23 Years Old, Tuberous Breasts and a Much Needed Confidence Boost! - Buckinghamshire, UK

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So I had my surgery yesterday, currently in...

So I had my surgery yesterday, currently in hospital in hospital after my overnight stay! So, a bit about my boobie past. I was originally a 32C/34B but was very unhappy with the size and shape of my boobs. I had been diagnosed with tuberous breasts by a PS earlier last year, which although explained why my boobs didn't look 'normal', didn't really help my outlook on them. The areola needed significantly reducing and lifting, as well as a boost in size. But, at £7,000 ($11,500) and just recently paying £8,000 for a Master's degree, I just didn't have the funds :( Around 12 months later, and very much on a whim, I booked in to see several PS' around the London region. A lot of them either wanted to leave the areola as they were, as they 'didn't like leaving round the nipple scars' - or alternatively wanted to perform an entire breast lift- which would have left a 'anchor' or 'lollipop' scar. I then found my PS, one who specializes in Tuberous Breasts and looked as though he had done some great work on the website. I booked in for an initial consultation and got one a week later in London. The moment I met both my PS and my nurse, I felt completely at ease. They reassured me that my case was not the worst tubular case they had seen (although I still think that they were being kind!). I was offered another (FREE!) consultation to meet with my surgeon and nurse and to have a fitting, just a week later. I opted for NAGOR- IMP 330 moderate profile silicone implants. Originally I wanted to go for high profile, but I was fearful of them looking too fake. I had my procedure yesterday (eeek!) and am currently writing this from my hospital bed. I've had trouble sleeping and there has been a bit of discomfort, but no pain just yet. I will post photos when my support bra comes off!

Day 2

So today has been spent sleeping- yes, that's right, about 16 hours of good shut eye (okay, less of the 'good'- it was horrendously bad). I'm getting a lot of shooting pain in my right breast, which is a bit concerning but apparently normal, so I won't worry too much for now. Anyway, they're looking good :) VERY swollen, but I like what I see so far!

What they look like in a top

Here's what they look like in a top!

Day 3

Okay so today has been pain-free! Went on a horrendous Tube ride back to my parents house, but I've found myself being able to cook, work and walk around normally. Considering yesterday was so bad, I sincerely hope that I'm over the worst of it!

I have a post op appointment with Aggie on the 14th of Feb, and what better way to celebrate the day of love than ripping off the brown tape and gazing at my new jubblies for the first time! Alas, they'll be covering those bad boys straight back up- but those four weeks will go soon and I'll be right at the front of the queue in Victoria's Secrets :)

Day 3- post op

Thought I would share a couple more...


Is anyone else waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep for hours?! I can cope with the pain, but this lack of sleep is definitely not something I'm used to!

I attempted to sleep on my side, forgetting that I now have a plastic chest and three types of stitches. Big mistake. I genuinely thought I heard something rip (sorry for the graphic imagery). I will NOT be attempting that one again. I think I need some kind of harness or straight jacket to pin me down at night...

Anyway, I do hope that the late nights and bags under the eyes will be worth it eventually. I have thought several times- 'why did I put myself through this?!'. But then I remember my former self, lacking in confidence and padding my swimwear with tissue (which inevitably got wet and dissolved into a paper mâché type mess), I smile and think, 'I finally did it'.

Night girls xx

Day 4

Boredom has truly kicked in. I'm usually at the gym by now, or shopping in London, or just doing something?! Instead, I'm finding myself taking pictures of my breasts and posting them on a website! I guess it's the novelty of having a cleavage now- I CANNOT STOP LOOKING AT THEM.

Question- I'm now at day 4 pos op. My Celebrex is pretty much keeping the inflammation and pain at bay, even though it would be nice to have some sleeping tablets (UK GPs seem reluctant to prescribe them). Although the surgical bra they give you is comfortable, it itches and is sometimes really nice to take off! How many hours a day do you girls think I'll be able to get away with not wearing it?? I keep it on religiously at night, but in the day it sure would be good to let these puppies have some freedom!

I tried on some of my old bikinis today and Oh Em Gee have I blossomed! I actually feel like one of the VS models! (Okay, slight exaggeration, but having a cleavage after 10 years of push up bras is something that'll take getting used to! Can't wait to book a holiday an go bikini and bra shopping!

2013 vs 2014

I was looking back at old holiday pictures from last year, when I went to Egypt and Cannes with my boyfriend. I remember not wanting to sunbathe, particularly in Cannes, as the beaches were full of tanned, big breasted women. Me and my boyfriend are now about to book a trip to Sardinia in August!

2013 vs 2014

Oops- pressed 'submit' before I attached the second Before and After photo!

Day 5- Zingers

So last night was a bad one. I
couldn't sleep (but I don't know if that's because I know I have to go back to work tomorrow), had horrible shooting pains in my right breast every 10 seconds, and they feel as stiff as footballs! Surely they should be getting better?! I've read lots of other post-op day 5 reviews and it seems as though this is the day we should be significantly improving! Anyone else feeling or felt my pain?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I think I'm going to go to my Doctor tomorrow and ask him to prescribe me something to take the edge off- I sincerely hope he'll be sympathetic!

On a much more positive note, I checked the jugs out this morning, and they look as though they're healing well! The bruising underneath is soooo much better, and the swelling is going down. I haven't yet managed to buy any new bras- I've been hearing about the Coobies and apparently they are the way to go! I've been so busy with education stuff (I got an interview for a PhD!!) that I haven't had time to do any online shopping. I think the fact that it's a lazy Sunday gives me the perfect excuse...

Anyway, I've posted some day 5 pics. There isn't much difference from yesterday, but the day to day progress updates from all of you lovelies has helped me huge amounts!

Days 2-5: COLLAGE!

So, being unable to go out and socialise, thought I would post a progress of days 2 through to 5. I don't know if I notice any significant changes, but hey ho!

Almost 6 days- Markings??!!

Also. Just another quick question. WHEN WILL THIS DAMN PEN COME OFF??!! It's making me still remain looking like some kind of pig to the slaughter!!


So getting ready for work, I thought that I would take some preliminary measurements. What I found online was hilarious!! It just goes to show, that there really isn't a universally 'standard' bra size! Every manufacturer, company, and apparently, tape measure(?!) is different!

Thought I would post some of my online calculations for a discussion topic ;)

Day 6- Looking good! But no sleep for 24 hours...

So I didn't sleep AT ALL last night. I'm not going to lie, it's because I'm thinking about boobs. Boobs first thing in the morning (checking they're still there and then looking at their progress), boobs at lunchtime and boobs in the evening. I genuinely think that I've developed OCD- which, as a mental health professional, I know isn't entirely healthy. I think I'm going to have to find a new hobby...knitting? Crochet perhaps? Maybe not.

Anyway, I tried on a couple of tops today. I was most excited about a green revealing number I bought from American Apparel about 2 years ago... It fits, IT ACTUALLY FITS!!! I absolutely cannot wait until I can get all dolled up, get a spray tan and rock that baby in the West End of London!

Anyway, I know it's early days but I can't wait any longer. babysitters should covertly take those kids to the playground and let them lick the swingset. the type A personality I am, I NEED to go and get measured. I know that there is still a bit of swelling, but they've actually dropped considerably and I genuinely don't think there will be much difference between now and the final result!

I shall update later with the outcome!!

Day 7- A warning to you all!

Okay so I wanted to just place emphasis on the concept of REST for all you ladies who don't like to take it easy.

Today, a week post surgery, I thought it would be fine to start back at work. I got on a train (even got a seat!) and actually begun to enjoy my back-to-normal life. It was when I got to about halfway through the day that I realised I had rushed back into everything far too quickly. I had trouble concentrating because of the pain meds, and fell asleep at my desk (I know this happened, as my workmate loudly asked me: "ARE YOU SNORING?!". Oops.

On the way back, I got to the station. I saw my train ready to leave the platform. Without thinking, and as I would have done previously, I bolted down the corridor in an attempt to catch it- and subsequently felt an almighty blow in my chest. Hot, searing pain. Along with this, was the huge embarrassment that followed, as it looked to passers-by that I had merely run out of breath, whilst also looking like I had a full-blown panic attack whilst clutching my breasts in public!

Anyway, the worst of my journey over, I took a seat and allowed myself to fall asleep on the train. As I got into my house after what I thought had been a hideous day, I felt relief; at least I was safe in my house. Oh how wrong I was...

Being an absolutely stubborn douche bag, I decided that I was fine and would just exert myself by doing a bit of spring cleaning. Halfway through doing this, I looked down, at nothing in particular, and saw that a red patch had started forming on my top. Yes, I was bleeding. From one of my wounds. And to top it all off, it's my own damn fault.

So there you have it. The ultimate list of 'WHAT NOT TO DO STRAIGHT AFTER SURGERY', brought to you by your very own RealSelf member! As with most things in life, I decided to go against the warnings of the professional and try to make my own luck. And boy did it fail miserably... So a word of advice to all you gym freaks, workaholics and those who can't sit still for a minute- JUST BLOODY RELAX!!

Anyway, going to get it checked out tomorrow. I have to travel 20 miles to see my surgeon, but he's the expert and will know what to do next. I hope he isn't too cross with me for ruining his handiwork...

I can't post any day 7 pictures because my boobs are now icky and I'm so sad :( - but on a slightly more positive note, I DO get to see how these babies look when the surgeon takes the nipple plasters off for the first time!!

I'll keep everyone updated. Well, those who are interested anyway! :) Wish me luck!!!

So scar, so good (sorry, had to)

Wow. So the past couple of days has been eventful.

I phoned up my surgery clinic last night, panic striken about the bleeding from my left areola incision. My nurse was so so lovely and reassuring, calling me after hours at 8pm, and told me to get to the clinic the next day (even though they had a whole day of surgery scheduled) where they would be able to look at it for me.

I traveled 2.5 hours to see them! (thankfully it wasn't busy) and today they were based in another county all together! Thank god I did it though...

I arrived at the clinic to be seen, but it actually turned out that my surgeon and nurse were working from another building, about 15 minutes away (in my state I had completely forgotten this information). But they were so amazing, that the receptionist actually took me herself, in her own car, to where they were based! How amazing?!

I went in, completely erratic and absolutely certain that my nipple was dead and gone. My nurse began to remove my dressings and I actually said to her, with no humor whatsoever; 'please be gentle. I genuinely think they're going to come off', Unsurprisingly, she laughed hysterically and reassured me that it wouldn't happen. But just as she's taking off the left plasters, blood comes seeping out. ARGHHHHHHH MY NIPPLE IS DETATCHED!!! Fortunately, after a considerable calming down by this absolutely amazing nurse, Aggie, I finally saw that it was only from a tiny gap between stitches (completely normal)- and I was panicking about absolutely nothing! To top that good news, she told me that my tatas were looking fantastic- and there would be extremely minimal scarring!!! AND NO PLEATING OR STRETCHMARKS - NONE!!! Words cannot express how much I wanted to kiss and hug this lady (I didn't, for fear of being chaperoned away by a burly male nurse) for harassment.

Anyway, I am one HAPPY LADY. I can start using silicone scar gel in 3 weeks, just to make sure there is no scarring, and I now have to start changing the dressings every 3-5 days. And on Sunday I can have my first proper shower!!! I can't wait for that, considering as I've had to have tiny shallow baths every day!

I'll update with more pictures later, but for now I'll leave photos of my teeny tiny scars!

Day 9- Make me up!

Can't believe that it's day 9 already! Seems like only yesterday I was waking up in that hospital surrounded my nurses and taking every pain killer that has ever been manufactured!

I went to go and get my hair done today :) I was really worried about stretching back to get my hair washed etc, but my stylist knew about my little procedure and looked after me with cups of green tea and a bi dose of laughter! I even got them out for her and the three other stylists in the back office; and they want theirs done now!!! (Although not my stylist- she already boasts a 34HH (all natural!!) cleavage!

The boobies have felt sore today, on the side of each. I think it's because I had NO tissue there whatsoever before, so my poor little skin and muscles are attempting to stretch to the evil silicone I have inserted behind them (sorry body, I do love you really!)

Anyway, I've attached some day 9 pictures- as well as one of my hair!! (Just because my stylist is a GODDESS with scissors and some Ghd's!! It didn't cost quite as much as the boobies, but creeping up towards it!!


Bye bye little bras...

Having a clear out. Actually really sad to be saying goodbye to these bras- we've been through a lot together! Oh well, time to get my DD lingerie purchased! ????????

Days 3-9

I don't know if I can see any significant changes- just thought I would post some pictures from day 3, all the way to day 9!


Hello beautiful girls!

Happy Valentines Day to you all! Disaster last night trying to book a table in Central London!! Evenywhere is fully booked!! Looks like it's a romantic meal for two in McDonalds! I'm actually more upset that I can't drink :( a Rioja or two would have gone down amazingly!! I haven't ha any alcohol for two weeks and it's depressing to say the least! To add to that, I can't even wear any sexy lingerie for my boyfriend :( oh well, he'll have to cope with the surgery bra- and he'll damn well like it too!

Today I changed my own dressings! And got a peak at what is underneath! Literally so so happy with the size and shape! But I'm still getting the pang of pain several times a day. I've read that you can still have them for up to two months post op- so I had better start being a little bit more patient!

Anyway, here's a few updated pictures!

Have a lovely day (and night) ????


So today I ventured into Victoria's Secret and got measured... I'M A FREAKING 32DDD (Yes, that's TRIPLE D!) I didn't know whether to faint or scream. I didn't do either of those, I managed to control myself. But I did walk around the rest of the day with a stupidly huge grin on my face.

To top it all off, me and my boo had a wonderful valentines day :) we eventually ended up getting a place at a great little kooky place in Central London. Although I did miss being able to have a drink (I've decided that I'm not drinking alcohol until I'm fully healed) it was a lot of fun- and he even walked in with 12 red roses!! Ahhh.

Hope you all had a wonderful one, whatever you did. Here's some pictures of my VS shopping spree!! (I spent over £180-ooops!) Having these bad boys is making me utterly broke!

Sad Day :'(

So I took off my plasters today. I didn't want to share this with you all, especially not the pictures, but I thought that it might release some of the stress! I don't know what I was expecting, but this certainly wasn't it. I know I'm still so so early in the healing process, but my areolae do NOT look normal. They look completely different sizes and in completely different areas! I don't know whether it's just my imagination. My boyfriend said that they were fine, and that it's all in my head; apparently my 'quest for perfection' is making me unbearable and highly critical of myself. I do admit, I am finding myself examining every single little flaw and talking about it for hours. Anyway, I guess that I just need to wait and see how they heal up. I'm normally very optimistic- but it is that time of the month and perhaps I'm just over-sensitive due to the hormones. I have bought Bio-Oil, Pro-Sil AND Neosporin- so they should help with everything. Anyway, anyone who may have had an areola reduction/mastopexy- I would HUGELY APPRECIATE your help! I was so happy with the shape and the size- but the areola unveiling has really made me feel deflated :( x

Day 12- Dress up!

So, I decided to take the advice of all you lovely ladies and to NOT PANIC about the results only 11 days in!! So instead, I did a bit of dressing up with some of my old bikinis and tops! :) :) some of them were VERY uncomfortable- so I had to terminate the play time as soon as I had started! But soon, oh so very soon...

5 weeks

Oh my gosh! Can't believe it's been 5 weeks already!! Many apologies to everyone following my blog for not updating my progress! Literally been working, partying and eating too much :(

So I guess the hardest part of this has been not beig able to go to the gym. It's my release. When I'm stressed, I'll just pick up my gym back and hit the treadmill for an hour! I can't wait for this week to be up so I can actually go and work up a sweat!!

So, my jubblies are looking good! Literally so much progress has happened since I last posted!! I'll put up the pics and you can see for yourselves :)

More pictures- almost 5 weeks post-op!

More pictures.. I'm sorry the lighting is so damn bad!! (I'm waiting for my iPhone 5c upgrade!)

Almost 6 weeks post!

Took another little trip to VS again this weekend- ooooops. My incisions are really starting to settle- and got my first underwired bra! Yaaaay. Couldn't be more in love with a piece of underwear! Won't wear it until after week 8, as I want the scars to heal perfectly, but straight after that and I will be rocking that on a regular basis :)

Got absolutely no pain or discomfort now, and they pretty much look like the final result! I think I will probably go for a revision in a few years time, and get 500cc, but for now, they're great and I couldn't be any happier!

Here are some recent pictures! x

Week 6, vanity has kicked in...

Shopping day (AGAIN!!!) today! Bought an amazing dress from Topshop! (Looks better in real life!!)

Almost 3 years post surgery!

The initial consultation was quite brief- and I spend most of the time with the nurse Aggie, who was absolutely lovely. She is genuinely a credit to Aurora Clinics and along with being professional, actually reminded me a bit of my mum- which made me feel looked after! I met my surgeon for roughly 10 minutes and he was very welcoming and understanding of the problems I had with my breasts. At first he recommended a breast uplift and augmentation- but after I expressed my concerns with the vertical scar he came to the conclusion that he could just as easily do a lift via reduction of the areola. This adaptation to my needs and concerns left me feeling very comfortable with Mr Richards, and not at all pressurized into any rash decisions. On the day of my surgery, Mr Richards came in to take pre-op pictures. I explained that on reflection, I was worried about getting implants that were too big for my frame, As both the 300cc and 330cc had been ordered, he reassured me that he would try both during surgery and see what best suited me; and I am NOT disappointed. So glad that he chose the bigger size- it's like he could see what I envisaged! Mr Richards came to see me directly after surgery to explain how the procedure had gone. He also came to say goodbye when I was leaving the hospital. I would 100% recommend Mr Richards as a plastic and cosmetic surgeon. So far, my results are fantastic, my friends and family think that they are the perfect size, and I am one happy girl!

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