Right Side of Face Slightly Droopy....Could the Radiesse Procedure Have Damaged Nerves? - Bristol, UK

I had a small amount of Radiesse in my upper cheek...

I had a small amount of Radiesse in my upper cheek area and also more deeply (by cannula) in the lower cheek area. I only had a small amount put in as I didn't want to look false and it really was to plump out the marionnette lines a bit and to enhance my high cheekbones. Apart from the initial swelling, I was pleased, certainly with the cheekbone area. I felt a bit hamster like in the lower cheek area and am grateful that I only had a small amount as a trial. What I have noticed though is that the right side of my face, in the cheek area, seems to be ever so slightly droopy.

The skin looks more dehydrated and the fine lines above my lip again are more noticeable on the right side. I'm 52 and have been having Botox in my forehead for around 5 years with no problems apart from dry eyes for the first few weeks and so I don't feel this is due to the Botox. I haven't had Bell's Palsy or a stroke but I wondered.... can damage be caused to the nerves when a cannula is used and, if so, is that permanent or do nerves heal? It's probably not that noticeable to other people but I'm very aware of it as I've always taken great care of my skin. Strangely I have also had a break out of spots (even at my age!) on the same side. I did speak to the aesthetic nurse who administered this but as lovely as she is, she denies that any damage could have taken place during the procedure. I must add that I followed all of the pre- procedure instructions to the letter and didn't take any of my supplements for a week prior. I didn't even eat any garlic! Afterwards apart from the slight swelling, I only had one tiny mark where the cannula had entered the skin and that was on the left side. Can someone help advise me on this please. Many thanks.

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