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Nervous, Getting ready to have a Pro-fractional...

Nervous, Getting ready to have a Pro-fractional treatment done to the eye area and below the nose area above the lip. Concentrating on the left eye are for some reason has more wrinkles then the right eye area. Not sure why. This would be my first time using a Pro-fractional laser. I have had an Erbium laser done in the same area almost 2 years ago. I was very happy with the results of the Erbium laser. So this will be my second laser treatment. Wanting to get rid of fine lines, one/sun spot below the left eye and to improve texture. Hoping the weather will be okay during the treatment date Jan 28th.

Thursday day of procedure. 1 hour after procedure, Comparing Erbium laser verses Profractional laser

Comparing Erbium laser verses Profractional laser
This is very long, but I wanted to share my experiences:

I had an ablative procedure (erbium laser) done almost 2 years ago with a cosmetic surgeon. Eye area only, this time around I did more of my face using a profractional laser (ablative procedure). I did not do my forehead or upper eye area.

One month before the procedure I put retinal A on my face repetitively to prepare the face and help with healing.

Day of procedure Thursday

They froze/numbed my face. This was the hardest part of the procedure. The needles really hurt. They put these special metal-type contacts in your eyes to keep the laser from blinding you and getting anything in your eyes. The laser was like elastic bands. Taking deep breaths during the procedure calms you.

My eyes are very swollen and I am very red. For some reason this procedure is not as painful as the first procedure I had 2 years ago the Erbium laser. With the erbium laser I used Vaseline to heal. This time I was given a complete kit by Zein Obagi MD. This will be interested to see if I heal faster using this kit compared to just using Vaseline.

I had asked for Tylenol and used it only to sleep. Sleeping was the hardest part. During the day I did not need the Tylenol, I was surprised, I needed the Tylenol during the day with the Erbium laser.

Front View photo 1 hour after

Friday Day 1

My eyes are swollen, I am looking red and scabby. Face is itchy. Trying to keep my face moist. Wishing the swelling would go down.

SAT Day 2

Sat Day 2

SUN Day 3 I can see!

Thank goodness the swelling is down and these tire tracks on my face are disappearing. I can now finally see clearly. My eyes are a lot less swollen.

I kept the Tylenol going at night only. The reason being my skin is now very itchy and I wanted to be knocked out at night. I did not want to accidentally scratch my face in my sleep.

Did not need Tylenol during the day. Have some bruising.

Its funny the appearance of this profractional laser is a lot worse then the erbium laser. Yet the erbium laser hurt a lot more. There is a lot more bleeding with the profractional laser and the erbium laser does not leave tire tracks on your face.

MON Day 4 almost there bruising

Almost there still looking like I am a accident victim.

WED Day 6, Feel comfortable in public

Today feel comfortable going out in public. Looking for wrinkle reduction left eye and sunspot removal.

SUN Day 18, Went to work was surprised with what they said.

I told my work about this laser treatment. My co-workers told me they could see a difference immediately. My sun spot on my left eye is gone. My skin is whiter, the rosacea (redness) is gone on my cheeks. I have a rosacea problem and had it removed by laser a year ago. I guess it was coming back and I did not realize it. Even my red nose is whiter even though they did not laser that area.

It was nice to hear. I was patiently waiting 6 months to see the results. Had my one follow-up appointment with my doctor 1 week later.

Tues, 1 month later

Just returned from a trip. Picture taken. Overall skin tone white and even. Redness gone.

Would recommend this product I used to help heal faster after the procedure.

This time I was given a complete kit by Zein Obagi MD. The first laser procedure I used Vaseline. The Obagi product was much better. Not so messy, accelerated healing and and made the skin really soft. Definitely will use this product again.

Update April 7, 2.5 months later

More PICS, update April 7, 2.5 months later

We can be hard on ourselves. Photos speak a thousand words.

Update More PICS, update April 7, 2.5 months later

I am really seeing progress with fine lines being being removed in the left eye area. As well deep lines are still there but less visible. Mouth area below nose do not see any change. The laser was done on my lower eye, cheek and below the nose area. My left eye was the focus. The lines were deeper then the right eye and I had an age spot.
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I can see that Dr. Grace enjoys being around people. He is professional, skilled and his expertise is complimented by a genuine empathy, friendliness and attentiveness to his patients. He provides good aftercare so you leave him feeling that he truly cares about his patients and his practice. Jill as well is a valuable member of his support team.

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