Liposculpting/BBL in Cali Colombia (Round 1)

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Likely will be going to see Luis Plazas for...

Likely will be going to see Luis Plazas for Liposculpting BBL if he decides to answer my emails. Dr Hugo Sacristan was so fast to respond to my emails but Ive found Plazas instagram to show results that really gear to what Im looking for. Either way it will be Plazas or if not Sacristan/ another Cali doctor. Will keep you posted


Sent in my deposit today. Western Union- they ask you for 500usd. obviously is a lot more in Canadian dollas. Damn u exhange rate. Was quoted for 3750usd for the full shebang.
" (includes lipo of the abdomen, waist, back and optional to the arms and legs) with gluteal lipoinjection (BBL)`"


Surgery fixed for February 10th. Flight set for Feb 5th. Family totally against it. Don't really see the big deal. I'm pretty excited.
Writing down my list of things to pack:
wish pics
plane ticket
foam pads
compression garments, socks, sleeves
mederma silicone strip band aids
maxi dresses
wife beaters for under garment
booty pillow for flights back
slip on shoes- have some from work
stool softeners
too much to think about but go to start somewhere.
also need to lose a bit of weight pre surgery to get the exact result I want. Trying to live healthy and raise hemo.
Luis Plazas

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