BA and Tummy Tuck. Had My Consultation - Brussels, GB

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I had my consultation for my mommy makeover on the...

I had my consultation for my mommy makeover on the 24th of July and the doctor was nice, patient and answered all of my questions- and my hubby's. For the BA he recommended 250cc cohesive gels implants inserted in the inframammary fold and under the muscle to give me the desired results (I am 5'1 and 118 ibs) I am currently a less full than my pre-child days, 34b. I don't want giant boobies and with this size implant I will probably be a small C-cup (yay!) The thing is I am perfectly happy with my breasts now. Yes, I would like to have them full as they once were but I I wouldn't be upset If for some reason I couldn't get them. I feel that I will eventually want them (being active and loosing body fat) So I'm getting them now :). I hope that makes sense.

Now for the Tummy Tuck, I need that! LOL. I have separated muscles after three babies - one C-section. I can place three finger between the muscles. The rest of my body is fit but I look like I'm 3-4 months pregnant. The doctor grabbing my belly and digging his fingers in (not painfully) really hit it home. I am disgusted by my belly. Seriously. For the consultation, the doctor said I will be able to get good results. No liposuction is needed. He will be using my c-section scar as a guide and will just make it longer. Perfect for me.

I was hoping to have the procedures done before my kids return to school on Aug 27th but due to the Olympics here, and needing to stay in Belgium for three days post-op for drains removal, it is not possible. Well actually I could but I don't want pull my kids out of school to travel to Belgium for surgery so that my hubby can go nor do I want to travel alone.

Now I am considering doing it over the Thanksgiving break. Belgium Is beautiful that time of the year, especially with the markets and such :). The kids would love that. So, I am planning on booking surgery for that time frame.

This also gives me time to better prepare and get supplies for pre/post-op together as well as making sure I'm healthy as can be prior to surgery.

I'm excited!

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