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20 years ago I went for a consultation on how to...

20 years ago I went for a consultation on how to reduce these monster flanks of mine. He told me "Well, some women are just built that way" Feeling deflated I went home. Here I am now, 13 days away from finally doing something about it. I had TT over a year ago and guess where the weight shifts to now? UGH Gotta get rid of these flanks before what ass I do have just disappears all together. I was just going to have Lipo on back and flanks. PS said he wants to transfer a little fat to the outer, upper area of my butt. I'm all for that as I don't have to worry about missing work due to sitting restrictions for 2-3 weeks. The more I thought about it .... JUST DO IT!! Sooooo, to heck with work for a couple weeks. I bought a Booty Buddy, booking off for 2 weeks and getting 500cc in each cheek! PS only lipo's 2000cc per session and I'll be getting 1/2 that back. Wish me luck girls!!

I'm nervous excited! I remember seeing a PS for...

I'm nervous excited! I remember seeing a PS for consultation over 20 years ago asking about reducing these unruly Thunder Flanks! He told me "Some women are just shaped that way" UGH! So here I am, counting down the days till I get that shape I've always dreamed of! At 1st I was only getting Lipo on flanks, inner thighs and knees and a little fat transferred to the outer edge of my upper butt just to round things a bit. I've been worried about missing work by not sitting for 2-3 weeks and this seemed a solution as I wouldn't be actually sitting on that area. The more I thought about it the more I admitted to myself, "If I don't do this right the 1st time, I'll be going back to finish the full BBL. SOOOOO, off I go in 13 days to do things right. I'll post some pix later tonight! :D

Before Pix

Single Digits Now

9 more sleeps friends. I have a plastic sheet and also a set of black sheets to put on the spare bed. I have tanks, pads, arnica, bromeline, T3's, cases of water, black sweat pants, black skirts, protein bars, fruit juices, laxatives, boody buddy ...am I forgetting anything?

I work in an office. Does anyone have nosy people asking about the BBL Pillow?

Nervous Jitters

I'm starting to freak out. I hate missing work and not one person even knows that I'm booking off!! I plan to tell my manager that I'm out on medical leave the day before. I suppose I could give more notice but I don't wanna deal with questions. This is personal

I'm starting to get the jitters. I have questions but my PS office closed until Monday. 

I need to settle down

I'm having 2nd thoughts

As much as I want this for myself...I m worried about missing work and letting down my team. I'm the departments top producer and this is the most challenging month we've ever had. I'm worried about cabin fever. I'm just not a good patient and an even worse "Stay at home" kinda gal. HELP!!!

3 Days and counting!

Here I am at my office trying to get ahead of the game so I'm not swamped after I returned to work. It's a huge month with big quota's and we're falling behind as it is. I promised myself I'd suck it up and get back asap BUT...do I really want to risk killing off fat transferred to my butt? NO! I did buy the BBL Cushion but I doubt that will do much for me on my 40min each way drive in. HELP?

Final Pre-Op

This is it for pre-op friends. I'm going to ask him about a little clean up in abs. The TT I had Dec 2015 needs tweaking. He apparently will only lipo 2000cc per procedure for medical reasons. With me being a non smoker and very little alcohol drinking I'm going to request more aggressive lipo. Also, I wouldn't mind a little taken off outer thighs. Guess we'll see

14 Hours

My PS said nothing after midnight accept maybe a few sips of water in the morning so I'm just about to pig out. Lol. 2:00 is my surgery time which is 14 hours and 16 minutes from now. My pre-op was good. He's going in aggressive as I've requested. Lipo to my abs, flanks, back, inner knees and thighs as well as a bit on the back of my thighs. I'm getting about 500 cc transfer into my butt and 9 days off work. (More if I need it). I'm very excited and anxious. TIME FOR FOOD !!!

Going in now!

Prayers please

Day 1

I'm relieved. This surgery was WAY easier than I thought it would be. Got a bit of spillage and tossed around in bed a bit but outside of that I'm just a little sore. Back to the Dr for 8:45am.

Pictures from yesterday (Day 1)

It's hard to tell really. I'm 6 pounds heavier but my measurements are down significantly. I started throwing up on the meds so I started in Tylenol Extra Strength just after lunch yesterday. Yes I'm sore but that's okay. I slept well last night and today I'm out walking.

Did the Lipo with a Little Transfer

I put myself as Bbl When I fact I probably should be under liposuction. I had it all done 2 days ago and things are going well I know this procedure is painful so I was taking the maximum meds. I started throwing up and switched to Tylenol Extra Strength 10am the next morning. Yes I'm a little sore here on day two but nowhere near what I thought. I took a nice walk today. It's gorgeous outside.

Day 6 post

I've got cabin fever BIG time!! PS I can drive so I've been out a few times but I must Spring this joint soon b4 I go nuts lol

Been taking bromeline and arnica 2X daily. Massaging 30-40 minutes a day with arnica cream, eating & hydrating well and feel GREAT!

I'm especially happy with my flanks. Still lots of swelling but the contour is shaping up great.

Soon back to work. (Gonna try 1/2 day tomorrow if PS approves).

Happy healing ladies xo

Almost 4 week Post

Feeling great! Swelling comes and goes but bruising gone. I still have more minor soreness and massage well 3X weekly. Happy healing ladies
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