28 Years Old - 5'6" - 130lbs - 500cc HP - 32A to 32DDD

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I've had small breasts my whole life. I'm a 34A...

I've had small breasts my whole life. I'm a 34A and the biggest I've been was 36B during my last pregnancy and while I was breastfeeding. Now my breasts have deflated and look more pathetic than ever lol. I have always dreamed of implants but never imagined I would get them. My husband has given me the go ahead and I can't believe it! I just had my first consultation with Dr. haugrud in Calgary. It was a pretty laid back appointment. I tried on some sizers and was going a lot bigger than I originally planned....but I definitely don't want to go to small. We kind of decided on 475cc HP silicone under the muscle. But we'll finalize once we get closer to the date I think. My surgery is booked for August 13th! Gives me some time to lose the last 10 pounds from my baby boy. (He's only 4 months old!) I'm a little nervous about recovering with a 7 month old....I know I could wait but I'm totally being impatient. My boobs are just so sad right now!

Wish boobs

Getting closer!

Getting closer!

Surgery is a month and a half away and I just can't wait! I'm so dreading the healing process because I still have my 4 year old and a young baby to care for. I'm REALLLYY going to try to to be patient. It just sucks that it takes months for them to drop and look normal. I also hate being unable to do things physically. It is what it is I guess!
I'm quite certain that I will choose 475CC HP, but I'm bringing my hubby with me in a couple weeks to finalize the size.


Went to the clinic with my husband and we are officially going with 500cc HP. I think they'll be perfect! I've also pushed back the surgery to Aug 20th so my mom can come help out. Can't wait!!

500CC HP sizers

Here's a couple pics of me wearing the sizers. So theoretically my outcome will be a bit smaller than this. In the end I don't want to be baywatch big...but I want them to look nice and full. What do you think?


Just adding another before shot, sad little bikini top haha


I'm soooo excited for my surgery and cannot wait. But I'm getting nervous about results. I honestly haven't even thought much about it, I'm like...sure 500ccs look good, I have a good PS. It's all good.

Now I'm like, what if it's a botched job?! What if they are HUGE?
Do I have enough tissue for 500ccs? What if they just look like balls on my chest.
Of course Im going with doctors' suggestion for my body type, so I will hope he knows what he's talking about.
Counting the days!!

Post Op Bras

So I picked up a few bras. I'm almost ready, I just need to get some bio oil.

I got the Hanes get comfy bra and its sooo comfy. It's the brown one. Super stretchy so yes, it will still fit with the implants. Then I got a Genie zip up bra for after the surgery but the stupid zipper was a piece of junk. I don't want to deal with a finicky zipper when I'm in pain. So I'm going to return it, even though it was really comfy. Then online, I bought a lululemon tata tamer for when I'm more healed. It's so nice, but look at how small it fits in the pic. This was a 34D! And I'm a 34A lol. So I'm going to exchange it for a 36D I think, the band runs a bit small I think so that would be less snug and have a bit bigger cups I think.
Anyway, feel free to comment if you have any advice!
20 days to go!!

7 Days!

9:30AM on the 20th! Only a week away. Hard to believe but I am so ready.

It's BOOBY time!!

I'm about 10 minutes away from being cut open, wish me luck!! Ahhhh so crazy!


I'm on the other side. I have giant boobs! At least it feels that way. Holy crap they're tight and hard. Right now I'm taking 2 Percocet pills every 4 hours and they're making me soo groggy. I wonder if I should only take one (not sure of the mg) but I don't want to be in pain.
I also can't pee, my bladder is full but I only get a few trickles each time. What the heck?
I haven't taken a peak because I'm too weak and tired but I can see with my bra on and here's a picture for you! So surreal!

The big reveal

Well, I was able to take a shower and take off those itchy bandages. Hello boobs!! My husband and I kind of just stared at them in shock. Haha Being an A my whole life, I can't believe they're mine!
Honestly our first thought were that they're perfect! I'm so happy with the size, not too big or too small I think. What do you guys think?
They're super tight and high of course, and I'm feeling it. But they're not as scary as I thought they were going to look lol.
Don't mind all the marks from the bandages and bras.

Night Sweats and other things

Anyone else experience night sweats after BA? I'm waking up with drenched boobs every time. It's like my milk is coming in all over again lol.
I'm noticing small improvements in how I feel everyday. My PS said that once my strips fall off, I can wear whatever bra I want or no bra at all. What did your PS say? I wouldn't mind going braless for awhile to allow some natural movement. He also didn't suggest any massage, he said that you you'll want to keep your breasts from sagging over time so why hurry the process? He was just like...they'll drop and soften on their own. I'm wondering if I should still try massage and when...

These Gurgle boobs are really starting to give me the heeby jeebies...

Or as my PS called them "rice krispies". As I move more I can hear and feel the air bubbles and it's nasty lol. At least I know it's normal.
I've changed to T3's every 4 hours during the day and the my percocets at night because they make me nice and sleepy. I just want to start feeling normal during the day. I notice each day is a tiny change for the better. Breasts still look and feel exactly the same though.

Day 4 Post Op Pics

Tank tops really make boobs look huge don't they. I had to laugh at how humongous they looked today. Just trying to find a way to conceal them so I can go out in public. They still look and feel like rocks on my chest.
My PO appointment with Dr Haugrud is in 2 weeks.

My left boob moves!!

Oh my goodness, I am just so excited, this morning I woke up and noticed that I can actually squish my left boob. Progress! Lol it's interesting because this happened right after it was having sharp pains yesterday and my lower skin stopped being numb. Haven't had those feelings on the right side yet so that why it's still rock hard, it's just a bit behind. They're both still tight but it's nice to know they're going to get soft one day! Haha I had to share that.
Here's some pictures of my implant cards and my incisions. Just took the tape off today. Definitely still some healing to do!

Did you use a compression band?

Anyone who sees this...have you tried a compression band to help "lower the implants"? I don't know if it's works or if it's even a good idea. I ordered one online a while back and just not sure if I should wear it sometimes.


Happy 1 Week to my breasties!

Well I can say today marks the day where I've felt a LOT better, compared to the invalid I was for the past week. I stopped taking pain killers last night and have been totally fine. My body really was having a hard time with the larger implants. 500cc certainly isn't small. The past couple nights I've found myself sleeping on my sides at times, and I woke up this morning with nearly no morning boob. It was awesome. I cannot sleep on my back!
Currently, I'm just wearing soft sports bras throughout the day and just stopped wearing them at night because it was really bothering me. I actually feel much better braless.
So now begins the time where I'm beginning to feel fine again and the ladies just need to drop and fluff. I cannot wait for that!! I'm tolerating them for now because they still look ridiculous to me but sometimes I can imagine what they'll look like and get really excited haha. I think my surgeon is pretty good and I'm so grateful for that, he's a really good guy too! I will update my review on him after my follow up with him.
I've added a picture of me in the sizers before and now after...it's pretty darn close I think!
Also, I thought it would be really helpful to add a video of squish factor and update progress on that throughout the weeks. It's one thing to look at photos but when I saw a couple of videos some girls posted, it really helped me to know what my breasts may be like after augmentation.

2 Weeks Down

Happy two weeks to my newborn boobies. Lol
Still healing over here. I feel like everything is going well, just slowly. Which is normal. I'm trying to be patient. They get softer everyday but still are so high, my muscles don't want to relax just yet. Some days I'm so annoyed because I feel like my breasts look ridiculous and I hate going out in public. Other days I'm so excited and know they're going to look gorgeous when they drop. This waiting game can mess with your head though and make you think you're going to be stuck with torpedo boobs forever!
I sleep full time on my sides and by morning my incisions are a slightly sore but other than that there's no tenderness anymore. I go 24/7 without a bra. It's just how I'm most comfortable and I really don't need one. These babies don't need support, they need gravity lol.
Oh yes, I remember what I wanted to mention. A bit ago I started having very familiar feelings but I couldn't put my finger on it. I eventually realized my breasts...are having Braxton hicks contractions!! Lol, not really. But that's exactly what it feels like. When I am at home or relaxing, my breasts are somewhat squishy and I don't even feel them. But when I start walking or go out and about, my chest muscles contract, making my boobs even harder and higher. It's weird lol. Reminds me of when I used to get Braxton hicks all the time with my pregnancies.
The other day I noticed that I have a couple sore areas below my breasts over my ribs. If I stretch or push on them, it feels very bruised. I keep thinking I pulled a weird muscle but this might just be a part of the healing process.
I picked up a bra from VS, I forget what it's called but it's soooo soft and comfy. I wanted something to wear when I go out and when my ladies drop a bit more. I've found so far that only 34D or DD fit me, so I believe that's where I'll end up, which is crazzzzy! It's what I always dreamed of. Still surreal I think.
I've added some recent pictures.

With clothes on

Just thought I'd throw up a few shots of my girls with clothes on. It's weird, the past couple days they look a lot better with clothes on. Before they were quite bulgy up top. I'm so happy that they're gradually dropping! I think I fondle my own boobs way too much now hahah

3 weeks

Well it's been 3 weeks. I had my first post op appointment with Dr. Haugrud yesterday, it was quick and simple. He said everything looked good. He mentioned as nice as it is to go braless and even though they're high now, that I should try to support them most of them time because they are heavy implants and gravity will get to them over time. I don't want saggy breasts so now I will wear a bra through the day. Even the most "comfy" bras are annoying to me for some reason. I can't wear real bras yet because they bother my incisions and my breasts are still an abnormal shape.
Best news of the appointment though is that he said I can go back to my workouts!! I was really surprised. He told me to take it easy and wear a supportive bra. (Having a heck of a time trying to find one). So I'm excited about that because even though I've only gained 2 pounds since surgery, I look so flabby and gross. Of course, I'm my worst critic.
He said they still have a lot of dropping and softening to do, and to give it a couple more months. I'm so impatient! I cannot wait for these girls to drop because in the meantime, I'm really not able to enjoy them.
Not much else to say for now. I uploaded more recent pics cause that's all anyone cares about anyway lol.

Squish factor

I've uploaded a video 3.5 weeks PO to show squish factor. Certainly a difference from 1 week PO.
I took a couple shots in my lounge bra from VS, my boobs look huge lol, even though it's only lined. I also got this super cute Lulu tank for the gym, but my ladies are spilling out the top a bit I think? I really don't want to draw too much attention at the gym! It's too bad, maybe I'll have to sew in a top piece to make it more modest. I have to say, I like looking at it though, I love having full beautiful breasts!! Lol
I went to VS today to get a super supportive sports bra since I'm going back to my weights class (I'll be skipping chest). I got "the ultimate" because it was wireless. I'll post a pic next time.

Photos and video

Ok trying this again. I don't know why these didn't work with the last update, but these belong with the above post ^

5 Weeks PO

After the first couple weeks, time goes by a lot faster. Crazy that I've had these boobs for 5 weeks now.
I have noticed a difference for the first time, finally! Between the 4th and 5th week. It really is hard to notice change sometimes though because you see your breasts all the time! They still have a ways to go, but I love them so far!
They're quite squishy now, I can almost get some natural looking cleavage lol.
The other day I tried on a dress that I ended up buying for my cruise in January. It was so nice to fill it out without a bra!

Working out has been great too, I haven't had any issues! I don't do bench presses or push ups, but everything else is just fine. I'm so grateful for a good recovery!

Best of luck fellow booby ladies!

2 month boobies

It's been 2 months and I'm at the point where I'm 90% happy with my breasts. One more month will push it to the final 100 I think haha. They have dropped a lot in the last month. They just need to d&f a littttle bit more and I think by my 3 months, they'll be what they'll be.
I'm so happy though, and so is my husband! Haha thank you Dr. haugrud!!
They're gradually getting more and more squishy, they even have a bit of bounce now. Will take a few more months I think until they'll be like real boobs. I'm confident that they will get there though.
Nothing else to report really! They feel great, I only notice them when I flex my pecs haha. I go the gym regularly but don't do chest, don't know if I ever will! I just don't see the need for me.
My scars still look the same, flat thin red line. For me I know they'll take a good 6-10 months to lighten.
Hope you are all enjoying your tatas and best of luck to those who are about to get some, it's awesome!!

Squish Factor 2 months

Thought I'd give you guys a little video update on squish factor again, now at 2 months.

I love having BOOBS!

I tried on some gowns for fun the other day and never felt so sexy! It was so much fun. I actually tried them all on without a bra and it still looked great! I'm loving them more and more with time and realizing what I've been missing out on my whole life haha.
I've also thrown in a before and after photo of progress so far, it's crazy how they just drop. Apparently its a common thought that HP don't provide much side boob because they're more about projection. But I've found I have a decent amount of side boob, I'm definitely glad I went with HP because moderate would've been too wide for me!

Too big, too small or just right?

Most people will keep their opinions to themselves about a new boob job if they even happen to notice. My family hasn't said a whole lot other than "they look nice, not too big" well what did you think I was going to get, porn star boobs?

But I was left feeling a little bummed after one of my very honest friends basically told me they're too big. We were trying on bras for fun and when she saw me in a bra, she just acted shocked and told me they're huge. I was standing there thinking, wow my boobs are awesome haha...but I don't think she was thinking the same thing. All that matters is that I love my breasts, but for a moment I was self conscious. She is small chested like I was my whole life but doesn't share my appreciation for a full set of breasts apparently. She even mentioned "if I were to get mine done, I wouldn't want them that big because I'd want them to still look real". I don't think she realized how it came off, but I definitely felt disappointed being told that my breasts look fake.
Maybe I'm naive but I've been thinking that my breasts look pretty good natural-wise for not even 3 months post op. Am I totally out to lunch ladies? I know full breasts after 2 kids is unlikely haha but I feel that most breasts I've seen on here look pretty great and natural to me!

Anyway, just had a bummer moment of feeling like I should have gone smaller for a more "natural" look. But my husband adores them and I'm having fun with them!

On a side note, my 3 month mark is coming up and I can't wait to get sized and finally get some support for these tatas!!

Happy 3 Months boobies!

Horray! It's finally been 3 months. I have been waiting for this day haha. I finally went and had myself sized and picked up a couple fancy European bras. Drum roll......
I'm a 32F! Apparently I've been wearing the wrong size my whole life. (34). She actually said I'm a 30 band but that was a little too snug for my liking.
To break it down, I'm a 32DDD or 34DD.

It's a whole new world for me. I'm experiencing new things with my new breasts. Lol. I used to have a hard time finding anything that would look good with no boobs, and now I'm finding it can be difficult to things to properly fit a smaller torso with a larger bust.
However, it's a better problem to have I think. At least I don't mind it too much haha.
But I am very happy with them so far, can't wait to see my doctor in a month for my last follow up to thank him.

I'm really happy with the scars, they just need to fade which I know takes a while for me. They'll stay red for several more months I think but I'll be happy when they fade.
The only thing I wish I had was some nice boob fold. I kind of knew I wouldn't have any because I didn't have a lot of skin or tissue to work with. It sounds funny but I love the look of a little bit of sag haha. Maybe I'll get that with time, I don't know!

Oh I also tried on some gown again and oh my goodness they were so pretty. I've uploaded some random pics over the past couple weeks.

Swimwear for larger busts?

So I've discovered something after getting a properly fitted bra....I just cannot shop at Victoria's Secret anymore. Maybe it's because I'm spoiled now or because my implants have put me in a very awkward sizing zone, at least where VS is concerned. All of their bands seem so loose to me now and all of their cups are so small! The 32 fits okay but their DDD cup is too small for me and they don't do F. The 34DD cup fits but the band and straps are too loose. So...not an option for me I guess!
I tried a variety of swimsuits but even their large would have fit my boobs when I was an A! Anyone else have luck with their swimwear? I don't know where else to look that has anything as cute. Any advice is welcomed!

4 Months

Things are going great, I love my boobs most of the time but like any of my body parts, I always find something to critique.
I am very happy I did it, my body looks balanced and I love having breasts. They feel like a part of me and I don't even notice they're there.
They're very squishy and jiggly now which makes me very happy. I love them more and more each month.
Just need my scars to fade now!

5 months!

Well I ended finding a few awesome swim suits from Asos.com, I love them! They sold quite a few by cup size and they're so cute! I posted the white one that I LOVED but was perhaps one cup size too small cause I didn't want my nipple peeking through haha.
We went on a cruise so I Had fun actually filling out a swim top!
I've noticed even more softness and dropping from last month. They're so squishy and more jiggly now. I love that they're getting better and better because I've been pretty picky.
I have officially convinced myself that I would've preferred 400cc. They're very nice and I love them, but I would've been happier with a cup or 2 smaller.
Maybe I'll downsize with my next revision, who knows. Obviously it's not a big enough deal to me to spend 9 grand to do it again lol.
I'm seeing my PS for the first time since 3 weeks so I'm curious to see what he says, I'll let you know.


Just throwing some up there, pretty crazy difference.

6 Months

I guess it's been 6 months. Weird, I can't believe it's been this long! I remember scrolling through everyone's reviews and dreaming of getting to this point, thinking it was sooo long after surgery. But it still feels like I just got my boobs.

Anyway, this is probably the last update I'll do. I absolutely love my girls! Something magic about that 6 month mark I think, I can honestly say I am so happy with the size now. It takes so time to adjust when you're so used to tiny breasts your whole life!
My scars are finally lightening, pink now instead of red. They'll be white within another 6 months. That'll be nice.

Don't have anything else to say, love 'em! Thanks Dr Haugrud!!

7 Months

Happy boobiversary to me

One year old next week, weird.

1.5 years

Dr Mark Haugrud

Dr Haugrud is very good at what he does. He's very down to the point and tells you the facts. I didn't find that he was overly personable but I felt comfortable around him as he is professional and kind. So far I think he did an excellent job on my augmentation.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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