Retin a Vs Retamax ZO Obagi - Brunswick, GA

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I have been using trentinon. 1% for a year and...

I have been using trentinon. 1% for a year and have noticed improvement on my skin. Not so much on wrinkles. I went to a plastic surgeon and their spa. They advised me to stop the trentinon and use Retamax, the new ZO Obagi line. I've been using it for over a month along with the face wash, lotions and sunscreen. Not sure if it's any better or not. The only Big difference is, tretinoin is covered under insurance and Retamax is not. The cost of Retamax is $175 and supposed to last for 3 months vs trentinon under insurance is $35 and lasts for 3 months. Has anyone had any experience with this line? Am I wasting my money??


I switched back to .1% tretinoin. I think it works better on my skin and the price is definitely better. I will continue to use the ZO Obagi face wash and lotions. Question though, can you get chemical peels while using trentinon?
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Renue Plastic Surgery Spa

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