22 Year Old with 1 Kid Tired of my FUPA - Buffalo, NY

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I'm 22 years old and I have a three year old I...

I'm 22 years old and I have a three year old I just recently went from 190 to 150 (I'm 5"3) which was very dramatic for me but I still was unhappy with my stomach mainly and I plan on having more kids so for right now a tummy tuck is not the answer (I know eventually the way my stomach is I will need one) but I researched this and said why not get a little bit of the fat out and put it in my but . I had a csection so my stomach is kind of bad and mr bring so young I don't want to have this body forever and my doctor is taking fat for my navigate abdomen and flanks 1 week to go. I still have concerns though because he hasn't said I needed anything but I see all these reviews of people with tons of supplies like garments and other stuff

The photos (before surgery)

Surgery is 5 days away really excited

Had my surgery kind of disappointed

Today I had my surgery and before I went in I weighed myself at 154 I got home was 160 I'm kind of confused why I hope I can't get back below 155 and I honestly don't see a difference maybe it's the compression garment I woke up with it on provided by the surgeon and he told me to keep it on for a week but I see no butt it looks still kind of cost I pray it's because of this garment

Starting to see a difference

My compression garment is still on I just put a dress over it and the right pic is from a year ago left is today three days after surgery

Well this is me almost two weeks after surgery bbl

Guess I'll just workout lol I see so many other people updates and my results were not like that but not gonna complain

Just some comparison photos

Two weeks post op left is after surgery right is before


It was not worth the money and nobody can tell I had Lipo in my stomach or my butt is bigger only my thighs waste of money

Updated pic

But still flat at the top it seems like fat only injected in the bottom part
Buffalo Plastic Surgeon

The doctor was nice and he didn't charge a consultation fee which was a shocker

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