VSG with Danny Sherwinter - Brooklyn, NY

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My journey has changed so much in that, I am...

My journey has changed so much in that, I am extremely proud of where I am today. *sheeshh * I didn't make it to the Dominican Republic because I want to get back to a comfortable weight and be healthy. I have decided to undergo a VSG. I want to get down to 150 pounds before I even consider any plastic surgery. I have completed my 6 appointments, cardiologist, pulmonary doctor & stomach doctor. I am 100% ready to go. We submitted the paperwork to my insurance earlier this week however, I was already given a date. 2/24/2016... #imexcited What are tips that you used during your pre-op 2 week diet? What did you guys bring to the hospital? let me know let me know lol HAPPY NEW YEARS BTW :*


Surgery date is February 24, 2016... Everything seems so real.. They put my paperwork in Friday & it came back today... ????????????

31 DAYS !!!!!!

Counting down bro...


My VSG is with Dr. Sherwinter today. I'm extremely excited and nervous. I'll be back after I'm sleeved to update you guys.

Update on VSG

I was sleeved on 2/22/16.. I was around 315. I am not at 230 which means I lost.. 85 POUNDS !!! I lost 85 pounds in less than 5 months. I am scheduled for Sx with Cabral on 12/16/16 by then I hope to be at 170 pounds. I am having a BBl, Lipo & TT. I am on board with Phenom Beauty Consultants and they are so helpful. This is the best decision I could of made this far. This journey has been extremely hard but extremely worth it! 172 days until I am snatched.

VSG Update

It was been a struggle losing the weight. Initially, I was in and out of the hospital and extremely sick. Now, I feel much better. I am going to start a strict diet so that i can loose 30 pounds before summer is out and be in the 100's for the first time in years. I am extremely excited and I recommended this journey to everyone. You'll learn yourself in ways you never knew you could.

Loss it & Snatched it ????

I lost over 110 post VSG and I got snatched in December 2016 [TT, Lipo, Chin Lipo & BBL by Dr. Cabral].. I am getting my boobs done in May 2017 [Breast Lift with Implants by Dr Frieman @ CG Cosmetics].. DR again in December 2017 [Lipo, BBL & Thigh Lift] .. ;) #GettingMyBodyBack
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I haven't had any complaints they are actually really good this far.

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