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I had chin Lipo not laser and I'm very...

I had chin Lipo not laser and I'm very disappointed because my skin in sagging the dr said it will tighten up after while. Oh and he never told me to wear a chin strap it's been since nov 8th my surgery date and I took it upon my self to go buy one. He told me it's not necessary. I don't believe it for the simple fact when I swollow my chin gets even bigger. My chin is hard I expected that but what I didn't expect was to still look like a turkey by the neck when I wasn't lookin this way before I just had a little. I don't think he evaluated my skin correctly. And now I have to walk around looking like a turkey until I find out what to do. Two people I just met at dr office one has no inflammation no extra skin and she's 12 days out of surgery, she's the one who told me to get chin strap. The other lady said it's been a year since she had chin surgery with doctor and he told her she'd see results in a couple of months her chin is still there. What should I do my face is too pretty to look like this. I need to find a new doctor but what technique should he use.
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