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I am 27 years old and have 38 H breasts. I can't...

I am 27 years old and have 38 H breasts. I can't remember a time when I was happy with my breast size. After having my daughter they got even bigger and I started having even more back problems. I have a consultation with Dr. Beveridge on Tuesday to find out if I am a good candidate for a reduction. I am excited but nervous as I don't know what to expect! My husband will be coming with me for support. I will update my journey as I go.

consultation went well

Today I had my consultation with my doctor. I think it went well. I expected more then it was and was really quite anxious all morning.
My surgery is scheduled for June 11th and I've been put on a cancellation list as well. Hopefully I get in sooner.
The only concern that I have is a possible pregnancy after the surgery. My husband and I are 50/50 on whether we want another child. The doctor said I could have the surgery now and risk possible sagging after if I get pregnant and possibly not being able to breast feed(said about 50% chance). My other option is to wait until we are done having children to get the surgery(about 3+ years). Does anyone have any experience with having a breast reduction in between children? I'm leaning strongly towards having it. My quality of life sucks right now because of my giant boobs. I'm afraid that I can't be the best mom I can be because of them. I am constantly having to readjust them and can't just enjoy the moment. I refuse to swim as well since my boobs spill out over my bathing suit top.
I told my husband today that I would rather have small saggy boobs than big saggy boobs lol at least I won't have to go broke buying bras!

Anyways, I guess I will try and find some info on breast reduction in between kids! If anyone had any advice I would love to hear it!

Have a great day!


So the other day I was out shopping with my mom and I missed a call from my surgeons office. They left a message saying there was a cancellation for Dec 18th. I called back not even 5 min later to say yes and it had already been booked :( I was so upset I wanted to cry(surgery is scheduled for June 11). Guess I just continue waiting.
I asked the receptionist if people cancel often and she laughed and said no. This was the first one in over 6 months. realistically I'm not sure if I could have even had it that early since I only stopped breast feeding a couple months ago. Guess I keep waiting patiently for the days to pass! Hopefully I can lose some more baby weight before the surgery. I'm down 15lbs in a month and still have about 20lbs to go until I am at my pre baby weight.
One good thing that has happened lately, is that my breasts have shrunk a bit since I stopped breast feeding. Now they are even more saggy then before. I just can't win lol

Exciting news!!!!!!

My surgery has been bumped up to january 22nd from June!!!!!!! So excited!

It is starting to hit me!

since getting the news that my surgery is moved up to Jan22, I haven't been very nervous or even thought much about it(I was out of town visiting friends). I am now at home and have some time to thinking about it. It is finally setting in. I think I'm Annoying my husband because I won't shut up about it. Im like a kid on Christmas!
We have talk to my mom and she is going to stay with us to help me. My husband works out of town and I have an 8 month old daughter. I can use all the help I can get. Mom just retired so I said I would fly her out. She said she could stay as long as I need. Does anyone know how long she will need to stay? I was thinking 2weeks if everything goes smooth. Is that a realistic time frame to be able to take care of my daughter again? She is under 20lbs.
Also, what is a good bra to get(I am in Canada). I'm going to get a couple pairs of button up PJ's as well. I seriously cannot believe this is happening so soon! I thought I was going to have lots of time to prepare mentally for this. I am just sooo freaking excited!
I already warned my husband that I'm going to buy a million bras and bathing suits. Oohh and sexy lingerie and nighties that I don't have to wear a bra with! I am a bridesmaid in a wedding in August too and I will be the only bridesmaid that has small boobs!! It is a sweetheart neckline and strapless. I'm going to rock that dress!
Anyways! Hope you are all getting ready for the holidays and healing well or waiting patiently! I'm off to dream of my future Boobies and probably do some online Window shopping ;)

--sorry for the formatting as I am on my phone--

some before pics

I am 5'6 and 180lbs. So trying to get back to my pre baby weight of 150. It is really hard to exercise and do anything with impact since my breasts are so big and heavy. They were a lot worse while I was breast feeding my daughter too.

Question about stretch marks!

If you have stretch marks on your boobs pre surgery, how do they look post surgery?

preop done!

Had my pre op appointment today. Apparently it is just done over the phone! That was fine by Me since it saves me a trip to the hospital with my baby. They just went over basic stuff. Mostly medical history. They are going to call me the day before surgery to tell me what time my surgery is. I will be staying over 1 night in the hospital. I was told no vitamins 2 weeks prior to surgery. I found this kinda weird since you would think your body could use all the nutrients it can get before a surgery. Oh well, I'm not a doctor. Still Pretty nervous and excited! I don't see it going away until post surgery. I seem to be on this site A LOT. It is reassuring to see that majority of people heal quickly and without complications. Hopefully that will be me as well!


Hope everyone had a great Christmas!! I am in Canada and we have really good boxing day sales and I an going to look for some smaller recovery Bras tomorrow! Surgery date is creeping up!

Husband's thoughts...

The other day I showed my husband a picture of breast reduction 6 months post op and I thought they looked fantastic. They had great shape and size. I thought showing him what these boobs looked like at 6 months would help him to see how great they could look. Wrong! ! All he said was "wow, those are really big scars".
I'm really scared my husband is going to be grossed out by my new boobs and this comment just scared me even more. He loves me to death and understands why I want this but I still worry he will find them to be gross because of the scars. I thought the scars in the pic were great for 6 months. Ughh....
Anyone have a husband or partner not like them? I know it isn't his choice but I still want him to think I'm sexy obviously

Question for women with infants

Hi Ladies!!! Hope you all are doing well! My surgery date is coming up fast!!! I have a question for those of you with little ones. How long until you could pick them up and care for them without help? My daughter is 9 months and 17lbs. My mom has a 1 way ticket to come help me but I'm curious how long she will actually need to be here?
Also, how long until you were given the go ahead for sports. .. More specifically I'm hoping I can get some more snowboarding in before the season is over!

Thanks in advance!!

new bras

I picked up a few different bras today and tried them on so I have some before photos to compare. I bought a front close sports bra(recommended by dr.), a genie bra(recommended by a lot of you lovely ladies), a bralette (I honestly don't even know what the hell a bralette is but it looked comfy And was pink lol) and I also bought a surgical bra (seemed like the cool thing to do hahaha) . I crammed my tatas into all of them but the surgical (it had a shit ton of clasps and I was feeling lazy). I have to say, it will be so nice to have perky boobs so my bra isn't working so hard!
Its hard to believe that my surgery is less than a week!!!! Getting super excited but also sad :( I'm going to havea really hard time not cuddling and playing with my daughter. She is 9 months and at that fun stage where she is learning so much! I swear if she learns to walk while I'm sleeping I'm going to bawl my eyes out .
Anyways... Hope you all are enjoying your day and recovering nicely....or waiting patiently!

starting to have a rough time :(

Well as my surgery date approaches I am freaking out a bit more. Last night I cried when I said bye to my husband for the last time until the weekend (he works out of town and can't take time off ).
We are in the process of buying a house and things arn't going well so the deal might fall through :( not the best time to be worrying about that.
I picked my mom up from the airport today and that isn't going well either :( she seems to think I will be fine and dandy right after surgery. She is planning stuff for us and talking about how I can keep my same routine and take care of my daughter and she will just pick her up when needed. Ummmm wtf????? I flew her out here to take care of my daughter because I can't. Then she decides that the night before my surgery she is going to have my niece and SIL over for a cupcake decorating party.
I just feel like NO ONE is taking this serious and I'm feeling awful about it. My SIL actually told me the other day that it isn't even a major surgery so why am I worried? And why would anyone else be concerned.
I'm sorry for my rant and hopefully tomorrow will be better. Thanks for listening to me bitch (not like I gave youa choice) lol

arnica Montana

Oops forgot to post that I picked some Arnica Montana up! Never tried it but have read about a lot of women using it!

got my surgery time!

Surgery is at 12:10 and I have to be there at 9:10am. Starting to get nervous! !!

time to sleep...

Bag is packed, I am all ready to go! Now I just have to sleep. ...argggg

made it to the small Side!

Wooo! Officially a member of the itty bitty titty commitee! Feeling great! Not tired or anything. No nausea either! I actually don't even feel like I have had surgery other then the very slight stinging on the incisions. I'm sure this will change tomorrow! I will update more tomorrow or maybe later. It's awkward to type on my phone my drains in

so bored

Man I am bored soi will try and update you all on my day. I am on my phone so I might get annoyed and cut it short.

So I had to be at the hospital for 9:10am. My friend drove me and came in with me. When I got to the hospital I was admitted and then went to the day surgery area. I waited there about an hour and bit until they called me back. They had me change into a gown, smock, booties and pants. I was allowed to keep my under garments on at this point since I had to go back into the waiting room fora bit after. So before I went back to the waiting room they took my height, weight, and some other info. I went back into the waiting room for about 20min until they called me back . At this point I peed and removed my under garments ( I was so tempted to just throw my big nasty bra in the garbage lol) I also had to remove my smock and pants. I climbed onto the bed and they wheeled me into the OR.

I waited in the OR for about 10 min until my dr came in. He marked me up and then introduced me to my anesthesiologist(sp?). After that I was wheeled into the operating room.

I the operating room they transferred me on the surgery bed. There were 4 nurses and the anesthesiologist in there. I asked if he could knock me out and then give me my IV(they normally have a really hard time finding my veins). He said he would give me some laughing gas to help. He put it over my face and told me it was going to smell bad but to breath in. I was laughing and saying I was so high and the nurses were all laughing at me for saying I felt like teenager again lol. That was the last thing i remembered.

I woke up in recovery feeling great. My pain was at about a 6 maybe. They gave me morphine and it went to a 1 or 2. I wasnt sick or anything. They wheeled me to the day surgery recovery area where I am now and will be here until tomorrow.
They have me on perks and my pain is about a 1. I'm not tired or sick. I ate my dinner as well with no problems. I have also peed. All the nurses arepretty surprised how alert I am and have been since right after I woke up.
My friend is coming to visit me with some Timmies (all you Canadian ladies will know how great this is lol). I'm still not tired and I'm actually quite bored! I have drains in that will come out tomorrow morning.
I will probably post more later since I'm going stir crazy!
Again, I apologize for the horrible format, auto corrects and grammar---phones stuck for this type of thing!
Right now I am soooo happy but I really can't see anything so who knows!!

Side note--funny story--

When I was being admitted, the girl said there wasa girl the other day who had the same surgery with the same doctor. Apparently when she left the hospital she ran up to the admit window and competitive flashed her boobs to this women to show her how awesome they were. Lol. I don't think I will be doing that but it was pretty funny. The guy helping with admit was so awkward with all the boobs talk! Poor guy. Lol

amount removed and end of day update!

They took 1lbs from each breast. Thought I would let you guys know! I still haven't slept and I'm not really tired yet. The nurse keeps telling me I'm a weirdo haha.
When I had my appendix out 9 months ago I was the same way. Wide awake after the anesthetic.
They removed 15ml (I'm assuming that the measurement) from each drain about 7 hours after the surgery. I still have the drains until the morning. I was supposed to have IV until then too but since I havent felt sick at all they took it out! Yay!!!!
I have an ice pack under each boobie too. All together since I got to recovery I have taken 4 percocets( about a 8 hr period)and have had a pain level of less the 1 on a scale of 1-10.
Im hoping this continues tomorrow but I think it might feel like i got hit by a bus tomorrow.


Managed to get some sleep but was just woke up for a vitals check. Drains are Pretty much empty. And zero pain still. I haven't had any pain meds since 8pm last night. I was Icing off and on last night and they also told me I can take those ice packs home today. Ohh and for gauze at home, all of the nurses and my dr. Recommended unscented panty liners. They said they are Sterile, super absorbant and nice and thin. I'm going to pick some up on my way home. If you have an upcoming surgery then perhaps add it to you pre surgery shopping list!
I'm so excited to see boobs today. Plastic Surgeon Gets here around 8am today!!!

throat lozenges.

Before I forget...I would like to suggest anyone coming up to their surgery bring some halls vitamin c drops or something similar. No matter how much water i drink I have such dry throat from the breathing tube. Also my hands are so dry from the dry air in here. Maybe add a thing of moisturizer to your bag. Oh and loved have disposable face wipes to clean up with.
Sorry for all the post! I was/am obsessed with this site and now that I can actually help others instead of just soaking up all the it is nice.

pics 1 day post op

I will post braless pics tomorrow when my husband is here. I don't feel like taking the gauze off right now.
I am home now and so feeling well. Pain is at a 0 or 1. Not taking much pain med. Moving around Pretty good but not taking any chances no matter how good im feeling. These bad boys need to heal good. I will update on my after care instructions either later today or tomorrow. Some of them seem quite relaxed, such as not sleeping on stomach for only the 1st week. Seems weird. Anyways.... Happy healing and patient waiting!

1 day post pic without bra

I think they are too small :(
I need to lose weight so theylook better I think. I know it'sa common concern but they seem smaller then a big C (what we discussed).

I love you ladies!

You ladies always make me feel so much better. Even though I don't reply to ask the comments I do read them and they are so important to me! You guys are great!
I slept in my bed last night. Pain is still a 0-1. I surprisingly slept great which I didn't thinki would since I am 100% tummy sleeper. My hubby comes home today to see the girls in person! I will keep you posted and add a new pic tonight!


Finally got to shower! Man that felt nice. My husband sucks at washing hair tho and I'm about to find out how bad he is at brushing it. I wish I was bald lol.
My husband had his first real life look at the girls and says they look great and that I look skinnier.
I have complete feeling in my right nipple but nothing in my left nipple. My left nipple looks to be swollen still. My right doesn't. I only took an extra strength Tylenol this morning in case I started to hurt. Nothing so far. The odd time the under incision would sting if i was on the ground paying with my daughter. Once I moved back to the couch I was pain free again.
I do have a question.... What have you all been told to do after a shower? I assume I shouldn't put gauze and bra over my wet steri strips. Do you just hangout braless while it dries? ??

a few more pics

Still doing well!

I went out today and looked at some show homes with my husband and daughter. It wasn't to move around at all except we have really warm temps right now so all the snow has melted and its crazy icy out.
I bought some panty liners finally to use in my bra. I switched to bralette with the liners and my husband helped me pull it over my head. I keep lifting my arms above my head then remembering I'm not supposed too. Oops!
Sleeping sitting up is already getting annoying and i find myself trying to lay on my side with my bottom half while my top half stays on my back, needless to say that really isnt comfy at all.
I haven't taken any pain meds at all today. I am still taking arnica montana 3 times a day.
We are going out again tomorrow to see some more homes to possibly buy. Hopefully I'm not sore from today.
I will update again in few days i think since there really isn't any exciting news!
Have a great day and happy healing!

green discharge???

I changed my gauze today and noticed i had some green discharge under my right boob. My post op isn't until Tuesday. Anyone have this? Ill include a pic. I'm really going it isn't an infection. I have no pain and no fever. Other then that the boobs are doing great. When did everyone start sleeping flat on back? I'm having a hard time sitting propped up still:/

post op

I had my post op appt today. He said everything is looking great and I can resume most normal activities with the exception of lifting. He gave me the go ahead to sleep on my side and to stop wearing gauze in my bra unless it was more comfortable. He took some steri strips off and said I can either let the other ones fall off or if they bug me I can remove them. The greenish yellow oozing was normal and not an infection which is obviously good. I still have no pain. Feeling in only my right nipple and very minimal swelling if any. I was also given the go ahead to start bio oil or vitamin E oil in the next few days!
I was wondering if any of you can tell me when to expect zingers to start???
Hope you're all having a great day!

1 week update!!

Hey everyone! I hope you all are doing well! I thought I should maybe do a 1 week update. I am sorry if I'm updating too much. I just know how important it was to me when i was preparing for my surgery! I would look on here every night before bed to see how everyone was doing and get all the updates! So here is my 1 week update.
First of all it is really hard to believe that it has been a week since my surgery. It is actually hard to believe that I have even had the reduction after so many years of wanting it. It all happened so fast.
My left nipple still had no feeling in it(anyone know when this feeling might come back if it does? ). I still have no pain although sometimes my bra band rubs the incision and its uncomfortable. My suggestion to anyone preop to look for post op bands that are really wide. My most comfortable bra seems to have about a 2" band. Most of my steri strips have fell off except around my nipple.
Emotionally I seem to go back and forth between thinking they are a good size and thinking they are a little too small. I think that that will pass and I will be happy 100% with my size. My husband and best friend both made comments about them being small and me being flat chested. It's funny because it bothered me but it also used to bother me when people would say how big my boobs were. Funny how that works....
I still can't pick up my daughter but I am back to most other activities no problem. I tried sleeping on my side last night but it really wasn't comfortable. I really worry about my incision opening up at the "T" since that seems to be the norm for complications.
I can't think of anything else that could be important to anyone so I will just upload some pics. I don't think there is any change but I will add any ways!

ooopps posted too soon

2 weeks post op

I am 2 weeks post op now. All my steri strips are off. I was pretty nervous taking the ones off around my nipple lol I felt like they were going fall off if they wern't taped on! Its all good though! Nips are still there :)
I still have very little pain, just a bit of a bruised feeling on the sides where the drains went in. I have been sleeping on my sides every night but still no stomach sleeping.
I have picked my daughter up couple times no problem but I am concerned I will open up an incision. I have help until Tuesday still so I am taking it easy.
Hope everyone is doing well and healing great!

3 week update!

It has been 3 weeks and everything is going great. My mom left yesterday so today is my first day on my own with my 10 month old. I can pick her up fine and have Pretty much zero pain. I sometimes have a bruised feeling on my sizes still and think that might be because I sleep on my sides. I have woke up a couple times on my tummy too...oops! Scarring looks pretty good. Still have some scabs. Can't feel left nipple still so I hope that comes back. I'm going to start working out this week too(just lower body). All in all its going great and I am super happy I did this!

4 week update!

Boobs are doing good. Left side where the drain was still feels bruised if I press on it. Had a couple stitches near the top of my skin at both T intersections and the spot where the drain was. I pulled the ones at the T out (pulled very lightly and they just came out with no resistance). The hole healed up by morning so now I'm all good. Been going to gym but just doing low impact cardio and lower body and abs. No pain after that. Can lay on stomach again too! !!!!! Yay!

working out

I have been to the gym lately and just doing lower body and low impact cardio. Also was doing upper body with no weight on the machines. Today I did upper body with light weights (about 10-15lbs) and even did. Couple minutes of jogging. felt fine during both and feel fine now as well. Will see if I'm sore in the morning!

5 week update

Everything is back to normal except I'm still taking it easy with upper body workouts. No pain and everything has up nice. Going to start applying bio oil multiple times a day next week when I can start going bra free around my house!
Dr. Beveridge

Dr. Beveridge was very to the point. He was helpful answering all my questions. He had average bedside manner. I would use him again 100%. His secretary is a little cold but I didn't have to deal her much so it didn't bother me.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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