35 Years Young ready for my pre baby Body.

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I'm getting a Brazilian butt lift, breast lift no...

I'm getting a Brazilian butt lift, breast lift no implants and a tummy tuck together. I am an avid trainer and there are parts of my body. That no matter how much I train with weights and diet that I just cannot get rid of. So I'm taking the leap of faith and getting long time wanted work done for myself.

Before and wish pics

More wish pictures

More wish pics

Counting down the days

So excited

Day One

I'm Absolutely loving my breast reduction and lift. Mommy makeover tummy tuck with muscle repair.

Dr. Sassan Alavi

Dr. Sassan Alavi And his staff are absolutely amazing. I seen him 5 times before my surgery. Too ask questions, go over what I'd like, using photos and etc. He and his staff were patient and kind to me. I felt like I truly connected with him before my surgery date. I am very happy with the results. My neck didn't hurt anymore from the pain of F size breast. I'm a full C/small D pecky youthful breast again.

Recovery is hard

I am on day three of recovery and it's just hard emotionally and physically I just have to depend on my family for everything and as mom thats hard. There's a couple things they're bugging me about my surgery on my lower back really hurts from having to be hunched over from the tummy tuck my neck and my shoulders hurt. And you have to stay on the ice therapy you don't want to chase a pain to stay on the time for your meds very important take a still softener so you don't have to push hard when it's time to go Pooh so personal but that's what this site is about sharing and make sure you have a neck pillow to support your neck and the recliner chair rented it's a great investment. Drink plenty of fluids add pineapple juice to your water and just drink it drink as much fluid as you can you have to pee a lot which will put you in your feet quite a bit though the day.

The way a doctor listens to the realistic desires of their patients manner is a huge factor for me. Because I'm getting so many procedures done at the same time. I want to make sure that the goals I have are in sync with what the doctor can do.

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