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Had dermal filler to cheeks ams round the mouth...

Had dermal filler to cheeks ams round the mouth wish I never had it done
Within 20 mins my cheeks were red and I felt hot
Went home and my face felt burning and started to feel sick eat pressure and jaw ache
Been on antibiotics and antihistamine not work also felt chilli and cold then body heat and eye heat ????????????????day 7 just want this to go away can't go to work


Today I am feeling a bit better I am taking cyclizine for the dreadful sickness
Last night my legs felt weak and my eyes felt sort of burning in them and watery
My symptoms seem to come in wave to feeling like they are getting better then coming back anyone have this ? also tingling on my tounge
Going to go and have a sauna to try and get this out it my system

Divk after dermal fillers

2 weeks post injection and still not well landed up in A/e last night my son
took me there and after 4 hours and negative blood test was sent home
The doctor did say though in her option I was reacting to the fillers
And needed to go back to the injector and
He must send me to plastic surgeon in London
My symptom of face heat has eased up but still getting pins and needles head pressure sickness dioreah legs feel weak
And really dad anxiety and depression
No work for 2 week
I hope this ends soon this is a Linley place to be In

Dermal fillers

Day19 after having dermal fillers
So some of the symptoms are getting better ...burning face has gone and anxiety has calmed down that was the worst still getting nausea and feeling of weakness in legs yesterday morning I could read my txt messages without my glasses on as I have big txt auto by afternoon when I went to read a message it was all blurry and could just make out what it said is this stuff in my eyes
Anyone had this ? WORRIED

Been back to injector and he said never seen anything like it

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