Upper/lower Abdomen/ Love handles/Barline/Pubic Area Tumencent Lipo

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So I decided in Tumescent Liposuction for my...

So I decided in Tumescent Liposuction for my abdomen area & Back. I'm comfortable with the doctor I've chosen. But originally I wanted my upper back bar line area done and my doctor wants to do my lower flanks area instead. Not sure why because I feel I don't have much in the area. I would prefer my upper back. We decided to go ahead and do my lower back and full abdomen area & return for my upper back area. What are you guys thoughts on this ? I feel I should just call the office and push the issue for my upper back instead of my lower. In the meantime I've set the date for September 29th. :)

Before pictures

Extremely Disappointed!

I'm an so mad and disappointed! My Tumecent liposuction is schedule for Tues the 29th and the office receptionist called me this morning to inform me that the doctor is unable to preform the surgery and I must book for sometime in November !!! WTF! How unprofessional!!! After I already put my deposited and setup up leave time from work, I CAN NOT believe that this office actually did this! I'm so upset!

Liposuction Booked for Aug 9th :)

Hello ladies, just giving an update on my journey with Dr. Voskin. I decided to have another consultaion today with the doctor and placed my down payment for Liposcution to my full abdmen area, love handles, braline and pubic area. He was very nice and granted the online promotion and gave me a additonal discount for my public area. So i am very happy. My sugery is scheduled for Aug 9th and i cant wait!


I feel the need to document my experience with this office and to be very honest about my feelings with the doctor and his staff. I researched this office and tried to find review but there isn't many. So if anyone is considering this doctor they will have info on what to expect. Well at least with my experiences. I've previously had an issue with this same exactly office canceling my surgery without notice and basically not given any sort of explanation or reasoning... And lack of apology. None the less, I went ahead and book another appointment (surgery). I've been rather annoyed with the staff lately because the manger who runs the office seems to only care about getting payment ASAP and once payment was made, I didn't receive any updates or calls back for follow up information regarding my surgery. I guess what I'm trying to say is once I paid in full, the office didn't feel the need to inform me of anything regarding my surgery. I called the office to check if my blood work was good, if my prescription was sent to my pharmacy and what I had to do day of surgery (which is tomorrow) they didn't feel the need to inform me of anything once they got their money. I'm really annoyed at this point with the office. But my sugary is tomorrow and i picked up my prescription and only was given antibiotics. Where is my pain killers? Like ? I really don't understand. The facts that I was told I would be prescribed pain killers and when I picked up my prescription... Nothing but antibiotic. Like is am I over reacting ?? Or does this office simple doesn't care?? So I'm so annoyed and I would be calling tomorrow morning (day of surgery) to see what is going on. So if anybody is considering this office, hang tight I will update every detail whether to stay away or to proceed.

Update on post surgery

Hey ladies! Here the update. Had surgery at 11:30 came home around 4pm. I have to give this doctor 5-Stars for bedside manners and his nurse. I Felt nervous and didn't know what to expect

Post Surgery

Update - procedure went well. Was able to get my painkillers sent to the pharmacy after my surgery. I must say Dr Sergey Voskin impressed me the most. I was very nervous and knew I would experience some sort of pain, but he was so informative with every step of the procedure, always asked me if I was ok & if I felt pain. If I did, he would immediately numb that area. He is a very good doctor. I was very comfortable even tho the procedure was a little painful at first. The nurse was just as attentive to my needs and made me feel at ease. Once the medicine kicked in, I almost fell asleep lol. No pain once the part is numb. Everything went really smooth and I'm following all the instructions the nurse told me and fell good about my decision to proceed with Dr. voskin. I'm really excited because I can already see a difference in my abdomen area and the swelling will go down even more, so I'm excited to see how I look going forward through out the weeks. The only part that was difficult was the leakage of fluid and blood out my incisions. I'm leaking like a water fall but I was told it will leak for 24-48 hour so I'm ok with it. My husband brought me adult pampers to help with the leakage and lots of paper towels. He wrapped me up and help me with my garment very 2-3 hours. So far very please:)

Pictures and Update

I felling good today, i decided to take some pictures of my progress. i'm still very swollen and it's only 2 and 1/2 days but i see the difference already. I've been alternating between a L and XL garment. I wear the L during the day to really compress my skin and i wear the XL at night to sleep. I've been eating very healthy soaps, protien, salads and lots of water. :) So far, very happy.

My garment & where to get it.

I purchased this garment on Amazon.com. They run small so I would suggest getting a couple of sizes and just returning the ones you feel don't fit. But I purchased a XL & L. The prices are really adorable and the fabrics is super comfy!

Fun before and after photos

Update - 9 days post op

Update - I'm 9 days post-op & through some trial and error I've done certain things that I shouldn't of done lol. But hopefully I didn't damage my final results. First, I have experience a lot of hardening of my lower and upper abdomen area and tenderness to the touch. This area has the most swelling and I have a little bulge of the lower belly. I wanna say this is normal but I have been eating some salty foods which has contributed to the swelling and pain I feel. So I would defiantly recommend NO SALT in anything!!

Second, I was wearing a really tight compression garment, I thought this would help control my swelling but actually after speaking to my sister (who is a nurse), she recommended I get a loser fitting garment. She told me I can actually create lymphatic fluid buildup in specific areas which creates those hard lumps after liposuction. So I got another garment one size up and honestly I feel so much better.

I discontinued taking my pain med's after just two days, they made me nausea. So for the pain I've just been going to Cryo-Therapy. I have a location near my house where I can get treatment. A little about Cryo-Therapy, it's basically liquid nitrogen (-160 degree cold air) directly on the swollen areas. It's helps reduce inflammation and speed up recovery of the specific area treated. I do my entire back and front abdomen. So that was something I incorporated into my recovery.

One last thing, I got really constipated for like 5 days... that also may have contributed to the bloating around my midsection but I went to GNC and purchased Bromelain (anti-inflammatory & aids digestion) and Tart Cherry Juice which is another anti-inflammatory supplement. I felt much better after taking this and I continue to take these supplements daily. As for the hardness of my belly. I have been doing my own Lymphatic tummy rubs, with "Frankincense" essential oils, which is an anti-inflammatory aroma therapy oil. So far, the top part of my abdomen has soften and no pain, working on my lower part. Hope this helps anyone experiencing the same.

Lumps, bumps and harden abdomen

I'm a little worried and disappointed. I've have lumps and bumps all over. My lower abdomen is hard and feels like leather when I rub it and my pubic area is hug and hard. I've done everything I can think of, massages, Cryo therapy, lymphatic draining pills... I don't know what to think about what's going on. And what makes me even more worried is I'm starting to look like liposuction wasn't done to my abdomen area or public area.


I contacted Dr.Voskin office wasn't able to speak to him directly but was able to get another follow up appointment. I spoke to the head manager, she was very nice and was able to give some helpful information. It seems like I've retained some fluids making it hard in some areas. I have to admit I haven't worn my compression garment 24/7, due to work purposes I drive 4-6 hours a day and I'm very uncomfortable wear my garment when driving and not to mention I now have an indentation or line dividing my lower and upper abdomen area from sitting down for longer periods. So as much as I HATE my garment, I guess it's back to wearing it 24/7 except shower time ugggghh.

I've found the Cryo-therapy is no longer needed and probably wasn't very helpful as much as it was expensive. I have yet to see the difference in my bloating area so Ima say cryo-therapy doesn't help much.

Since I now am no longer in pain from the swelling I feel I can go for the massages. I was very tender to the touch so only did the massages to my self. But maybe i need a professional to help get ride of this hardness all over my body. I'm really hoping this is worth it because I've spent so much money already. If anyone has done the massages and actually seen the difference please tell me lol because it will be an additional $1000 down the drain.

3 1/2 weeks update

Update - 3 1/2 weeks.

I'm pretty content with my results so far, still feel like a second go at abdominal liposuction will get me completely flat. The pictures below are me sucking it in... So yea wish it was this way regular. But as far as the massages... I never went for them. Instead I purchased the Ashley Black Fascia Blaster, within three days of using this (day and night) my stomach is no longer hard. Only in certain areas but for the most part very soft and my lumps are almost gone. So it think I'll continue using this thing and hopefully in a couples weeks have all the lumps gone.

Waste of money.

I was felling extra sad today, feeling like I wasted time and money on this procedure. Today marks a month post opt. I'm still the same weight, don't see much of a difference unless u suck my gut in. This is me relaxed. I guess you get what you pay for, i thought i was getting a deal with the price but turns out not much has chnaged and i'm very very unhappy after all the pain and money i spent. At my 6 month mark I will be seeing a diffenrent doctor. Should be no reason i still have rolls on my and fat on my ab's. Changing my review to wasn;t worth it!

FasciaBlaster worked!

I've already expressed my disappointment with my results, so i wont rant today. But i just thought i'll share some pictures of the amount of fat NOT removed. For the most part the hardness is all gone thanks to my FasciaBalster!!! Currenlty looking into other doctors for revision.

:) pic's

Clean eating, waist trainer & lots of self massaging. Think it's getting flatter.

Follow up Appoinment

Today, I went in for a follow-up appointment and spoke to the doc about how unhappy I am with the amount of fat left over. I was glad to hear him say we can do a revision when the swelling goes down. I have to wait till I hit my 6-month post opts period but very glad it will be done come with January :)

4 Months post op

I'm 4 month post op and this is where I am. This is me relaxed not sucking it in. I'm only semi happy when I suck it in but that's not how it's suppose to be. Any pictures that I take that my stomach looks how I would like it to look is me just sucking it in. :( waiting till 6 month post op so I can get this done over and get the flat stomach I wanted in the first place. Hopefully it can happy this second time around.


My lower stomach area looks weird, I have an Indent on the bottom. Top looks the same as pre lipo.


I still have this dent on my lower abdomen and my top looks like no liposuction had been done. Chin looks blahhh.... have fat there still.
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