23yr Old Male Rhinoplasty – Calgary, AB

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I have had a hump on my nose for the longest time...

I have had a hump on my nose for the longest time it was basically obstructing my face haha I was supposed to have the surgery done several times before this however would always get cold feet .... but i finally went through with it and tomorrow my cast will be removed (day 7) after surgery and from when i woke from surgery till now all i can think of it how uneven my nostrils are, i know they are still swollen and i have to wait to see the real shape but holy cow they haven't bugged from surgery till now and its driving me nuts hahah has anyone else experienced this?
Dr. Zakarayah

my doc was great she was very nice kind helpful listened to my concerns follows up she was great couldn't have asked for better.... but i have yet to see my results soo ill fill you in when i do haha

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