I Have No Longer Acne Thanks to Aloe Vera of America

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Hi everyone! I`m Gabriela from Bulgaria. I`ve...

Hi everyone!
I`m Gabriela from Bulgaria. I`ve decided to tell you my story. I didn``t have acne in my teenage years. Now I`m 26. Unfortunately I don`t know what happend with me 4 years ago. My face was awful. I tried everything but the acne was still on my face. Then I started searching a solution and I saw in internet an article about the plant aloe vera and how healthy it si. But I had to make important choice which aloe vera products to use and after that I made some research. The best aloe vera products in the market are made by the company named Forever Living Products. Almost a year my scin look better without acne and I`m so happy with this.
Let me tell what I`ve done. Every morning I dring 30ml aloe vera gel and I drink a lot of watter after that. Every day I use aloe scrab for cleaning my face. After that I use aloe propolis creme or aloe vera gelly. I drink also different vitamins and minerals as I altermate them.One month I drink vitamin A+E and selenium, next month minerals and etc.
Well there is another possitive effect - I haven`t been sick for a year!!
I wish you all the best!

P.S.: I`m sorry that I can`t show some pictures but on that period I didn`t want to make pictures. If you have more questions about the company and the products I use please write me a personal message!
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