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I am 22 and have no kids. 5 years ago I lost about...

I am 22 and have no kids. 5 years ago I lost about 50lbs of which came mostly from my breasts and stomach area. I am now going through with breast augmentation in hopes to create more perkiness and fill out my deflated breasts. I have no idea what bra size I am but I do have some natural breast tissue.

I have been to 3 consultations:
first(Dr. Kenneth Smith located in Victoria): I went in and the doctor told me right away i would need a lift. At that time i was just going to go with the breast lift and no implants but decided to think about it for a few months. After a few months I realized how much I actually did want implants and decided to go with some new opinions.

second: I went to see Dr. Jonathan Lee in Calgary. His website was great and he had pretty good reviews. During the consultation he told me that I was borderline lift and would probably need one eventually but to go with an implant using the dual plane technique. The thing that I didn't like was that he basically picked out two implant sizes for me and i put them both in a bra. At no point did I have two of the same size to try on and i found this part went quicker than I would have enjoyed. He also didn't give me the option of high profile or moderate plus, etc. Overall, I am sure he does great work but I felt like I left the consultation with not enough information.

Third: My third and final consultation was with Dr. Earl Campbell who is also located in Calgary. I arrived very early and the lady at the front desk was friendly. He arrived a few minutes late but looked very cheerful and I already felt calmed by his greeting. When he looked at my breasts he also said that I was borderline lift. He showed me a bunch of pictures of women with similar breasts to mine and the differences between lift vs no lift. I decided that I would go with the implant only as I can always change my mind about the lift. When we moved on to implants, it was a much better experience than at Dr. Lee's office. I was shown all the different kinds and shapes, etc. his nurse was there to help me and recommended the silicone gel in 375cc moderate plus or high profile. Since I am going under the muscle she said that the 375cc will look more like a 350cc and that most women regret going too big. I tried on both sizes in both styles and at first I really liked the mod+ better that hp but I went back the next day and ended up being more drawn to the hp style. The other lady at the front desk helped me this time and was also really amazing. She said that the hp looked really good and that she liked the 375cc. I was able to take both the 350cc and 375cc hp home for the weekend and after wearing the 350cc for a bit they feel soo big!! I am really nervous about size and I am having a hard time deciding. I am also unsure about the style now!!!! I have to decide tomorrow and I am hoping i will feel very confident with my decision...I am also nervous that I wont be happy with the results without a lift but hopefully it all works out and I can always go back for a lift (dr. campbell offers lifts for 50% off too with ba which is nice!)

One thing that I am still confused about is the main differences between dual plane and under the muscle. Dr. Lee said he would do dual plane and Dr. Campbell said that he would do under the muscle and then went on to explain to me why, but I didn't exactly retain all of the information lol. I believe he said something like the implant will already be partially dual plane naturally? And that for some it is necessary but for me it is not...

Note: Both Dr. Lee and Dr. Earl Campbell mentioned I should try out the implants first and see how i like the look because if I had children, that is when I would definitely need the lift.

Picked my size...

*In my first post I said that women regret going too big but I meant they regret not going big enough.. duh lol*

Today I went in to do my payments and to pick my size! Joanne and Leslie were so nice and understanding about me needing to try on sizers one more time. I went with the 375cc HP silicone gel by mentor which will apparently look like a 350cc, since I am going under the muscle. I was thinking I would end up going with the 350 to look like a 325, but when I tried on the 325 they looked way too small. I also decided with HP over mod+ because I felt the mod+ made me look wider than I want to look.

I am feeling quite confident with my decision and I am feeling very excited and nervous!

1 day po

I did it! Went in at 730 am and started the procedure around 8 15 am I believe. The doctor made me feel calm and before I knew it the surgery was over. I had liposuction with my ba and there was 4L removed! (I had no drains put in after) I'd say that trying to wake up from the anaesthesia was the most annoying part and I couldn't keep my eyes open but they wanted me to leave so I forced myself to get up and go. The car ride was annoying but not super painful and I had my best friend and my sister there to help me when we got home. First thing I did was take a pain killer and pass out. When i woke up I had to pee, which was really painful and getting back into bed was even more painful...I actually cried a little bit. The pain is mostly in the abdomen from the lipo but the breasts are also tender, feels mostly like pressure on my chest. Going to the bathroom got easier each time and I was actually able to do it by myself and even walk around for a bit each time. Around 2 am last night my stomach was growling like crazy so I had a protein bar and a couple hours later I had a Lara bar, other than that I have drank orange juice, carrot juice, gingerale and plenty of water. I have not felt hungry but I know that eating is important. I had some questions for my nurse last night but was a little loopy so my best friend called for me and asked the questions...Joanne was so nice and answered them all patiently and told us not to hesitate to call again if needed. My questions were pretty basic like will I experience drainage and will I be going on antibiotics. She said not much drainage and that no antibiotics unless needed as they make people sick.

I don't want to jinx myself but so far with the pain killers at least, the pain has not been intolerable and I was worried it would be worse this morning but it's not much. Should I expect the pain to get worse or will it just continue to get better? Hope you guys can tell me based off of your experience :)

Even though I am not in terrible pain, I have not had enough motivation to look closely at my results or have any desire to take pictures but from what I can see I love my ba!!!

May 22nd, 2016

I finally decided to take a peek and see how they are looking. Obviously they have not dropped but i already love them! Im trying not to think too much about the lipo results as i will be swollen for a while im sure. The bruising has not been terrible but there is some on my back. The pain is a weird and hot sensation but not unbearable. I stopped taking the prescribed pain killers yesterday as i didnt want to deal with the side effects. I switched to tylenol and today the nurse said i could switch to advil which should work better than the tylenol.

Yesterday i may have over done it a bit because by the time i got to bed i was unable to move and quite sore. I ended up sleeping for quite a long time which i think i really needed. The only time i woke up was to pee. Ive been trying to pass a BM but im still quite constipated ;( i am drinking dandelion tea so hopefully that will help!

5 days post!

Everyday is feeling better and better. My constipation ended after my last update which was such a relief haha. I have been taking Advil about 3 times a day, and the only time the pain is really bad is at night...especially in my extremities. The most annoying part has been my hands. They are often weak and kind of hurt. Apparently this is normal from the fluid shift after lipo. Speaking of lipo, I can handle the pain but it is such a weird feeling, numb, hot, detached...those are the words that come to mind. I also had some pretty bad bruising on my lower back which I never managed to get a picture of but they are getting better. I can't stand up straight and I have some swelling but I'm definitely noticing results! I can't wait for the swelling to go down for the final results.

My boobs have had no problems and they are healing nicely with little pain. Everyday I have more arm mobility and I have felt them drop a tiny tiny bit. I am SO glad I did not go any smaller and I hope that I won't wish I went any bigger haha other than that I absolutely LOVE them!! I don't even mind how high they are, the fullness is amazinggggg.

1 Week!

So it's officially been one week and I am feeling pretty good! The past couple days I have been going out and doing a bunch of stuff without taking any pain killers and with minimal but still existing pain, or rather discomfort. This discomfort is mostly just from the liposuction, which i should expect to have for a few more weeks at least. So far the results seem to say worth it, the roll below my bra both back and front has disappeared!! The lower part is still swollen and the right side is bigger than the left which I hope sorts itself out. My ab binder is starting to get way too big, it almost wraps around to my back, so i bought some spanx to sometimes wear without the binder and to wear under the binder, that really tightens everything up. It is uncomfortable, but it is for a short period of time and I want the best results possible. Also, I still weigh 145 lbs...not sure if i am supposed to be losing weight from it but i dont care as much as long as the shape changes. I have been eating pretty clean and as soon as I can be working out, I will be.

I bought new bras! I know I should wait but it was just too tempting haha. Yesterday I went to VS and they measured me to be a 34 D so I bought a sports bra in that size, but I found it to be a bit tight. Today I went back and tried on the 34DD instead which felt better at the store but when I tried it on at home again, it seemed a bit small...maybe I am just getting used to the larger chest haha also, i think some more swelling will go down yet. I bought 2 no lining underwire bras in 34DD from lasenza also which i know i am not allowed to wear but it was buy one get one free so I could not resist. I can't wait to wear them in a few weeks, they look so amazing!

I had my post op yesterday and they were all amazing, of course. They all said I was doing amazing for 6 days post and that they were surprised how soon I stopped taking pain killers. I asked Dr. Campbell if he thought I would decide to go with a lift as i have been a bit worried about that, but he said once they drop I should be satisfied. I will be going back July 6th for another follow up.

Forgot to mention...

I forgot to mention that my hands are still weak. I can't write or grasp things very well. They arent hurting as much as before but I do notice sometimes at bedtime its worse, or I will wake up with numbing in my hands/arms and feet. It seems to be getting better everyday, and the doc said it was normal and should go away in a few more days, but I thought I would share.
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