So Excited I Scheduled my Mommy Makeover! - Buffalo, NY

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Hi everyone! I just joined and am excited to say I...

Hi everyone! I just joined and am excited to say I scheduled my mommy makeover for July 9! I will be getting full tummy tuck and breast augmentation. I am more excited right now then anything! I am 5'5" normally around 125 but at 132 right now. I had twin boys in 2008 and then baby girl in 2011. I will post some before pics soon!

Some more info

My bra size now is a 34A, I hope to be a full C. I will be getting silicone implants. I had 2 c sections so I have that little overhang area. I have stretch marks and not so much saggy skin, but more of a bulge that makes me look pregnant. At first my PS suggested I get a mini and I was not happy with that, if I'm going for it I want the best possible result. So after consulting with him again and showing him how much my belly does expand he offered me the full tummy tuck but I will have a higher scar, but still below my pants line just not covered by a teeny bikini. I am SO ok with that!! I just want the muscles all tightened and the flattest tummy possible from top to bottom! :)
I have been making my pre surgery and post surgery list. I'm pretty sure I am almost fully supplied with things. I do have a question though, I have reclining couches but not electric ones. I have heard people rent a chair? Do I need to look into this or will I be ok? I used my couch the first week after c sections and I was good. I am hoping the recovery is similar if not better then my c sections (which were not that bad except the first day of course). I also will be staying 23 hrs in the hospital after for stronger pain meds and the air compression things (don't know the correct name lol) on my legs to prevent blood clots. I definitely more excited then nervous, but I know that will kick in as it gets closer to the big day! I used to worry more about going under but I'm pretty much at peace with that (for now! Lol).


Here are some pics of my stomach...

Only one worry....

Ok so I was diagnosed with BENIGN PVCs in 2009. I have had a hand full of echocardiograms and halter monitors. My last echo was I September and everything was perfect, I also wore an event monitor for a month and all cake back clear. Should I be worried I'm not going to get medical clearance? I don't see why I shouldn't, but will benign PVCs effect my surgery and going under in anyway? I am nervous now.


Sorry for the typos!!

Talked to Cardio

Ok so I talked my my cardiologist today and they said because they are benign I will have no problem with surgery. I feel better. I just need to go in for a clearance visit on July 1st so then I will have everything in writing and check up. I defiantly feel less worried now. :)

Lol oops again

I keep getting typos! I blame the auto correct on my phone! :)

Saline or silicone?

I used to think saline because I am a chronic worrier and felt I'd go crazy worrying about leaks and not knowing. But after my consult with the PS he wouldn't recommend salines because I have very little breast tissue you would see the implant and more chance of seeing rippling. Also after feeing the two I def like the feeling of the silicone over the saline. I was just curious how many people chose silicone over the salines?


Ok so I got my packet in the mail today for my surgery and all my before and after info. And it says on my first pot op visit I need to bring a wireless bra with me that I will be wearing after. Well how do I know the size? My goal is to go from a small 34/A to a full C cup, do I just get a C and D cup to try? No idea......
Advice please. I like to be prepared early :)


Does my band size stay the same at a 34??

Ok more on the boob size lol

Had anyone ever done the at hind rice or water sizer test? I did both at 400cc and it looks small to me. Is that just the at home test or will I be disappointed with the size? It's not fully determined yet and I am going to make sure I tell my plastic surgeon this the day before and the day of, I want them to be the biggest/fullest possible for my body without looking obnoxious. If I tell him that then my end result should be awesome right?


At home test not hind test.

BC pill question

Ok lol I have a lot of posts going I here lol. When a thought pops into my head I have to get it out. :)
Ok so for those who were or are on the birth control pill how soon did ill go off? I would normally go of my pill next Friday the 21 but I wanted a full 3 weeks off prior to surgery (to reduce chance of blood clots), so I was going to stop next Tuesday or so. 3 weeks should be good right? I asked my dr last time and he said 3 weeks will be fine and even after one week it's out of your system. I worry lol. Just want everything to go as smoothly as possible!!

List of things for post surgery

Ok so I think I have most of what I need and a few things left on my to buy list.

Heating pad
Ice packs
Meds (pre surgery & after)
Pill organizer
Neck pillow
Zip up shirts
Disposable bed pads (just in case of any leakage out of dressings)
Lots of pillows
Shower seat
Comfy pants
Zip up sports bra
Shower seat
Dry shampoo
Will get drinks and low sodium crackers

Does anyone think I need a toilet seat riser? I was fine after both c sections using regular seat.

Let me know if there's anything I should add to my list. :)

Compression garment

So for all of those who had a tummy tuck when you were able to switch to a different binder for your tummy, did you continue using the one the dr gave you or did you switch to something else?

Medication question....

I know in my packet of information from the ps office they give a last of meds to be off 2 weeks before surgery. I am going off my bc pill this week do I'm good with that one. I am on a stomach med and low blood pressure med. I am concerned about my low blood pressure pill with surgery because it says contains a relaxant and things that anesthesia already use. So my question is who would I ask? My ps? Or the hospital at my pre op? I go one week before my surgery is that enough time to get off a med? I'm all nervous now.

Feeling guilt??

So I am almost 2 weeks away from the big day, and I'm feeling guilty. Is this normal? I keep asking myself am I doing something selfish here? Are my kids going to be mad that they have to stay at grandmas for a week and then when they come home I can't pick up my 2 year old and she is like attached to me. I'm getting sad thinking about it :(
I have faith in modern medicine and know I'm going to wake up but there's that fear that something will go wrong and ill be leaving my 3 kids with no mom. Ugh! Do these fears ever go away and can someone help me on how to alleviate them?

Just an update :)

So I paid my full dr bill yesterday, finished registration for the hospital today, just waiting for that bill to come any day now lol. Anesthesia estimated bill is due this Friday. Pre op I have July 2. Everything is happening fast now!! I'm nervous and excited and definitely using positive thinking and brushing any worry thoughts out of my head. I know though once I get to the hospital for the day of my surgery my nerves will be going crazy.
I have never been under anesthesia before, can anyone tell me what it's like? You just pass out and then feel like you wake right up in a few minutes??

Off birth control....

Ok so I stopped my bc pill on the 18, (normally would've been the 21), got my period on the 21 and I thought it was gone and I've been having cramps on and off the past two days with random spotting yuck! Is this due to the fact that I am usually back in the pill and my body is getting used to no bc in my system? I'm worried I'm going to be randomly spotting and all messed up now that I had to stop my bc for surgery. I can't wait to go back on it afterwards!! I hate being off of it...


I'm hoping my body's just off because I didn't restart my pill again and I'm also hoping I'm nearing the end of this spotting and cramps! Egh I hate being off the pill!! And I am prone to yeast and wearing panti liners doesn't help! Fingers crossed I don't get an infection!!

A few questions...

I've heard alot of people getting special soap to wash with the day of surgery? I don't think my dr does that unless I find out the day before. I've also seen alot of people get blood thinners to take before and after, is this common?
One more question lol, I've read here and there about people sending their ps and staff a gift basket, anyone here do that?


I have my medical clearance this afternoon from my cardiologist. I know all will be ok but I'm still nervous lol. I worry too much and got al teary last night asking my husband if I'm doing the right thing and super nervous again about going under.
I have my pre op tomorrow afternoon and my surgery date is only next week!! It came on really really fast.

I'm cleared :)

I got my cardiac clearance today for my benign PVCs. I have all the copies of tests and reports to give to the hospital and my dr. Now the dr today did say that there's a chance anesthesia may have a problem with my PVCs but fingers crossed that they don't and they let me continue on with my surgery! I'd be very bummed if they cancelled on me due to that because this is something that most people have and just don't know and there is no cause to them. So pray that I pass all tests and clearances from anesthesia.
Tomorrow afternoon is melt pre op and then surgery day will be here before I know it!! :)

Pre op done!

Had my pre op today and all went well! All my vitals good :) the nurse I met with sat with me and went over everything and made me feel a whole lot better about anesthesia and the operation! She was very encouraging. She also told my my dr is the best where I live and that makes me feel good too!

I also paid my hospital bill and overnight stay this morning. So I'm all paid up everywhere and I just have my appt the day before with ps to get my markings and anybody minute questions/concerns. Then my surgery on the 9th!!!! I can't believe it!! Excited!!!! :)

Forgot to add

That I lost 3-4 pounds!! Depending the scale lol!! But yeah my goal was to be between 125-128 for surgery! So maybe in the next week I can lose 1-2 more pounds! :)

6 more days!!

I can't believe I only have 6 more days until I get my mommy makeover!! I think most of my crazy thoughts are gone and its just excitement!! I know my kids will be occupied and happy at my parents, they were there for 2 weeks last summer while my husband and I were in Australia and they werer loving every minute of it! I'm somewhat nervous about recovery but I think I'm pretty darn prepared with reading everyone else's stories on here! Thank goodness for this site, it is awesome! I'm ready to do this!!! :)

Only 5 days to go

I have an appt Monday afternoon with my ps and I want to know from all you ladies if there were any last minute questions you forgot to ask or wish you asked or anything people think I should ask lol?? Thank you!!!!!

A big thank you

To all the other women on this site that have helped ease my fears and nerves. I have read through so many profiles and see and hear people's journeys from the beginning and they are all indeed awesome!! I am so glad I found this site. It's filled with so much support and advice. Reading people's journeys, the good the bad and the ugly have made me so much more prepared for this surgery that I am about go through in only a few short days! I just want to say thank you again and I can't wait to start the healing journey and be on to my recovery days!! :)

Haven't worn a bikini...

Since my honeymoon, 6 years ago! So its been tanks is here. Now I'm ok with them because I'm a mom but I would love to wear one again! Hopefully I can with my ps putting my tt scar a tad higher so I can get a full not a mini. I think I should be able to find some that will cover it up, or at least most of it.
So here are some pics with a new bikini, not my vs one I can't wait to get lol!. These might not cover where my scar will go, but we shall see!!

2 more days :)

I can't believe this is seriously happening in 2 days!! I am excited as can be!! I keep trying to imagine my body with boobs and a flat belly. It feels like a dream to me and I can't believe its coming true! Im a stay at home mom and I feel very lucky to have a husband who is giving me my dream :) I just have to get the kids packed to spend the week at my parents, and then tomorrow get my "area" all set up for recovery. So I'm just going to enjoy the day with my family today, have dinner later for my neighbors who are moving and then my appt tomorrow afternoon with my ps. Ill post an update after that appt and then try and post one before surgery. :)


Sad putting my kids to bed tonight, because tomorrow night they will be at my parents for the week. I hate that feeling, I squeezed the heck out of them with my hugs and gave lots of kisses and I know tomorrow when I bring them to my parents that I will cry. That's the only thing hitting me right now, my babies. I'm not really nervous about the surgery anymore, just dropping my kids off at my parents for all of this. Very emotional right now.....


Had my last appt before surgery today. Got all my markings on my belly and under my boobs, got all my scripts and dropped them off at the pharmacy. Got nausea/ motion sickness patch, antibiotics, pain meds and a script for diflucan just in case the antibiotics give me a yeast infection (in very prone).
I'm definitely super excited now!! I have to be at the hospital at 7am now!! So the earlier the better!! I have my post op appt for next Monday and then I should be cleared to shower! I'm so not a person to not shower, no makeup, no shaving lol, def not me but I'll have to deal :) I'm definitely ready for this!!

Oh yes, I will not have a t incision, but my scar will not be much higher then my csection is, I will be getting silicones under the muscle. :)

So so excited!!!!!!!!!!

Here's my markings......

I'm going to post this pic for all who are curious of how much higher my incision will be compared to my c section scar, its not much higher....

It may go up on the sides, but the middle is low.


The women at my ps office yesterday told me 7 am to arrive at hospital, I got up at 5, all ready, at hospital and then the nurse at the hospital tells me I don't have to be there untill 10:30!! Oh I am so mad abs I wanted to be an early surgery. Now ill get a headache from not eating, etc. I just wanted to be in surgery not sitting back at home waiting. :(

Ok lol

So as soon as we hot home earlier they called me and brought me back in, talk about miscommunication there!!! So we got back in car and off we went, 20/30 minutes back to the hospital. The started my pre op stuff, signed my papers etc and then around 10:15 they shelled me back, I switched from bed to table, had oxygen mask on and that's all I remember! Woke up in recovery in a foggy haze. No nausea, just could barely keep my eyes open. Then they moved me to a room, I'm staying overnight thank goodness!! My husband was here waiting and I've just been dozing on and off, I've had to pee so bad and my ps has me on strict complete bed rest, so for hours I've been attempting the bed pan and absolutely nothing wild come out, what a crappy feeling. So they said I had two choices, catheter or sit with bed pan and just wait. So yippee I was able to sit up more and its taking a while because its a slow pee lol but at least I don't need to be cathed again!! That's a relief.
Oh and I'm on strict bed rest because my skin is pulled sooooo tight they don't want me ripping open, eek!!!! I haven't seen anything yet. The dr put in 400cc saline under the muscle. I'm happy with that number :) I can't wait to see my new boobs. This just all feels so surreal to me, I can't believe I actually got this done! It's awesome!!! So now my road to recovery starts :) I'm very sleepy, post more tomorrow if anything comes up. Night everyone!!

Omg the tummy pain!!

My boobs are just sore and hard, but my tummy pain is like ouch! Major ouch. I just got done going to the bathroom and walking 2 Laos around my kitchen and morning room. I live being home and I just took a map which I'm sure ill take another one too :)

Getting up

Like every two hours to pee, then every time that I pee during the day I walk to laps around kitchen, at night when I pee I walk once around. Is that good enough to prevent blood clots? I'm def sore and my butt keeps cramping lol think its my static nerve acting up. My skin is dry and itchy. Wish I could shower buy can't :( so ill have husband wash my hair tomorrow and ill sponge bath myself. Oh and I only have 1 drain to worry about :)


Omg my binder is itching me like crazy!!!!
Had a pretty good night, just sore when I woke up.
Another question, does the anesthesia or pain pills me your vision blurry? Up close everything's blurry but I can see everything far.


So I was having throbbing in my upper thigh, so I went into my ps office and my dr said its just my muscle plus I can feel it in my left but cheek so I think is my sciatic nerve acting up. So while I was at the office doc removed all bandages and put new gauze on, my incision look great from what I saw. He said I am doing really good healing. I can also switch to a sports bra and start doing massages on my boobs. The left one is now swollen then the other one. Still can shower but hopefully that will come soon.
Also didnt have any trouble going number two, I have IBS-D so I knew id be able go.
I am so tired and sore. Check back in later.

Is this normal?!

I keep hearing everyone else say they are constipated and both yesterday and today I'm having very watery stools come out. Should I be worried or will those stop after I'm done with antibiotic?

Swelling down there??

Ok so I haven't removed my binder but my lower pelvic area is swollen and puffed out, looks ugly! Anyone else with this problem? And please tell me it will go back down soon!!!

4 days post

So I'm on post op day 4 and things aren't too bad. I'm in little pain, very sore though and burning when moving certain ways. I'm walking around more, trying to do some things on my own. My kids cake back home last night and all is good there. I can't wait to be able to take a real shower! I've been able to wash up and put in deodorant and shave my legs with an electric razor. I was moving a little to much though because I got dizzy and needed to rest again. I just can't wait till I can stand up straight and walk because my back is killing me!!! My breathing is still tight from the binder and the boobs being really tight on my chest. My drain has barely anything today so I'm hoping it stays that way so I can get it removed, I mean it doesn't bug me really all that much.
How long does it take for the noobs to fall into place a look even with each other? And when does the numbness subside? I don't like that feeling on my boobs at all.
Ill post a few bikini top pics as best as I can get them.

Bikini top

My left one is higher then my right at this point.

Chronic worrier...

So I am definitely a chronic worrier. I am up a lot and walking around, flexing my feet and moving my legs when resting, but every twinge or random pain and I worry about a blood clot. Am I over worrying? Does anyone else worry this much about getting them? I am not on any blood thinners, last time I got heparin was Wednesday before I left the hospital. I just don't know what one is like I guess. I have a random pain that will come and go in my leg, but its not there all the time and not there when I'm laying down or flex my feet. I have no swelling or heat, no lumps, nothing raised. Idk what do I do? I don't know where you even go on the weekend to get it checked out.

Got drain removed!

Had my one week post op appt (1 wk tomorrow), and all is going well. Breasts are at same height, just swollen so don't look exactly the same yet. I got under the muscle do they are extra sore and extra burning in the muscle. Feels like my muscle is ripped in my right one so I'm icing it right now. Omg when that drain was pulled out it was such a creepy weird yucky kind of hurt feeling!!! Ugh! And I'm not fond of the idea of nothing put on the hole except gauze, it grosses me out and I worry about infection. I was cleared to shower today. My scar looks good, skinny, my belly button is all scanned so I really can't see that. I was told I can switch to a compression garment if its more comfortable for me. I have no idea where to find a good one. So any suggestions are great. I'm not too terrible swollen right now in tummy area, just my pubic area and I can't stand it! I can't wait to figure out my bra size. When about do other women in here figure that out? Overall I'm doing pretty good, almost able to stand straight but not quite there. I lose energy fast and get all hot and dizzy if doing something too long. Hubby went back to work this afternoon and my moms here to help with the kids. I'm at the point of the day where my energy is low lol. Ill try and post some pics later of my tummy.

Update on me.....

Ugh just got done having a coughing attack!! Omg that hurt sooooo bad!! Like I was ripping my insides open.
I am getting around mostly all day, my back starts to hurt fast though and then makes me hunch over a little more. I still can't stand completely straight yet. I am able to do some things around the house. Reaching up high hurts and is impossible lol. My boobs are sooo sore today. When do the boobs start to feel normal and less sore? I'm having trouble with my right beast being numb still. I hope this goes away, I can't go around not being able to feel my breast at all, ill go crazy!!!! I know I opted for a higher scar in order to have a full tummy tuck vs a mini, and I know its too late now, but I'm worried about how high it is. I'm sure once I stand up straighter too it will help to see the final spot where it lands. Idk, one of those bummed about it days. Ill have to try on bikini bottoms and see how it goes.

Help with a CG!!

My binder is getting lose on me and my ps said I could switch to a CG, I have a couple of them that I bought pre surgery and they are tight!! I don't know if I'm swollen or what's going on that I'm having so much trouble!!
As for the boobs, I am a full c small d, very happy about that! I also read somewhere that because I have under the muscle that the muscle will stretch more and let the implant come out more (like its being pressed right now by the muscle). So I am happy with that. I wanted them to be a full c small d and hopefully it stays that way!! I have some swelling but mostly I am just sore!
I had to run some errands today, so my mom drove me and my kids to the jeweler where I'm getting my weddings bands all reset (can't wait to see them when they are finally done lol!!), then my kids wanted to go see my dad at work so we stopped there and then my son wanted to go to the store, so I actually was able to walk around the store for a bit, holding onto the shopping cart, my back was aching though! And didn't help that outside was 95 degrees in buffalo today. It's been a super hot week with really high humidity!
Anyways, I have to try on some bikinis and see how my scar looks and what kind of bathing suits I can wear. I hope cute ones... I'm a little nervous with my scar.....


I bought new bikinis prior to surgery and when I had the marker on my belly the lines were covered by it. But now I try them all on and the incision is not covered by any bottom that I have. I am super upset. I was so excited to wear a 2 piece again and now that's not going to happen. I'm sick of the tankinis. Maybe because I still can't stand straight up and I'm a little swollen. Idk. It's disappointing right now.....

When to go back on bc??

I went off my pill 3 weeks prior to surgery. I am waiting for my period any day now and I asked my ps if I can go back on them when I get it and he told me to wait for the fact that blood clots could still form.
I go back in 2 weeks and ill ask then. But everything I read online says your at risk for blood clots for months. I don't want to be off my bc for that long, I use it as bc and to regulate my periods and lighten them up. So if anyone here has gone back on bc after surgery, after how long did you??


I just got another bill in the mail telling me I owe 24,000!!!!! Wtf?!?! No way this is possible. I called the hospital and the billing lady was a complete b****. Saying yes you do you had a cosmetic procedure done. I said I already paid my hospital fee of $3800 and then my dr fee of $5000 and my anesthesia fee of $1330. I'm not paying for 24k and for what?! She said its whatever was administered to me in hospital or touched my body or if anything additional was done in OR. I said absolutely nothing was done additional. So I called my ps and the billing lady is out of town until Tuesday but the woman I talked to said there's no way the bill can be that. I'm so upset and angry because I don't know what's going in here. No way I can owe that kind if money right?!?!!? I wouldn't have ever gotten this surgery done if it cost that much, never! I'm going to go crazy waiting until Tuesday to figure this all out.

Some boob pics :)

I know I have yet to post my tt pics, everytime I'm getting ready and changing I forget and then don't feel like taking my binder off again lol. I still can't stand straight so its pretty annoying to me. But I'll try getting them later. Here are some boob shots though lol!!

Some tummy pics...

Here are some tummy pics in a few bikinis. I am really hoping that the incision moves down a tad to at least mostly be covered by a bikini.


Went to my parents pool today so the kids could swim. Took a pic of how I look in a tank today and I'm loving how it looks!!! Just went through my closet today and I have 16 vs bras that are pre op, 5 bralettes, 5 sports bras, all in a bag to get rid of. Exciting I get to buy a new bra collection! :)
My boobs have been getting super sore throughout the day. My right is softer then my left. I've been wearing a bralette the past 2 days but then in the evening change back into my sports bra for the evening and all night. How long has everyone here been wearing their spots bra after their surgery?
My tummy is doing good, can't wait for all the glue and dry blood to wash all the way off so I can see my line and my new belly button. It's so crazy how they make you a new belly button isn't it?!?! I'm still sleeping reclined each night. I can't go flat yet, I'm comfy at least so that's good :) I can't believe that I'm almost 2 weeks post op already.

2 1/2 week update

It's been 2 1/2 weeks and I have these moments where this feels so surreal! I can't believe I have a flat tummy and boobs!!! Lol! It's crazy!
I am standing straighter, not all the way yet, I kind of look like I just had a baby with that little hunch over walk lol. I went shopping with my sister, mom and kids yesterday and did pretty well throughout the store, then over to the parents for swimming and dinner and as the night went on then my back was hurting. But overall not so bad, my boobs are sore bit I think they have evened out along the top, its just now my right sticks out more to the side, I don't know of its swelling or due to the fact that that breast had more tissue so I don't know if its just stretching that way or what. I go for my appt on the 1st, so ill find out then. I still have most the glue and dry blood on my tt incision, its coming off slowly each day, but I can say the line under is very thin and light from what I can see. My belly button looks ok lol, it's still covered too so I can't really tell just yet what it's going to look like. If I take any pics later ill post them. Maybe a side shot of my tummy or something. Oh and my swollen pubic area has gone down alot, its a little puffed up still but not as much as it was in the beginning. :)


Feeling kinda bummed. I love the boobs, love the flatness but I'm down about my incision. I have t remember that I agreed to a higher incision vs only having a mini tummy tuck. But the day I had my markings on the line was lower, so I'm going to be super positive that it will lower a bit and then ill be happy. I know once it starts fading and I can use scar treatment that ill feel better. It's just one of those days.......

A quick pic

At how I'm healing 3 weeks post op. I can't wait for all the glue to finally come off but at least I can see how it's light underneath in the spots that are off. I'm still a little swollen at the pubic area but not as bad. I can almost stand straight!! Yeah lol!! I may try my bed tonight because my neck has been killing me on the recliner the past couple of nights. So we'll see how that goes. I'm hoping that this is a settling issue, but my right breast sticks out more to the side then my left, my right also had more breast tissue to begin with so that may be why. I have my appt Thursday so I will ask then.


Did the deed lol

Last night I have it a shot and with the help of pillows behind my back and underneath me lol the husband and I were able to have sex for the first time in 3 weeks lol!!! I was to afraid to try before and I kept my binder on lol!! All was good :)
Also slept on my bed for the first time last night too! Propped up, I need to find something for my neck, I have a neck pillow that I'm sick of so ill try repositioning tonight to accommodate. Overall I'm doing good and getting better each day!

Appt today

Today I am 3 weeks and 2 days post op. I had my check up and all went well! Dr said I'm healing nicely. He peeled some more of my glue off my incision, eek lol! It's fading nicely and looking good. I can start scar treatment after all the glue is off. I can't lift anything over 10 pounds for the next few weeks. No ab work, no heavy lifting, no strenuous work outs. I can start light walking exercises. I have to wear a CG/binder for at least 8 weeks. I have a stitch sticking out of my belly button but my ps said its dissolvable so should go away on its own. My scab is almost fully off my bb, but not quite. I just can't wait until all scabs and glue are off and I can start seeing the kind fading :)
My breasts are a little harder then he would like, but behind the muscle is always a little slower recovery, so he just said keep on massaging them and pushing down so they drop more, especially my left one a little bit more. I go back in one month. After my appt I went with my mom and kids to lunch, then the store. Then this evening went with hubby and got myself a new SUV :). Had a new honda odyssey for a few years and was ready for a change :) so excited, I pick it up tomorrow. Only downfall is I still haven't driven in 3 weeks! I haven't tried yet, I'm just finally standing straight today!! That was another thing lol. It's like I woke up and could stand straight! I do get a little swollen by the end of the day. Hmm I think that's all for my update! Ill post pics of my incisions once I get all the glue off :)


After a day of walking around yesterday at a town fair with my family and then rearranging my coat closet lol, I was definitely sore and tired last night! Other then that, I'm doing good. Almost all of my glue on my tt incision is gone, all if the glue under my breasts is gone. My belly bottom scab is almost all off, just two little spots left.
I do have 2 stitches that stick out, my ps said they dissolve but do they dissolve outside the body? I don't go back till the end of the month and I don't want them causing any problems or infections.

Pics from other day.

TT and bb Pic

Bb concern

Is this healing or sign of infection? It's not red, its pink. No discharge, no puss, nothing out of the ordinary, but I get nervous. I have been using ointment and covering it up just in case.


Oh and the rest of my scabs just fell off of my bb too if that helps.

Spitting stitches

Glad to hear this is a common pron but I can't stand it. I don't feel the one that was poking out if my belly button, so I'm hoping that's gone for good. Then I have one little one dead center if my tt incision. Another one to the right of my tt incision and then a whole knot of them where my drain was! I'm afraid to touch that one because that's the only spot I also have scab left. I want these things gone so I can stop worrying about them getting infected and so I can finally start scar treatment. Do I call my ps to remove them or what?

Scar treatment

So I realized if I wear my silicone sheets during the day they move around with the hear and sweat on my belly. So I think I should use the silicone sheets at night and then the silicone gel during the day. Anyone else alternate between things or use one thing all the time?


Took some comparison pics and incision pics, I am really sore and swollen today :( I don't know if I've been doing too much plus I'm at 5 weeks today so I know usually swell hell kicks in from everything I've read.... Idk..... And OMG I need to tone my thighs!! Ugh I feel like my thighs and butt have been looking terrible with no exercise :( I can't wait to work on those areas.

Just some side pics in morning

Here are side pics when waking up, I have binder marks and super low undies lol! I feel like the binder wearing now needs to be tighter and tends to ride up during the night and make my silicone sheet roll up too. So I'm hoping a different one I'm waiting for in the mail works! :)
Overall, I am very pleased, I have never been so flat!! Even as a teen I always had this little bump, now its gone and awesome!!


I am 6 wks port this Tuesday and I can't fm even believe it!!! I feel pretty darn good!! I don't swell too much, fingers crossed. I wear a waist shaper during the day that I love now lol! It buttons all the way up the front, by maiden form. I do get really hit fast if out in the hot weather with more layers. I have to wear a garment till at least 8 wks, but I think even after that ill wear something for a bit longer because I feel better and I believe it helps with less swelling. I do scar therapy and feel good about that. Kelecote gel during the day and silicone strips at night. The boobs are softer and I love em! I think they still need to fill out at the bottom of the breast, dropping and fluffing I believe lol. All is good :) oh yeah and all my spitting stitches are gone, except maybe a new one I feel forming. My bb is less red and healing nicely. Oh I do have a question, I try to only lay on my back but find myself on my side, will this affect my breast implants? I see my ps on the 29 of the month for my next appt, then now sure when after that. Oh and I've heard the expression "boob sweat" in the past and I never knew until now having boobs that its real lol!! After being outside in the heat, geesh! Another question, I still wear a sorts bra at night, am I not supposed to or do people till they feel comfortable? I'm
curious to see. I still can't wear a regular wireless bra correctly either, it just doesn't fit right :( I think because I haven't fully fully dropped so the bottom of the cups don't fit right. Anyone else with this problem? Is it normal? Hope so.

Bra troubles....

Ok so I have only been wearing bralette types of bras etc, I can only wear wireless, so I bought a few regular wireless bras from vs and nothing fits right still. They are uncomfortable, and I totally fill up the cup but the bra doesn't touch my chest in between my boobs. I'm super annoyed and didn't want to go and get sized because I'm only 6 weeks out, but I really want to wear a regular bra. Help!


I'm a little over 7 weeks post, had a drs appt today with the ps and all is doing pretty good. All incisions are healing well, I do have one small spot on the top of my belly button that is a little raised but he said if its like that when I go back in 2 months then he will do steroid injections to get it to flatten out. I am keeping up with the silicone sheets and scar gel, I will continue that for a few months. I don't have to wear my binder anymore, but I like how I feel with a compression garment on. I do have a concern with the public area, its not as swollen in the beginning but its still a little puffy. The ps said he thinks it still may be swelling, plus that's where water retains. I am hoping this goes down on its own but I'm worried :/ is anyone else experiencing this at almost 8 weeks post? I really hope it goes away and I don't have a puffed out pubic area or else I'm going to have to ask about lipo at my next appt.
I'm excited, I'm cleared to wear wired bras, can't wait to get sized and go bra shopping!
So all in all I'm good, but worried about my puffy pubic area. Anyone advice please!?!?

Auto correct

Not public area lol! Pubic area.

Talked to ps office

I put a call in to my ps assistant today, even though I was there yesterday I am just not liking the pubic area. She told me that most of it should be swelling and I should know more towards 3/4 months post op what my final results will tend to be, so hopefully I don't need lipo and if I do it better not cost that much if anything, because geeze I already paid for a flat tummy! That wouldn't be fair. So we will see, only time will tell and I am soooo impatient!

Morning pics

Here are some morning pics of tummy and then tonight ill post before bed pics, see what you think about the swelling area.

Before bed pics

Pics before going to bed, I was on my feet all day today and spent the evening at my nephews first birthday party, so long day.

Bra sizing

So I am 8 weeks post and sick of wearing a bralette thing and my ps said I can wear underwire and get sized. So last night I went to vs to get sized, had an amazing bra specialist, she just got implants 2 weeks ago from the same group of drs I went to, so she knows what it's like to have to fit a new bra and which was best got implants. She is also going to school for plastic surgery so that was a plus. She spent time with me and brought me everything to try on. Anyways lol when she first sized me she figured a DD and I was like what?!?! I thought I would be a full C. Turns out I am actually a 32DDD, yes that's 3 ds! I couldn't even believe it, but hey it fits perfectly! Hopefully there are no changes lol! I love it and love how it looks on. Ill post pics next.

More pics

Weight loss

If I lose about 10 lbs will that affect my tummy tuck or is that not a significant amount to do damage? Like I don't want lose skin but I want to get down to my normal weight.


I can't stop dwelling about this spot on my lower tummy, its bumming me out.... These aren't the best pics, but the best I could get lol


I know its the end of the night and I'm def swollen up top of my belly, I was on my feet all day, but the little bump out on my lower tummy drives me crazy!!


I'm feeling really really bummed because I don't think my lower tummy is flat at all. It's puffy and sticks out and I never go without a CG because I don't feel flat. I'm upset and that was my whole problem are to begin with.... I'm so upset.....

Feeling a little better....

So the ps assistant called me tonight and said its really hard for the implant to rupture and in a case that they did the silicone is so thick that it wouldn't go anywhere. The dr was more concerned of trauma and internal bleeding, of which I have no sign of. I just feel bruised inside. So just to be safe I'm going in next week to check things out. She reassured me that my scar will fade drastically over time. She said that around 6 months I will be able to see if my lower belly is flatter or not, of its not the dr said he will do smart lipo on that are for no charge if I would like. I'm just happy I have an option and I feel better now. My only problem is patience!! I have very little lol!!!

CG help!!

Ok so I've been using just a waist cincher type and its been good, but the size small is feeling too big. Has anyone used the vadette brand? The xs though according to the chart seem that they'd be too big, I just didnt want to order a small and have it too loose. Should I look at extra firm also?

Boob size...

Ok so I've seen this alot, and now I'm one of them, I feel like my boobs are not big at all. I know its more then what I had. But I know I'm not a DDD like in vs. I mean their bra fits me but I don't know my equivalent in other bras. I don't get how to get cleavage, I have none. Help!!

Bra fitting for implants

Found this site that measures differently for breasts with implants vs natural breasts..... According to this chart I am indeed a 32 DDD maybe DD.,904,30.html

TT scar

Just wanted to do a quick update. My scar is getting lighter and actually lowered a little bit especially on the right side. I'm having a good recovery and feeling better about my scar after seeing this pic. :)

3 months!!

I can't believe that I am already 3 months post op! Nothing much is new, I've been exercising, need to lose a few added pounds that I acquired from not being able to work out. I feel like when I sit my stoa h pushes out, hoping its just swelling!! I still have a little puffy area in pubic area that I don't like but ps will take care of that of it is still there! My scar is still pink, still high, but lowered a tad. I was able to find bathing suit bottoms to cover it up, thank goodness!! Like my boobs but still wish I could've gone a tad bigger :)
I'll post some pics in a bit :)

Down :(

Feeling down the past 2 days. I don't like looking at myself naked, I never thought I'd say I regret getting a full tummy tuck vs mini. I am beating myself up over this! If I went with the mini I would have a super low scar that would be covered by everything. Now I'm stuck with this ugly high scar and I can't change it. I'm like super depressed about this. I am crying as I type and I don't know what to do. I truly thought pre surgery that this would make me so happy and I am feeling the total opposite.........

Just a pic

Scar is fading a bit....


I have that ugly scar tissue that grew around my bb, ps said he can do steroid injections to make it flatten out. I go in next Thursday and will see what he says then.

Why so much swelling?!

OMG its like I'm soooo swollen and I don't get why. I feel like hello I had a tt and why is my stomach pushing out like this?! Is this normal for just shy of 4 months post op. I hope so because it's making me nervous! I'm still trying to get over the high scar and having faith it will fade! Now it's just this swelling I need to get past.

4 months

I just passed my 4 month mark this past weekend. I'm still super down and regretting my decision to push for a full tt. I just got back from vaca with my husband and felt like I was the only one not in a two piece. If I would've gotten a mini then I would have bb scaring that is raised and pink and I would have a super low incision that would waist be covered. But no I was selfish and pushed for the full and now I hate my incision, hate the way I look naked and don't have a bathing suit that will cover up my ugly high scar. I keep hoping it will fade over time and trying to be happy, but I'm not happy....

Still so darn swollen!!!

I will be 5 months post op on the 9, I'm soooo swollen. I'm on the go all the time with three kids and housework and shopping and school but I see other people who wake up flat and stay flat till evening. I swell really easily and it's terrible! I think I'm going going to start wearing a compression garment again because I'm not happy with this. Still off and on about my high scar, I still hate it and still regret it. Idk, I just can't get past it sometimes. Makes me upset. I go back to my ps at the end of January and hopefully I get my puffy part right below my incision lipo suctioned because I can't stand that, not flat if it puffs out! I feel like I'm at a stand still with my weight, I feel its much harder to lose with this swelling too and I'm not in bc pill anymore for medical reasons and that doesn't help lol! Ugh hopefully things will look better for me in the new year :)

Too much selling?

Is it possible to swell too much that your skin can stretch again?? I'm get concerned about that because I watched a journey on YouTube that that happened to someone and they had to have a revision


Still upset about scar, I was looking at my pre op pics and my night before markings pic and I feel like somehow my scar ended up 2/3 inches higher then it was marked. So the marking is obviously what I though it was going to be and then maybe the sides of scar may have poked out a bit but the rest of the scar would've been hidden. I'm so upset, I'm going to call ps Monday but what the heck can be done now?! I'm so depressed about this. Idk....

Nothing new....

I am confused why a lot of women 3 months out are flat and I am either so swollen at almost 6 mths out or something is wrong. I wake up swollen not flat and go to bed super swollen. What do I do?!?! I can't wear right things or a sweater dress etc because I have a bulge and this was the reason for getting this all done. It's not the same bulge as pre surgery but come on what's going on?!

Pics from morning



Ok I am 6 months out and totally puffy/swollen?!?! My ob actually told me at a visit today that she doesn't think I should still be swollen. I took pics yesterday I will post. I called my ps and left his assistant a message and I have an spot at the end of the month. What do you guys think?!



Ok so I can I get a revision if my original TT there wasn't a lot of skin to pull down to begin with? Don't you need more skin for a revision? Or what else can be done? I want to be well informed before I go to my appt at the end of the month. Thanks!!


I got some of my bb injected with steroids and that went down flat, now I need to get the rest done so that scar tissue can go flat too and hopefully get less noticeable. I get smart lipo on my lower tummy/mons area on March 19, so I'm excited for that. I ordered some henna tattoos to see what it would look like. I want something skinny like this. I like how it looks. I know it's not perfectly angled and even lol but I did my best!


I like the size/width of the middle of that henna tattoo, I'd want the sides wider too so it didn't look as skinny as actual scar.

Some scar pics.....

Scar at 7 months.
I have pants pulled down, my scar has gotten lighter and scar is fully covered in middle when jeans are up, just the sides of my scar show. That's ok I guess, I am ok with it.

?? Breast pain...

Ok so I am at 7 months post and last night my right breast started to hurt. Hurts when I breath deep and move my right arm. I have has trouble with my pillow and knots all up my neck and right shoulder. Should I be worried or maybe I have tension knot in my breast? I can massage the spot that hurts so I know where it is. I just don't know of I should worry or wait a few days? I also got a new car and was cleaning the other one and rearranging car seats on both cars so maybe I pulled something?! Kinda freaked out because it hurts so bad! Any input is appreciated! Thanks!!

Stomach pic update....

Taken this morning/ afternoon. I see an improvement.

Opinions needed....

I've been complaining to my ps about my scar lol and he is seeing my next week regarding my complaints. Can everyone do me a favor and go up and take a look at my markings photo and compare that to where my scar is. Does it look like it's higher then marked?

Another pic.....

I am pointing where the top of my hip bone is.

Meeting tomorrow

Ok so I have my "meeting" that I got called into with my ps tomorrow. I am bringing my pic with my markings in. What questions should I be asking besides why does my scar seem higher then marked?! And is there any revision that can be done?!

Smart lipo

Had my smart lipo this morning on the spot that was bothering me. I have to wear compression for about 8 weeks. Smart lipo is different then traditional lipo and they don't suck it out of you, so result won't be instant but I will see it over time. I have one little stitch in that dr will take out next week.
So..... Hopefully I am as flat now as I wanted to be :)


I know it's been a while, the days are so busy and I can't believe how much time has gone by. I am currently on day 3 of my 21 day fix challenge and def feeling the work outs which I love! I want to post pics after I've completed my challenge. All is good. Scar is getting lighter and flatter. I just have a few areas that are raised. I started using new silicone strips and love them. Dr Blaine's scar treatment. They are thick and stay on really well! As soon as they flatten out I will get opinions from the tattoo artist on cover ups. I know the scar will most likely fade but I still really love the idea if a tattoo on my lower tummy. My puffy area I got the smart lipo on has gone down. My boobs are good, even though I got 400cc on both I still get boob envy lol!
I will post pics soon! :)

Belly button

So about 2 months ago I began to feel these two little hard bumps under my bb and can see them through my skin. Saw my ps yesterday and he said they are deep sutures/stitches. And they are literally going to rip my skin open if I don't get a revision. The steroid injections he gave to soften my scar tissue which worked, ended up making my skin too thin on the too of my bb. It's gross and ugly looking. Hate my bb. So I go into the office July 9, (my 1 yr post op surgery day), and he said he will make me a nice belly button. I am freaked out about being awake for this! I have read others reviews on revisions, were you all awake and just locally numbed in that area like I will be? I'm still freaked, I don't like blood and fear I will be able to feel it. Now I just have to make sure over the next two weeks that my skin doesn't rip open! Gross!!!

revision tomorrow

So tomorrow is my bb revusion, I am excited to get it fixed but still very very nervous about the being awake during it. I am worried I will faint just from nerves alone. Is everyone certain that I won't feel a thing????

revision today

So I had my revision today, I made myself more nervous then I needed to be lol
My ps wants to do the revision in phases. The reason being he wants to go all around the whole belly button and on my left side the skin is very thin and if he pulled it all today he's's worried it would create a vertical scar, so today he did the whole top part and he said next time he will do more abd hopefully a 3rd phase isn't needed but may be, he wont know untill this part heals abd he cuts into the next part. I just want to be healed, can't stand having   restrictions and especially when having a pool put in and can't go in until I'm all healed up :(
Hopefully though in the end I am left with a cute bb.

Bb coming along

I had my stitches removed last Thursday and I healing well, the top of my bb looks so much better already and I'm still healing. I have my 2nd revision for the bottom half of my bb end of august and I can't wait. I will post pics now and again when I heal more. The square looking mark all around my bb is how I react to band aids! They tear my skin apart!

update on bb

Hello realself! Its been a while! I had my third and hopefully my last bb revision before christmas. This time my ps went all the way around my bb and pulled it all in and shrunk it. It is looking sooo much better. I went for a check up on new years eve and it is healing nicely! I did my best not to stretch it out and I am using silicone strips 24/7. My tt scar is ok, lightened up but not white. I dont understand why either when my body usually heals scars great and barely seen and skinny....
Idk but its ok. I met with my tattoo artist today and i am getting it covered next week and i am soooo excited, nervous but excited. He has tattooed over scars before and is highly confident with all of it, so that makes me feel good! He knows just where to blend around a scar and with a scar to take the visual off the scar. Here's to hoping that it doesnt hurt too bad in that area!! eek thats what Im most nervous about with it! I will be posting pics as soon as i get it all complete!

Tattoo progress

Tattoo almost complete!!

Don't mind the silicone pad on my bb!
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