Active FX for Melasma

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Had Active FX yesterday for melasma...

Had Active FX yesterday for melasma (hyperpigmentation in my face).

Relatively pain free, just a little uncomfortable, the smell and air in my face were most bothersome part. My eyes are very swollen, and any discomfort I have is confined to my eyes. Controlled with a couple ibuprofen. Cold packs feel great. I read that some doctors recommend 1000mg vitamin C during recovery, so I am doing that as well.

Doctor recommended that I take acyclovir to prevent a herpes lesion from breaking out? Did anyone have an outbreak if they did not use the medication? Is this routinely prescribed? I prefer not to take if I really don't need it.

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Still waiting to see results, but given the degree of hyperpigmentation on my face, I think I will be happy.

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