Lazy Eye Destroying my Self Esteem - Burien, WA

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I've had a droopy left eyelid every since I could...

I've had a droopy left eyelid every since I could remember and I've always hated it with passion. I especially hate how it looks in photos and with makeup. The dropping of the lid causes my eyelid to look smaller and has a completely different shape from my ''good eye''. I don't really notice it when I look at myself in the mirror, but I definitely see it in photos and videos. I always feel like people are staring at it and it makes me feel so self conscious to the point where I hate face to face conversations. I love make up, but I have to avoid eyeliner on my lower lid, because of how much it makes it stand out. I have tried to disguise it with a thick liner on my lazy eyelid, but I still notice it! I have considered getting eyelid surgery in the past to correct it, but an eye doctor told me that the difference is so minimal, that a surgery would most likely result in an over-correction. Fast forward to now, I reached a point where I'm just sick of dealing with this and willing to pay what it takes to get it corrected. After some research and youtube stories, I committed to the idea. Browsing through Groupon, I found a promotion at Burien Medical Eye Care for an eyelid surgery for $1500. That is a pretty good deal considering the typical cost is $2000 and up. I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Steiner for last Friday. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the office was and the receptionist was very nice too. I got there a bit early and ended being seen a little before my appointment time. Dr. Steiner explained that the reason my eyelid is droopy is because there was some sort of injury to my eye while I was in womb. He explained to me that the procedure is pretty simple and that it will be quick and painless for the most part. He answered all my questions and concerns, and then took pictures of my eyes. He was honest about my expectations of having perfectly symmetrical eyes, saying that the lid will look much better than it does now, but no eyes are perfectly symmetrical. I guess I'm fine with that as long as its close enough not to notice a difference. He said that after the procedure it will look overcorrected but begin to drop gradually. I decided to go through with it and paid in full:) My procedure will be this Friday 2/5/16 at 11:00am. I'm so excited! I'm kind of scared at the same time. I'm really hoping that getting a good price won't mean I get some sh*t job. We shall see Friday:) I know it sounds trivial, but I feel like this is going to change my life! countdown begins now!

1 more day!

I've had butterflies all day thinking about the big day! Tomorrow i'm actually going through with it, seems like I've been waiting for this moment forever.

7 hours post op

Went in at 11:00 feeling really anxious. The medical assistant gave a cocktail of drugs and fifteen minutes later we were in the operating room. The assistant was so sweet and really helped me feel comfortable while we were waiting for the doctor. When Dr. Steiner arrived he measured my eyes and said there's a 1mm difference in my lazy eye. He then injected my lid with the numbing agent in 4 parts. The injections hurt a bit, but right after I felt nothing. By this time I was quite out of it from the sedatives. All I really felt was tugging and pulling, but no pain at all. It took about 30 minutes. Dr. Steiner then stitched me back up and reminded me that for about a week it will look over corrected and that I would come back in a week to have the stitches removed. The assistant put an ice pack on my eye and called my ride. I was wheeled to the car. I really could barely see on the ride home & was extremely hungry. I had my man stop and get me a pizza. I ate almost all of it when we got home lol( think it was the drugs, I don't typically eat like that!) My eye was pretty heavy and swollen, but not as bad as I was expecting. I passed out for 4 hrs. The pain when I woke up is still pretty mild, I would say on a scale of 1-10, probably a three. My lid is fat and a little sore. My eye feels VERY dry. It's really not as bad as I was expected,I can't wait to see results!

post surgery photos

Tried uploading pics without out luck, Will try again tomorrow

1 day post op

Eye is pretty red and puffy, but not bad at all. I haven't even needed to take any tylenol. Definitely feels dry and a bit sore, but not in any pain. So anxious to see results!

Itchy and swolen

Today i feel like the swelling is worse than the day of and after surgery! weird.. my lid is feeling very puffy and itchy today. I feel so anxious to see a difference, but still nothing to report. Everything actually look a bit worse. I've been putting triacnolyne ointment and icing 15 minutes every hour or so.

Bruised and swollen!

Things are pretty much the same as yesterday. I noticed it is looking more bruised. Sometimes when I look at it seems bigger than the other eye now and other times it looks smaller or the same size. I'm so confused. I really won't know until the swelling goes down, and from what i've read it could take from 3-6 months to see the final results. I'm hoping that won't be the case, because I have seen other people on realself and you tube who healed within a week! Regardless of what happens if my eyes end up normal looking it will be so worth the wait, after all i've been dealing with this my entire life, whats 6 more months?

10 days post op

Removed stitches on Friday and the eye formed this weird double lid. I was so scared and depressed. Dr. Steiner said it would go back up, but after two days of no improvement I was terrified. Thankfully it went down Sunday and hasn't changed yet. The eye does look overcorrected, which he did say would happen until the swelling goes down. Now the other eye looks droopy lol. There is still some puffiness right above my lash line area which I I'm hoping will go down soon so I get a better idea of how it will set. It does look overcorrected and from what I read, if it is over it usually doesn't go down despite what the doctor says. I'm going to give it some to time to see what happens and do another update in a few weeks. I definitely do see a difference even though it looks bigger it doesn't look bad like it did before so far.

better pics

the other photos I put up don't really do justice these I think are better...

Going on 3 weeks

The incision site is still pretty sore, I tried putting make up on my lid yesterday and that aggravated it. I'm not sure about the results so far. I feel like the eye lid crease was cut too low making both the lid itself look smaller and the eyes look two completely different shapes. I'm trying to stay optimistic because I know this could take up to 3 months for full results. Even with how they look right now, I still think they do look better than before. There's still some swelling near the incision site and puffiness near the lash line. I will refrain from making a verdict until it's done healing and hope for the best.

7mths post op

Well you get what you pay for. Should have know that procedure requiring such precision, couldn't be done for only 1500. Dr. Steiner has no idea what he's doing. He didn't take any measurements prior to surgery, otherwise he would have known that to make my eyes even he needed to to both my upper and lower lid. He didn't do a good job after the procedure with follow up either. My eye was in pain a month after the procedure and he wouldn't even get on the phone with me. My eye doesn't hurt any more and i don't have the extra folds I had for the first couple months. the scar is now pretty flat. No more swelling. The eye is exactly as it was before, no difference at all, waste of my time and money. Was hoping for the best, but I guess I will just live with it, rather than take the risk of another failed attempt.
Dr. Michael Steiner

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