main problem areas is my stomach and back... And course I'm not letting ANY fat go waste!

Lip Fillers

Kylie Jenner's lips are perfection! So I'm considering getting 1mL lip filler injected in my top lip and .5 mL in my bottom lip.... I used the plastic surgery stimulator app to get a visual of my dream lips.... I too want a sexy pout ????

Change of plans

Changes of plans.... I contacted Dr William Jimenez of Cali Colombia for a quote. I originally contacted Henao and was pretty confident that I was going to him but I've seen so many great reviews on Jimenez's great work and his attentiveness and genuine care for his patients which is a major plus for me. I contacted him via whatsapp and he responded immediately... I emailed my pictures I'm just waiting for my quote.

So Indecisive

I'm so indecisive right now. I feel like there's so many good doctors making it so hard to choose the one I think that will give me the body I want. I had my mind and heart set on going to Colombia but I'm really considering DR. Cabral has taunting my conscience for the past couple of weeks. I love his work but the reviews are what steer me away from him, but honestly everyone has different expectations and render different results so you have to take heed but go with your gut.

Surgery Prepping

I scheduled a full work up with my doctor and to have an EKG done by a cardiologist. I'm starting to drink cold-pressed beets and berries drink, I don't want to take any supplements until I'm cleared by my doctor because idk if they will interfere with my blood pressure medication
Dr Alder Henao

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