Looking to Get It Done . Male 20 Years Old - California

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Hey guys , I am 20 year old guy and was born with...

Hey guys , I am 20 year old guy and was born with a nose that is not that pleasant to look at . I think it has been tough because people always tend to judge me based on my nose . They look at me .. And immediately touch their nose and it's pretty obvious they my nose is that much of a distracting . It's been happening for so long but I want to finally change it . Along with having a bad genes , I also have really bad allergies . My turbinates always get really swollen , to the point where my nose get 100 percent clogged . It' happens all day long so I practically live off that Alfrin extreme congestion nasal spray. I am always tired like randomly throuout the day , and I'm pretty sure my extreme congestion is causing me to have really bad darkness under my eyes , I can feel fluid inside . I also have bad basal drip.I want to fix my nose inside and out . I currently have 7 grand saved up but I'm trying to see who would be the right doctor to choose . I live in California about an hour away from Santa Barbara so anywhere close would be perfect . Here are some pictures of my nose ..
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