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I've always had a larger upper body and a smaller...

I've always had a larger upper body and a smaller lower body, I already had my breast reduction, stomach, flanks, and bra line lipo ... and now I feel like my face and arms don't match the bottom half of my body lol. I decided to get my arms/Axillary area, along with my chin and jawline. I'm having the procedure done this Monday with the same doctor that performed my previous surgery. Since Dr. Voskin, agreed he was willing to touch up my stomach area again (I thought he could have taken more fat out), I felt confident enough to have him perform this procedure. I figure, if there is any concern after the procedure, I can address it with him. He seems genuine in his effort to do his best work... so I'm trusting he will do a good job. Hopefully,? he can get these arms thinner!!!


I had my surgery Monday. The first day wasn't bad at all, and I haven't had any need for pain meds. Unfortunately, I have to report there seems to be a miscommunication between what areas were supposed to get done and what actually got done. I definitely got my arms liposuctioned but when it seems that my axillary wasn't done. Please if anyone can correct me on this, please do so. The axillary area is supposed to be the armpit and below alongside the breast?? For some reason, when I took off the compression garment the following day. There was no holes indication anything had been done to this area, I called the office and of course was told to take this up with the Doctor at my follow up visit. It just baffles me that this area was touched. Please, someone, correct me if I'm wrong. But is the Axillary area typically the armpit and lower breast region?? Also, so far no difference in my arms. So I won't bother putting pictures until i see a difference.

Little to no difference ...

I'm 9 days post op. I see little to no difference and it's disappointing. As for the Axillary area being done - It was not. But I that was included in the price, so I'm very upset about it. When I went to my follow up appointment the doctor got upset and seemed annoyed that I pointed out it was included in the prices. He then said he did the posterior axillary area and the armpit or bra budge was not part of it. I left very upset and felt I was lead on to believe my entire axillary area would be done. Also, when I mentioned I wanted to book the date for my abdominal revision, that became a problem as well. The nurse said "for what, we are not doing the revision"... I got upset and said why not? I'm not happy with my result, she then said they will talk about it at 6months post op and that the doctor will have alto say yes or no to it. That put me even more in a bad mood because it's shouldn't be up to the doctor to decline a revision, if I paid for a surgery and I'm up happy with the result they should fix it. Anyways it seems to me that this place doesn't care to much after they got the money and any talk of fixing or revision is simply out of the question. Very disappointed!


Soooooooo lol I received a phone call this afternoon from the Doctors office today:)!! There was a misconception that I wanted the revision done sooner then it was suppose to be done (6 months) and that might have been the reason for the decline to booking the date for the revision. But to my surprise my post was read by the office and the manger called me to discuss my concerns. Very happy that the miscommunication was cleared and now I will be getting a date booked for my abdominal revision. Very happy that my RealSelf review was apart of the reason I got good news today and very happy that the office genuinely wanted to clear the miscommunication. :)

No difference chin lipo

I'm 12 days post op from my chin lipo and there is absolutely no difference. I was informed to only wear my head garment for 48 hours and I actually continued to wear it for 10 days, I went to work and school with it and felt funny but none the less no difference in my chin. Still have the fat under my chin and now it's really hard. Sad. Also no difference in my arms either. :(


My results thus far... not impressed. Looks absolutely the same.


Almost two months post. I wear my compression vest daily mostly because it also serves as a bra and is very comfortable. These are my results. I can see a difference but not as much as I had expected. I lost 1 inch around my arms after the swelling was gone. I don't have any ?swelling anymore and barely any numbness. As much as I wanted to have thin tone arms after my surgery, I see now it simply isn't possible with just surgery. It's going to be a work in progress, but I have the motivation to start going back to the gym. I feel like I'll truly get the results I was looking for with surgery if I incorporated a much-needed workout regimen. Nonetheless, there is a small difference post op, and hopefully, with some toning, these arms will get slimmer.
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