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Hey Real Selfers, I am 30 years old and in my...

Hey Real Selfers,

I am 30 years old and in my third round of braces. My first round was when I was 12 yrs old and then again at 18yrs because they relapsed. My orthodontist told me around 18 years old at the second round of braces that I could do jaw surgery if I wanted to, but that it would mostly be cosmetic as they could fix my bite with the braces alone. At 18 years old I didn't really notice my weak chin or gummy smile and never pursued jaw surgery. Looking back maybe I should have? Now I am 30 years old with braces on again.

Back in March 2016 I went to a new orthodontist complaining of my gummy smile and weak chin. My orthodontist told me the only way to fix it was upper jaw surgery (lefort 1 osteotomy) and potential sliding genioplasty. She mentioned that sometimes when they impact (move up) the upper jaw (maxilla) it rotates the lower jaw (mandible) outward and thus correcting my weak chin. This would be ideal because then I would not need the sliding genioplasty.

I am currently scheduled for surgery on November 19 2016. I live in Canada and the surgery itself it covered by provincial health care. I had to pay for the braces ($8,500) and the preoperative 3D planning and molds at the surgeons ($5000). So in total this whole thing costs me $13,500 out of pocket, peanuts compared to the cost of the surgery which I believe is anywhere from $50,000 to $70,000. Thank you universal health care and thank you Canada!

I've had 3 consultations with 3 different oral and Maxillofacial surgeons. Spent endless amounts of time researching the procedure and my surgeon. And of course reading reviews on this site and the World Wide Web, which is a really scary place. I've read reviews on both sides of the spectrum, from truly horrible, disfiguring surgeries gone wrong, and to beautiful, life-changing surgeries gone perfect! In the end I believe the combination of the simplicity of my surgery and the fact I am a young and healthy person with reasonable expectations my surgery will go as planned. At least that's what I tell myself everyday or else I'd probably back out and run for the hills, lol.

The name of my orthodontist is Dr. Jennifer Smith. She has been amazing and has held my hand throughout this entire process (I've needed a lot of handing holding, lol).

The name of the surgeon I've chosen is Dr. Simon Touchan. He has also been amazing, I had a small breakdown last week and almost considered abandoning my whole treatment after reading too many bad reviews. I called his office and they got me in to see him on Friday. He sat and listened to my entire speech I had written out about all my concerns without rushing me or making me feel stupid. He spent close to an hour going over in great detail all the questions and concerns I had. And not once did he stumble or scramble to debunk any of my preconceived notions or skepticisms of the surgery. He was confident without being too confident and never made me feel stupid for asking millions of questions (I'am sure some of them were silly). Most importantly thought I believe my surgeons vision is the same as my vision.

Will update post surgery!
Calgary Orthodontist

Dr Jennifer Smith and Dr Simon Touchan: See review.

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