32 Years Old,4 Kids Time for a Change - Dominican Republic, DO

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I want to get tummy tuck, lipo and BBL I have...

I want to get tummy tuck, lipo and BBL I have contacted a few doctors and was leaning more on Harold Villalobos in Cali Columbia I got a quote for 6500 not sure If this is the price everyone gets quoted . I also spoke to Molina but because I'm having a baby next month most of them told Me to wait until 6 months to get a quote . any information would be highly appreciated

I have researched and gotten so many quotes from...

I have researched and gotten so many quotes from DR doctors and Cali doctors .after speaking to my mom I settled for Dominican Republic .I found a dr by the name Clime spoke to one of his patients and he comes highly recommended by her ,his also board certified. He offered me full lipo,implants,TT and maybe bbl if hemo is great ,also 8 massages and transport .his always answering my questions no matter how ridiculous they are .his the do it safe guy ,do it natural. My thing is apart from a few pictures there's not a lot of reviews on here .are some doctors more famous than others but not good and some who are not famous but good?my other option is dr Manon but I think he has a lot of patience

Hemo results

I'm going to try to keep ya'll updated till I have my surgery.I got my first time hemo results and I am 13 .I've been talking mild iron everyday and prenatal vitamins. I ordered floradix and will start it two months before I leave .I bought my plane ticket cost me $600 through transiting in Mexico city. I got some supplies but slowly buying more ..my aunt will be coming with me she's getting surgery as well .shes a nurse and has advised me to get TT,bbl,and lipo and do breasts later ..I'm so torn I want breasts and everything but I'm also scared of doing multiple things at once .
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