Upper/lower Eyelid Surgery - British Columbia, Canada

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I appreciate all the contributions to the answer...

I appreciate all the contributions to the answer part of the ""chemosis "' problem .

I just want to say that,(at least in my case) this condition is an affliction far beyond what could be described as ""annoying"'. This is more like TORTURE and I feel almost suicidal over it.

IT has been extremely painful for 6 weeks now and when some answers on this site say it may take about 3 months to resolve it ,..I think I will be truly crazy by then .. I feel like I can't deal with the pain for one more minute let alone 6 more weeks

IF you can imagine small pieces of glass in both your eyes,
and your eyeballs covered with what look like big blisters
and your eyeballs squeezed out of shape and bulging
and you not being able to focus your vision
and you not being able to do a thing about it and living like that for 6 WEEKS
and seeing no lessening of the problem .....
and then reading that it might be another 6 weeks before it abates
then just maybe you could get the tiniest bit of understanding about how terrible this is .

I had breast cancer last year and all the accompanying surgery and radiation and honestly that was a walk in the park compared to the pain in my eyes that has been so terrible now for over 6 weeks and showing no sign of getting any better.

If this happened to everyone who had eye surgery I swear NO ONE would ever have this done .

I had a highly respected doctor and I have since seen 2 other eye specialists and although they all say it will go away in time , I can guaranteee that none of them can imagine how bad this feels.

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My doctor is highly respected in the city I live in yet still bad things can happen. It is not his fault but it is still an awful thing to have to go through

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