Brow Lift 4 Years Later

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After having upper lids done in 1999, I opted for...

After having upper lids done in 1999, I opted for a brow lift in 2003, combined with lower lids. The lift procedure was much more invasive than I thought it would be and I was shocked to see myself in the bandages for the first few days; much bruising, swelling, dried blood, etc. The pain post-surgery was manageable with Tylenol and I was out and about, albeit with make-up and limited head movement, within a week or so. Swelling was gone within a few weeks.

What I hadn't considered was how emotionally traumatic optional surgery would be. The lids were easy both times and seemed so minor, but the lift was a much bigger deal, physically and emotionally. After the swelling went away, I was ambivalent about my appearance and now, my undereye area is hollow and sunken looking, which may have been the case had I not had the surgery, but who knows? Overall, I think had I used Resty/Botox and just had lower lids done, I might have achieved my aims without the trauma of the lift surgery.

I urge anyone considering any kind of surgical lift to read not only about the procedure and physical after- effects,but also the psychological and emotional impacts of voluntarily invasive, surgical procedures.

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