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Has anyone had to have a seroma drained with a...

Has anyone had to have a seroma drained with a syringe? I went for my two week check up and the nurse recognised that what I thought was swelling was not quite right and got a surgeon to have a look. Straight away he said the swelling was a seroma and I should be admitted for surgery and although rather alarmed that I was going to be opened up again went with it. However, whilst waiting for surgery, another surgeon who I knew from my breat reduction some years earlier came in and said he thought that expiration with a syringe should be tried and of course I agreed as if surgery could be avoided that fits with me! Anyway, after 370 cc of bloody fluid later my tummy looked like it had lost 10lb and I was a lot more comfortable and after a blood test which was fine I was sent home with double dose antibiotics which. I am being really good as one of the reasons for a seroma is overdoing it but I think I need more as I lost fluid from my belly button today after a bit of straining on the loo!! I have an appointment tomorrow and will update! Has anyone else gone through this?
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