Thigh an Bum Vasor Lipo with Doctor Wolf or Hamlet ??

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Has anyone had vasor lipo on their thighs and...

Has anyone had vasor lipo on their thighs and bottom at the private clinic with these surgeons? I'm booked in for a consultation this week and I'm extremely nervous but it's the places that I cannot shift the weight no matter what (typical pear shape ) so I'm hoping this will be worth it !
Has anyone used either surgeons? How are your results ?
I'm hoping I can afford it as my budget is £4000 maximum.

I don't want to tell anyone if I do this do you think I will be able to keep it from even my partner ? He will only say I'm wasting my money and I don't need it doing but I've had these insecurities for as long as I can remember . I was planning on staying at a friends for a few days after op !
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