Lower Pinch Blepharoplasty - So Far So Good - Burlingame, CA

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37 years old, have always had very slight...

37 years old, have always had very slight puffiness under my eyes that made me look tired. After trying all the eye creams on the planet as well as at home lasers, and salon eye treatments, I decided the blepharoplasty was the way to go. I checked out two doctors that seemed good; the first suggested a laser transconjunctival incision in addition to Fraxel to tighten up the loose skin at the same time, cost about $4400, and the second suggested doing the pinch blepharoplasty, leaving a scar underneath the eye but rolling up the loose skin. The second was much closer to home, so it would be less trouble to arrange pickup and ride, as well as any followup visits.

It has been a month since the surgery and so far everything has gone well. My doctor's practice is extremely thorough so everything has been well thought out. The day of surgery I was really out of it so thank goodness for family to take care of me, but I didn't need any of the extra prescription meds (cost was $88 for those). I got in in the morning and got home early afternoon, but was pretty sleepy until evening. Not much pain but some discomfort from the sedations, and I threw up the little bit of food I had in the evening.

I had stitches under my eyes and on the corners, and the scars there are still red and bright without makeup 4 weeks later. Bruises lasted 3 weeks but were coverable with makeup after 1 week. Honestly the first week it looked really terrible, and as I am not advertising my procedure, it was hard to go out without sunglasses.

Included with the surgery were two followup hour long sessions of lymphatic massage for the swelling the week after, as well as a facial 3 weeks later. The facialist also met with me 7 days after and gave me camouflage makeup for the bruises. I am hopeful that the scars will lessen with time. The undereye area does look great though, and in general I look how I wanted to, with makeup on.

Downside was the expense, it is such a huge amount of money.

Photos updated

2010 photos. 3 years later, I am still happy with my results.
Peninsula Plastic Surgery Inc.

Thorough. Caring. Great staff.

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