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For as long as I can remember I have thought about...

For as long as I can remember I have thought about having my breasts done..... the forever teasing in school, padded bras, push up bras, searching for a bathing suit with anything to make it look like something was there, the loss of what little was there after breast feeding. Now I am less than 2 weeks away and nervous as can possibly be. Im 53, 5'5 ish 158 lbs (wish I had lost those last 10 but it will have to wait until after now) Ive pretty much settled on silicone 375 cc under the muscle... is there anyone out there my age who did this.... any out there who can calm my nerves .. LOL.. Not good with needles or pain....and have never really had a situation other than 1 C-Section where Ive been down and out for any time at all... even feeling guilty as the anesthesia scares the hell out of me.. and thinking what if something goes wrong....

Yet, I cant even imagine not having to wear a padded bra ever again ..... Ill try a post a pic... hoping the size I chose is good, fear being too big and looking foolish... ahhhh so many things to think about. I have a driver set up for the day of surgery and the day after for the post check in... any other feedback from anyone... Anyone regret having done this?

One week from today...

Cant believe how fast time is passing. Got the OK from my doctor today, now need an EKG as final clearance tomorrow. Thinking I'm going to set up camp on the couch in my family room for the first 2 days, so I have the tv and comfort. Seems everyone indicates sleeping in an upward position. Still beyond nervous..... may be brave enough to post a pic soon...

Less than a week...

Count down is really happening... less than one week to go...


ITS tomorrow at 10 AM.... I am up pacing already. Last minute things to do, pick up meds, cleaning house, shopping, nail polish off, gosh the excitement is being taken over by the fear, and its more a Mom fear of anesthesia thinking what if something goes wrong because my kids need me or IM too old for this and what if I dont heal... Ahhhhh should have done this 15 yrs ago!! And I know better as my daughter had hers done with the sames doctor and looks awesome. She is one year post and there is no way anyone would ever know she was not 100% natural.

The night before

So I am doing all the last minute things now. Waited until the last minute to go and buy a front zip sports bra and could not find one anywhere. So ordered one online tonight...

For as nervous as Ive been I am pretty calm right now.. I'm actually shocked, that I'm calm. Setting up my family room with pillows and one couch all made up into a bed for me.. TV, magazines and all grocery shopping for snacks ready to go.....

I will see if I can upload a before pic later tonight.

Its done!!!!!

Well after wanting and wishing since I was about 16... I did it. My surgery was today and here is a bit of feedback of my day. Wow can I just say that... amazed I did this... Procedure was at 11 AM so had to be there by 10. I'm lucky as it was not too far away. I did not sleep much last night due 100% to nerves. Cleaned a lot LOL.... felt like I was nesting prior to childbirth.

Yes I was very very scared this AM....more than excited. Felt that Mom guilt of what the hell am I doing.... and that I was being selfish should anything go wrong. NO one really knew as I did not want all the negative feedback and my parents live right here and I know would have tried to talk me out of it.

The only issue Im aware of was getting the IV in... they were doing hand. She was going to tell my why not arm and I told her I did not want to know... LOL just do it. Two misses with the fluid going outside the vein of course got me more stressed. A short break and new person and Third time was no problem at . I must admit I did feel it was a bad OMEN and thought about leaving.... thank goodness I did not. The team at the surgical center was great including the missed vein nurse. She actually stopped by to see how I was after. Doctor was soon with me to do the markings and answer any final questions. Dr Giacobbee is just awesome such a gentle and kind person. Assured me I was going to be very happy , yes the size is perfect and he was ready to go. Purple ink. Good omen my favorite color. Then met the anesthesiologist and the nurse working with him as well a nurse who would be with me. All great and very supportive. They knew I was afraid, yes I had some tears.... most due to fear about my kids and something going wrong and me not waking up.....and I was embarrassed I was so scared and they told me people were much worse than me...

So off I went, just prior to leaving the room I did ask for something for nausea as I did not want to be throwing up & with new incisions and was not wiling to wait and see if i was sick or not. The gave me a patch and a Dramamine to chew. Perfect choice as no nausea what so ever when I woke up or now.

Next thing I knew I was awake... last recall was rolling down the hall with the entire team and all of them in the room talking with me and getting ready. I slipped over to the bed (?) and that is it. I have no other memory, except waking up..I woke up the nurse about some odd topic, but AMEN I was awake, no more guilt or fear... I was awake and fine. It was about 1.5 hours since I left the room for the surgical room. You would also never know I was intubated.(sp?) I am a little horse and would like to cough but no way IM not gonna mess with causing any pain...

Right now I am drugged and plan to stay that way LOL. Im not in a great deal of pain maybe a 5. But I can feel a lot of pressure and aching kinda. Cant see much will try later. Actually looks like nothing happened ( OHHH NO) front zip hoodie a great easy choice and sweats... So easy and comfy now. Couch Idea great had some water , tea and toast then passed right out and woke up 2 hrs later.

Straws A GREAT tip... get some for your drinks...

As for me I feel pressure, tightness and can feel the top kinda hard and high. Actually feel more swollen now that right after. Yes I also feel like they are right under my collar bone

So there you have it.... my fears seem silly now as most were not related to recovery but being put under. Ill update again and do have some pics...

Honestly cant not believe after all these years it is done, stress gone...... 100% Right now woozie and heading back to my couch.... Again pain much less than expected.

Post op tomorrow at 10 AM

First pictures

Not anywhere near as bad as I thought. so far so good just up to taken some pain meds. But pain not severe; heavy and aching.

Day 2 LOVE the new look

Saw the doctor today. All is well. I am feeling good, swollen and sore but not really bad pain. Swelling is a bit hard and goes almost to my collar bone.. all normal doc said. Pain meds every 4 hours. Can take 2 but have only been needing one.. hydrocodon is the med. NIght time I took 1.5. Actually put on a real shirt today looks great LOL...

Belly is kinda swollen today as well.... not sure if it is the donuts my girlfriends brought over or the anesthesia.

For anyone getting ready for this surgery I AM the biggest baby about this stuff, and the worst part of all was the nerves before and in the center waiting...

I will take it easy again tomorrow and sleeping on the couch propped up tonight again..

Love my doctor in the Buffalo Area Dr. Giacobbee and his entire team...

Day 4 Post Op Update

Well where do I start? It is 4 days post for me. First, I'm very happy, it is about 5 AM and Im awake and up for my normal meds. I am not in any kind of extreme pain, so for those nervous people like me, be calm. I feel achy and still swollen, the swelling seems to be dropping a bit. In the past it felt almost up to my collar bone. I can only describe the swelling to be similar to your milk arriving when breast feeding. I took a shower for the first time yesterday and could do most everything, had to be careful lifting arms as I DO NOT want to mess anything up. Healing going well so I do not want to over due it. Needed help getting redressed, again most related not to pain but concern of over doing it with arms. Was hard to hold hair dryer for too long.

As for numbness dont seem to have too much, a few random spots. A friend who is a nurse stopped by indicated cut healing well, little or no bruising. And cut in crease is about 2 1/2 inches. ( I just cant imagine why anyone would have the cut around their nipple, but just me) I did think pain would be in the incision, what I do have seems more to be on the outer edges of the breast perhaps stretching the pocket out? Doctor has advised to begin massage on Sunday and I have the one week check back in with him on the 12th.

Did try on a few things but cant really tell much due to swelling. I do love the way the sports bra fills out LOL...

My stomach is still swollen, bought some GAS X and white grape juice...

Other than that could not be happier. Again, I chose 375 on both sides, under and surgery was Dec 4. I hope this helps... I was so frightened and hope that my experience can help one of you not to worry as much as I did.

Ill try to post pics later today.

Odd sensation

This is the first kinda issue Ive had at all. Went out today and perhaps over did it. But tonight have this odd sensation in my chest.... its kinda making me very antsy. Is it meds wearing off or numbness or having been outside and cold all day... cant really describe. No pain, in fact no real pain at all.... just this weird feeling..... maybe it is numbness and not feeling the front of my breast touching the bra... ahh help anyone else have this.. very strange....

Pain free?? Day 5

Well it seems I am pain free. I can feel the pressure and extra weight, but cant say I feel any pain. I took a tylenol just because Im nervous and dont want to get slammed with pain. Did not wake up over night and need anything at all. I am still high and swollen still about 4 fingers down from collar bone... can feel some itching so that means incision healing... I am shocked at how easy the pain and managing after surgery was. I am being very careful as I DO NOT want to set anything back.... but if you knew my fear level before it was really all for nothing... Im very happy...

Yesterday had this odd sensation and still do. I think it is the numbness from below the nipple to the incision line. Also still a bit constipated and with a swollen belly... on to more fruit and fiber today....

Hope this helps anyone else on the way to making a decision. Still love my doctor he gave great advice on size, healing and expectations.... anxious for a little more dropping so I can see real/final results... I expect I may need a strap to help but that too was discussed prior. Next visit to doc this week. :)

5 day pic

OK it is clothed, but wow no padded anything in fact a sports bra holding it in... LOL love my results. and zero pain today.

Day 6 numbness in my arm

Well an easy night no meds needed during the night. Woke to an odd numbness in my right arm. Just had a call back from my PS, and he feels normal, based on all my other progress. Of course I have my worry side and IM not liking this odd feeling. Anyone else have this experience?

day 7 pic

Dropping and swelling going down... very happy with results.

A week and 1 day POST OP

First no pain at all. Still just that full feeling, can really only compare it to milk coming in and needing to nurse feeling.. Just getting used to the extra weight and standing and sitting up straight. Today was 1 week post check in day and time for stitches to come out. Was told all looks good. The swelling going down, they are dropping and no strap needed so far. Just a little pinch to clip the stitch the rest will dissolve. Asked about internal popping sounds of stitches etc... basically told if I did not hear that yet most likely would not. sooo that is the update... will go back in a week to check dropping and swelling. Did try on some things.... fit is not exact as they are still high and swollen but IM happy...

Massage is now important. Ive been told 15 seconds or so three times a day counter clockwise moving implant and pressure at top of implant about 15 secs. 3 times and three times a day as well.

I'm happy. From the side they really look large to me. Looking down kinda the same, full on I feel like I have the body or perkiness of an 18 year old. I was not looking for a huge change wanted a natural look, curves and no padded bra needed. ANd I feel that is what I have. He did tell me they will still drop and fill out more on the bottom edge so again I only feel that they will continue to look good. Everything seems to be exactly in balance and healing well. GOing back to my bed tonight and he did tell me no worry about side sleeping or sleeping on my back. I was afraid Id knock something out of place LOL.... so all good.... gosh all that worry for nothing...

Post pic 7 days

10 day post


So shopped today and loved it... Got some nice new tops and just two non under wire bras. I want to wait and buy some nice ones after this dropping/healing is set. Can not believe they are a D. Scared me when the PS said D during selection process, but looks good, does not seem too big and tops like nice... (and for that reason I spent way too much :)

So this is Day 11 post op. and no pain, other than a slight discomfort if something rubs incisions, swelling going down, slept in my bed now and can sleep on my side or back, but did put a small pillow for support when on my side. Under breast softer feel and I can for sure see them dropping lower into proper place. Numbness almost gone as well. CAN NOT believe this was this easy and I was so frightened. Of course I also had an awesome doctor! I am decorating for XMAS, not lifting things, but feeling fine... so if you are reading this and worried don't make your self crazy like I did. I also do not really have anyone other than a teenager helping me... You CAN do this and it is so worth it.

2 weeks post

2 week check today and everything seems to be going exactly as planned. Zero complications, dropping is as expected, some steri strips still there, told not to worry or pull they will fall off in shower. Massage is 4 times a day about 15 seconds per time... and the 4 times per day pressure at the top type massage.

Cant begin to say how much I Love my result. Pic is with a normal bra, no padding I had hoped to look like I did with two padded bras on prior to my surgery. My result is with 375 and I am so very happy. Much better look than with sizers and much better than I expected. The round full appearance is something Ive never experienced. The feel is getting softer and although I cant explain a normal breast tissue feel this does not feel abnormal to me??

I love these tops with the x cross...esp. for those of us ion the cold right now!!
.. JC Penny.

I am amazed that at 2 weeks, I feel great and wish I had done this so long ago, worth every penny I invested. No depressed days as some spoke of. Still need to watch for reaching and lifting...

Has it really been 2 months

Saying hello and saying I am doing great! I can't believe I ever existed without my current breasts. They feel normal and look so natural. I am so very very happy. Right now I have no issues that I can mention. Everything has dropped into place, I never had any need for a strap. The scars are a little pink, but unless I plan to pole dance on a stage (LOL) no one can possibly see them. I have zero pain, and ZERO regrets.

So many people have said to me, you look great for some reason. They dont realize the change, but know something is different. Oh course it is winter and IM covered up. It is hard to process that I have on a sports bra and a shirt and have a great shape... no need for padded bras, but do enjoy the option if I want it. Yes clothes look better and seem to fit better. My friends who do know I had surgery agree the result is awesome... I am waiting to get my before and after pics and will post when I get them. But to anyone out there saying should I do this. My answer yes.... do it. For the first time in my life I have gone without a bra, taken off a shirt and put on a bathing suit and felt normal.... and loved what I saw.....

YOU deserve it.... do it.

Loved this Doctor and his staff. He was gentle, kind, patient.... answered all 2000 of my questions. Also has done countless others in our area (Buffalo) who all look great and love him too.

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