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I saw Dr. Aronowitz for a thigh lift and minor liposuction. He did the thigh lift and it didn't help much at all. He also did some work on my upper body which I knew would leave a significant scar, but he SWORE it would be under my bra line. Results: nothing much from the thigh lift and the SCAR on my back was so high that no bra, bathing suit, tank top, etc would ever cover it. His response when I saw him for aftercare was "Oh well, I could have done more (the thighs) and no comment on the bad scar except it will disappear in a few years. STUPID ME had him revise the thigh lift at full price. At the last moment before the surgery he offered to put some fat he would be removing under my eye as filler. He SWORE and PROMISED that there would be no bruises. Guess what? I had two very black eyes from his "no bruises" fat transfer. After 6 months, one of my eyes is still black underneath the eye. The bruises on my legs are still there after 6 months. As for the staff, they are very nice until you pay. Then they are "sickeningly sweet" but truly uninterested. Dr. Aronowitz was not at all concerned about my disappointment. DON'T go to this surgery. I just spent a fortune to have all of Dr. Aronowitz's botched work repaired by a really fine, caring and super skilled surgeon. The new surgeon could not believe what Aronowitz's surgery botched looked like. The new surgeon (Dr. M) fixed the thigh lift and was shocked that it was so poorly done. Dr. M also fixed the scar on my back so that is truly covered by bra and other blouses. DO NOT GO TO THIS SURGEON. I gave him one star because he is sort of friendly (when he is in the mood) and is very pleasant until after the surgery is done...then he doesn't seem to be interested in you at all. My experience was 6 months ago, so apparently nothing has changed from prior reviews that warn you about. Dr. Aronowitz. STUPID ME did not read the reviews before I went to Aronowitz.

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