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I just completed by first cool sculpting procedure...

I just completed by first cool sculpting procedure on my bra fat and upper arms. The procedure wasn't too painful. I'm bruised, so try not to take any blood thinners beforehand. I'm currently regretting my Advil dose last night. I'll post pictures tonight and do updates on my progress. Overall I'm hoping for sleeker arms and a more toned, less fat rolled, back! Wish me luck!

40+ female who has hated her arms since 25 and back fat since giving birth!

I had cool sculpting done yesterday on my upper arms (dreadful tricep area) and back (more dreadful bra strap fat). The procedure went well and the nurse practitioner who saw me through the process was nothing short of 100% wonderful. I didn't find it painful, just really an odd sensation. Today, one day post procedure, I am quite uncomfortable. I had trouble sleeping last  because I couldn't get comfortable. I am massaging the areas 2x daily to help loosen the dead fat cells, which was the recommendation of the clinic-this is very VERY uncomfortable at this stage but I am trying to muscle through it because it's said to produce better overall results. I am bruised and swollen and the areas that were frozen feel numb to light touch, while also feeling very hard and solid and there is the sensation of deep bruising. I am hoping the numbness begins to wear off soon and that the swelling/lumpiness subsides because it'll be hard to monitor my results. I chose this clinic because it's professional and I trust the staff there 100%. I appreciate that they take the approach of improving "the total body image" because making any one area smaller or more slim might not look right and sometimes we can't see the whole picture. I went in for my tummy and so appreciated the honesty at my consult when I was told that my tummy is more of a lipo situation and that I wouldn't be happy with the results if I proceeded with that arms and bra fat it was. Because they were honest I feel as though I'll have good results with the areas I had done because I truly don't think they'd do it if I wasn't a clear candidate.  I chose this procedure over other more invasive options because I like that there isn't much down time to the recovery...yet, yesterday and today I've been extremely cautious ( afraid to bump into anything etc)  and don't feel like a run on the treadmill will be comfortable. Doable, yes. Comfortable? NO! Stay tuned for updates and pictures! I am hopeful!

Day 4~

Well it's day 4 and I am still very bruised and numb. The numbness seems to be wearing off s l o w l y and my husband thinks I look less swollen. Note: he had his love handles done one day prior to my procedure and he's very swollen on one side, not the other. He had no bruising, yet, he is experiencing the same numbness. He's running on the treadmill but he does say that swollen side feels like something heavy is flopping around. Humph. We keep doing our tissue massaging to break down the dead fat. Drinking loads of water. Eating healthy. Onward...

Left Arm night of procedure

You can see the swelling has already set in- i'm even trying to flex to show less sag :(

Left arm relaxed

Cool sculpting bruising morning after procedure

You can see the bruising and the swelling

Right arm night of procedure

I am flexing but once again you can still see the swelling under the arm

Right arm relaxed, night of procedure

One Week Post-procedure

Really not too much to update yet. Bruising is fading, numbness is subsiding too but it's still very present. There is still deep bruise like pain as well but it's totally tolerable....really only bothers me if I am massaging the areas that were treated. I think I'm still swollen and don't notice any visible results at all so I'll hold off on photos until week two! Eating right and working out so I'm doing everything possible to maximize my results.

note: my husband i one week and one day post and still considerable swollen on one side as well and is feeling the same sensations that I am feeling.

I saw Lindsay and she was wonderful! If this procedure doesn't work it's no reflection on Lindsay! She was attentive and professional and made me feel as comfortable as possible.

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