39 Yo, 1 Child, Wanting to Explant but Unsure of Timing and Procedure - British Columbia, BC

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I am 39 years old, I have an active two year old...

I am 39 years old, I have an active two year old son. I am married to a breast loving man. We may have a second child if I can get pregnant again.

I got my implants (325cc saline under the muscle) thirteen years ago. Before surgery I was an A/B cup, and now I am a D or DD depending on the bra. I deeply regret getting implants, I have not had any complications with them. My husband has only known me for 5 years so he has only known me with D cups.

Before surgery in 2004, there were a few comments that my 26 year old self took too much into consideration when selecting my size:

The receptionist at the doctors office said to me "most patients wish they got bigger breasts."

My ex boyfriend said " a man will never complain your boobs are too big" .

I wish someone had said "don't get implants!!!! " oh well it is my own fault and I take full accountability, live and learn.

Back to present day, my husband just loves my boobs. Sometimes I catch him staring at them practically salivating. I feel a bit bad for him that I want to take them out but I'm tired of worrying about whether a man is going to find me sexually arousing or not. I'm SO OVER that! I did that for 35 years and it is exhausting!!!!

Then again I know that I will have a real self image readjustment to make after surgery, so I don't want to explant and then struggle with my self image right now. I cannot put the baby making on pause, I just don't have that kind of time. One step at a time.

If we weren't trying for another baby I would want to get this surgery as soon as possible. I go to great lengths to hide these giant plastic water bags under my skin with careful layering, I'm self conscious when I hug people, basically way too much thought is based around my silly boobs. I think that on me they look fake and tacky. I can't see how it can be healthy to have plastic in your body.

I went for a consult with an amazing surgeon about a year ago when I was thinking about simply downsizing my implants to a 200cc or smaller. I was hoping I could just do a implant swap. Instead the surgeon recommended I get a lift, along with Alloderm at the sides (because when I lie on my back my boobs basically fall off my rib cage and hang by my armpits). She told me that internal stitches would not be enough to hold my breasts in place. She said she could do the lift and implant exchange and Alloderm in one go. (Alloderm is basically cadaver skin with all the cells taken out of it.... if anyone reading is unfamiliar)

I'm not sure implants are for me anymore. I feel like they make me look older than I am. I don't want to get silicone or saline replacements. I am thinking I may just want to do an explant, then lift, then possible fat transfer later.

I may wait until I'm 42 and keep the implants in while my husband and I are trying for a second baby. It's the second baby that has me waiting ....although I want to take action yesterday.

When I finally do the surgery, I don't know if I will have to explant, then wait 6 months, then get a lift and fat transfer later. I may not even get a fat transfer if I am relatively happy with the lift. All i know is that I want to do this ONCE and I want to do it right, so I am happy to go in stages if that is what is necessary. I know I should make another appointment with my doctor regarding my new questions, but I'm putting it out there anyways in case anyone has any tips or suggestions for me to consider.

Thanks :)

I called to make a consult appointment

Today I called and made two consult appointments with two different surgeons. There is a 3 month wait list for both of them. I am going to be asking them about a removal under local.

My issue is I want my implants out but I don't want a lift yet in case I have a second child. I'd rather get a lift after I'm sure I'm done having kids. Like a lot of women on this site I am terrified of what they will look like without a lift. But I'd rather explant now instead of after pregnancy because 1) pregnancy may not happen again and I don't know how much longer I can wait and 2) if I do get pregnant my boobs will go from D's to G's again like they did with my first pregnancy. If I don't end up getting pregnant again, I'd rather start the process now by explanting.

Does anyone know if there is less downtime with just an explant and no lift?

Before implants I was a 34A or 34b and now with my saline 325cc (filled to the maximum) unders I'm a 34 D or 34DD. I don't mind if I am a bit saggy but I think with a simple removal I may end up having excess skin hanging and folding by the crease like an accordion. I have no idea how much tissue I have , if any at all. I can feel a bit of fat around my nipples but not a lot. The sides i feel like my implants are "right there" I can definitely feel them. It seems like the older I get the more I can "see" the implants under my skin. Gross.

If the doctors tell me that I will need a lift, should I listen to them or just stick to my guns and get them to explant only. I suppose I could ask them to drain the saline first so that I could see what they look like before a removal, maybe then I will have a better idea?

Does anyone know if going under full anesthetic is dangerous to your health? I have had three surgeries where I have been totally under (one for medical reasons and two for cosmetic reasons) and I've never had any bad reactions with full sedation. Why do so many want local, is it just the cost or are there possible dangers to your health? If anyone has any insight on any of my questions or comments please feel free to share :) I learn more from this site than I do in a doctors office.


Just forgot to add some pictures

40 Yr Old W/ 1 Child, Removing ( Possible Reimplant and Lift) After 14 Years

I went to my consult yesterday with Dr Sheina Macadam.

I have 14 year old saline unders 325cc fully filled Mentor implants. I was a small B cup before surgery now I am a DD. I'm 5'8" and 120 lbs. They are huge on my small frame I have disliked them from day one. I wish I had never got these things it is a huge regret of my 20s. I go to great ends to camoflauge them with clothing. I haven't had any problems except for the fact when I lie down my breasts fall into my armpits. It is because there isn't enough breast tissue to support my heavy melons. The doctor gave me four options. Keep in mind I prefer to do my surgery in stages. It makes me feel more comfortable to do more less complicated surgeries than one complicated surgery. Plus I jumped into the implant decision without really thinking it through. This time I want more control over the outcome. Option 1- drain saline in office. ( note- As she drains them she will show me what various smaller implants would look like on me. ) then if I think I can live with having no lift, a few weeks later the explant would be done and she would do drains and capsulotomy. Option 2- drain in office, explant, and lift. I would have an anchor scar and I would likely end up with a small B cup. Option 3- Surgery for new implants in two stages. First surgery- drain in office, explant, lift. Second surgery - new implants with Alloderm to reinforce my breast tissue. I would only need Alloderm if I got new implants. If I just do a lift I won't need get Alloderm. Note I don't want a fat transfer. Option 4- do explant, lift, implant exchange and Alloderm all in one go. Alloderm and implants alone are $8000. This surgery would cost about 20 thousand. I will likely go with option 1 or 2. I may even do an explant then wait then do the lift later. I'm not putting pressure on myself. The idea of Alloderm makes me feel uneasy. Although it is an amazing product that helps many women with breast reconstruction I don't think it's for me. I also like the idea of no more surgeries and no more plastic in my body. In pictures on this site I always prefer the look of removed or no implants to me it looks natural and classy. However I am reserving the right to reimplant in case I completely freak out after they are out which is a possibility!!!!! :) I won't be doing the surgery this year it will likely happen next year due to personal reasons. I wanted to post this info if it helps someone else. Loved Dr. Sheina.

Removal or downsize

Since my posts in 2015 I have had two more consults with Macadam. I can't decide between removal or a smaller implant ( low profile under muscle saline 200 or 210) exchange. At this point I do not want a lift- I am not ready to be cut up , I can't afford the recovery time either. Plan is to deflate first, then surgery two weeks after deflation. I know myself and after seeing them deflated I may want a lift. I am away but when I get home I will likely schedule my surgery for October of this year. I am tired of hiding them in sports bras and frankly tired of debating what I should do regarding explanting / exchanging/ downsizing implants! Too much mental energy!

Made my surgery date

I scheduled surgery for October 7th, I will be doing a deflation 2-3 weeks before surgery. The last straw was seeing myself in some professional family photos we had taken, with all my efforts to cover them up they are like another person in the photo. There is no hiding them. Not sure of what I will do operation wise. I may either explant, implant exchange to 200cc saline no lift, or do a lift/ implant exchnge. I'm leaning toward explant. But I have been all over the map I am a very indecisive person. I have read comments from my previous posts and it helps me. Thanks realselfers. My issue with a lift is that there will be more recovery time and I have a young child to look after. I kind of just want to get these things off my chest at this point. They look so stupid. I'll be a little bit sad to see them go and I will likely be in shock but I plan on seeing my therapist while I'm going through this. Biggest fear- that my husband won't like them. I'm just trying to put him at the back of my mind right now. He says he supports me but I see how he looks at my boobs. Until October.....
Vancouver Plastic Surgeon

Excellent doctor. She was personable and professional. She listened and didn't try to push me in any direction. I really liked Sheina and I feel she is extremely smart and capable.

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