595cc & 535cc polyurethane gummy bear Silimed teardrop over muscle (after 45kgs weightloss & 1 child) - 26 yrs old, Brisbane, AU

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First post! I lost a lot of weight in 11, I also...

First post! I lost a lot of weight in 11, I also breast fed my son for 8 months. I first had a consult with Dr Daniel Flemming in 2011, the first thing he said was that I needed a peri areola lift which shattered me. He said under the muscle after my lift healed and recommended a big size. I've been waiting for a few years and I'm ready!

Pre Op appointment booked for 28th May

Going to go over the sizes again on the 28th with Dr Ron Bezic. My surgery date is all booked in and has been brought forward to July 22nd!! I have a million questions I'm writing down for my surgeon. Can't wait! After the 28th I'll post some pre op pics and some sizing ones too :)

Pre-op stuff arrived!

My pre-op paperwork arrived! This is making it more real!! Can't wait for my next appointment on the 28th of May.

Before pics and DIY rice sizer pics

Just adding a few before pics and some sizer pics :) I made some at home with stockings and rice. I filled one side with the equivalent of 490cc's and the other with 540 cc's :)

Pre-op appointment done!

So today I had my pre-op appointment. I had several questions for Dr Bezic. He thoughtfully and truthfully answered each one. I was worried about not having a gap, I was worried that he had ordered low profile but he actually ordered high and ultra high. I really was worried about the size choice (like everyone else) and I had a few general questions. The original size I chose was 540 and 490 (due to asymmetry). After wearing rice sizers around, I decided I wanted bigger. I didn't know if it were an option. He said I may end up with a problem of side boob due to the width of the larger implant and a top line due to there being not enough tissue at the top to hide it. He said if we went higher we would go 595 in one and 535 in the other. I asked if there were a way for him to test it while I was under and if it looked no good, he would put the original choice in. He's going to order both choices, then test the pocket with some sizers. He'll try the big size first, if that looks ok, he'll open the box. If the sizers don't look good, he'll open the smaller box, that way he won't waste a set and can reuse them. Either way, I trust him and his opinion. I'm so, so excited and feel so much better about everything now!. Just waiting on my loan to come through so I can pay the balance!

55 days to go!!!

Before pictures

Just adding some before pics.

Boobs here we come!

I just signed my loan documents tonight!! I got approved! Woohoo!!! Boobs here we come!!!!


Well, that's probably the last time I'm going to see $10,000 in my account! I've just transferred my balance over to the surgeons office. Everything is starting to feel real!

Waiting, waiting..

I suppose it doesn't feel real at the moment. I seem to be counting weeks on the Calendar.

I've been stressed lately, working full time and being a single mum is a tough gig. I quit smoking 1 week and 1 day ago. The first day after I quit was the worst by far. I was twitchy and couldn't sit still all day at work. I had a moment where I almost let go and gave in. My son had an epic tantrum, the kind of tantrums they have where they cry so hard they can't stop and they gasp for air and yawn because they wore themselves out. He hadn't had one like that since about 2 years ago! I was so close to buying cigarettes and smoking a dozen. I know quitting is good for my health and will be great for my recovery after surgery but I'm finding it a little tough at the moment without them.

Before pics

30 days and counting!!

I can't wait! 30 days to go!!!

3 weeks to go!

Three weeks to go, I can't believe this is creeping up so slowly! My op is on a Tuesday here in Aus and I'm now wondering if I have taken enough time off.. I took the week off and am supposed to be back to work the following Monday. Ladies, how much time did you take off? I'm getting over the muscle so I know the recovery is quicker than under.
Also, unrelated but I got my tattoo fixed over the weekend, I've been meaning to do it for ages and thought I better get it done before my op so it has time to heal. I'm going to be adding bits all the way around down to my elbow to make a sleeve :)

13 days!

13 days to go! My last update said that time was creeping up slowly. I had a brain fart, I meant quickly oops! I've been working 2 jobs and unfortunately ended up hurting my back very badly. On top of that, I'm sick!! Worst timing ever!! I really hope out of both of those that at least my back recovers before I get my surgery, I couldn't think of anything worse than recovering from surgery with a bad back!


Ok so I went to the doctors today hoping I could get some strong painkillers. First she checked my temperature and then she looked in my ears and at the back of my throat she said I have a terrible sinus infection. Apparently My ears were so red and swollen inside that she could hardly see!! So I got antibiotics for that. Then came the painkillers she wouldn't give me endone or anything really morphine-based/really strong but she gave me this medication and I took it today while I was at work which was the worst mistake ever because I went Loopy!! I could hardly concentrate and my boss actually asked me to look in the mirror because apparently my eyes were so glazed over and that I looked like I was stoned hahaha. Luckily my boss understands that the back pain is uncontrollable and really affects the way that you live and he knows that I'm a single mum and I've been working really hard lately so he said that I should've taken time off but I can't because I have my surgery and I want to use my holiday pay for that. I also got some anti-Inflammitories and have actually been able to move around more without so much pain. Ohh also I'm officially a non smoker, it's been 40 days since I had a ciggy! 12 days to go until surgery!!!


My clinic called to do a pre-op phone call. She said my time has changed to 2:30pm and need to be there at 1:30pm. 1 front closing bra will be provided, I have to fast from 7am onward (no water, nothing!) I must have a shower in the morning and wash my hair. No jewellery (I have no idea how I'm going to get my septum piercing out!) no wearing deodorant or perfume. No nail polish. I can't shower for 2 days after. I have an appointment booked the next day to see Dr Bezic at the clinic. I also asked about the medications I've been taking, she said I should have stopped them 2 weeks ago. The thing is, I wouldn't have survived the last week without them with the way my back is at the moment :( anyway, that's all I can think off. I'm looking forward to surgery but more looking forward to the forced rest I'll have after. I can't wait!!


I'm really very disappointed, not excited :( My back hasn't repaired, it's just been getting worse. I've been working 2 jobs, getting home late and just crashing, then trying to clean the whole house and do washing on the weekends so I can come home with nothing to do. Really, I just haven't stopped. It's no wonder my back hasn't started getting better. Not being able to take pain killers is awful. I've also now developed sciatica in my legs :( I can't believe my rotten luck. I'm not putting the surgery off, although I think I should. I can imagine the recovery will be horrible because I currently use my arms to push/pull myself up and I imagine my arms will be sore after surgery :( 3 days to go.. Wish my back was better :(

Today's the day!

Here we go! I'm just waiting for the surgeon to see me to draw on me. I'm so excited now and a tiny bit nervous. Bye bye boobs! It's been good knowing you.

Couldn't be happier!

The hospital called me in a little earlier yesterday (1pm instead of 2) so I finished packing my bags at the last minute and got my father to rush me to hospital. The excited feeling was finally kicking in! I went through pre-op checks (blood pressure, temperature, weight etc) then I got dressed into a gown, cap and booties. They were running behind so I probably didn't need to come in early but a few more hours of waiting wasn't going to kill me! Dr Ron Bezic is lovely, he drew on me and did a few measurements and we decided to go with the bigger size (595cc on one side and 535cc on the other) I was led away into the operating theatre and had to move over to the table, that was the worst part because of my back. The anesthetist was lovely, he put a cannula in my arm to administer the anesthetic and stuck some sticky things on my head etc. I saw Ron come in and he gave me a pat on the arm and a big smile asking how I felt and if I was ready. The anesthetist gave me the first dose then I remember asking a question but anything after that is gone! I woke up in recovery and tried to open my eyes but couldn't see. I was very aware of the conversation around me but just wished I could open my eyes. When I finally could I looked down. WOW!! They are huge! Haha. The nurse came over and asked how I was, I'm quite the chatter so we talked for a bit. She gave me a cup of lemonade and she said I seemed to have recovered very quickly and did I think I would be ok to get up! So they helped me sit up (back hurt) and I got a look from above. They popped a front closing bra on me and were debating over whether I would end up an E or F cup!! They helped me get dressed, I went to a recliner and had a cup of tea, some sandwiches and some Panadol (mainly for my back, my breasts were fine!) if you've had kids before it feels similar to the tightness you get when your milk comes in. They are essentially numb all over except for the tops. I think I went under at 3:30pm and was collected to go home at 6:45pm! Talk about quick recovery! They used the 24hr rapid recovery method and aside from some tightness and discomfort, I'm feeling fantastic. I had a hard time sleeping on a 45 degree angle but managed to nap through the night. Pillows, pillows, pillows! They are your best friend! That's all I can think of for now, I have a nice relaxing day ahead of me before going to see Dr Bezic at 1pm before he flys back down to Sydney. Over all, I'm very happy with the result so far, they can only get better from here!!

Post-op appointment and photos

Just adding some more photos. Post op appointment done! The nurse and Dr Bezic were very happy with the result. The nurse said that if she didn't know I had asymmetry before, she never would have guessed! I have to leave my nipple piercing out, was hoping to put it back in but don't want to run the risk of an infection. I can shower tonight which is great then I'll go back in a week to get my strips changed. Only one more night of sleeping upright and then I can do what is comfortable from there. I can't wait to see the results further down the track! Both the nurse and Ron said there was a fair but of fluid/swelling which will go down with time. I also have little shelves on the tops which will go down too. Feeling a little bruised and sore but overall, not in a great deal of pain. Just tired!

3 days post-op

Well, other than being uncomfortable while I sleep, I'm doing well! I'm surprised about the recovery, I thought it would be much worse. I'm starting to get some feeling back in the tops of my breasts and a little around the sides. They are beginning to feel a little less foreign in my body and a little more like a part of me. (Don't get me wrong, they still feel like giant melons under my skin but slowly we'll get there!) everyone's reactions have been positive, everyone is really happy for me. I go back to work on Monday so I'm curious to see what the reactions are like, not many people knew I was having this done. I've still got heaps of fluid and swelling/bruising on the sides but getting better. I went to buy some more post-op bras today and got fitted with a 14 E or 16 DD. I only got given one post-op bra from the surgeons office and all the ones I bought pre surgery were too uncomfortable or didn't fit. Probably the only thing I would provide feedback on in terms of aftercare is that perhaps with all the money I spent on the surgery, 2 bras could be afforded to the patient (1 to wear while you are washing the other). I mentioned this to the Nurse and she said she would gladly provide another so that's great and I'll get it off her at my next follow up appointment on Thursday. In other news, I went to the docs today to get a steroid injection for my back, he couldn't find an entry point so he sent me for a CT scan (see pic). I'm not a radiologist but I compared side by side my spine next to a "normal" one and mine looks messed up big time!! I'll find out Monday hopefully what is wrong.

1 week post-op

Well, one week down! A lot of the swelling is going away but still quite a bit there. I went back to work on Monday. I thought I would be ok (which I was) but ended up being very tired at the end of the day and being that I sit in front of a computer for most of the day, I got very sore from sitting still. Today by the end of the day I thought it was like day one, they were so tight and felt swollen all over again. By the time I got home I was much better (after movement). I'm really happy with my result so far. When they were first done they looked exactly the same. I can see though that the left breast which was smaller to begin with is now starting to look smaller as the swelling goes down. Dr Bezic put 60cc more in my smaller side (left) to compensate but honestly it feels like the bigger implant is sitting on the wrong side. I'm hoping the swelling is just more in my right and will go down. I'm ok if there is slight asymmetry but I won't be happy if there is a noticeable difference like before surgery. I also seem to have this other crease where a bruise is. It's hard to see in photos but in the mirror it looks like another crease or start of double bubble. I hope it's nothing and goes away! Only time will tell I guess!

1 week appointment

I had my 1 week appointment today. We took off the tape and the scars look great except for a little bit on the right breast. It seems to have not healed/closed over. The nurse wanted me to keep an eye out for oozing/infection and not get it wet for 2 days. She'll call me tomorrow apparently. She didn't give me another bra like I asked.. I got given my implant ID cards and my receipt to claim back the asymmetry part for Medicare. I also got some silicon gel tape to put on my scars from Saturday onward. She said they were looking good and things I'll be an E to F!

Pics from last post


My scars are looking ok but both of them are irritated and have about 1cm of an unhealed part. I ended up asking Ron for Antibiotics. He lives in a different state, I text him (on a Sunday night!) and by the next day asked him to fax a script which he did within the hour. Talk about good service! Anyway, I'll start taking them tomorrow to be on the safe side. As you can see in the pics, they don't look too happy!

Looking and feeling great!

Antibiotics have helped and the right one has started healing. Overall, I'm very happy with my result and can't wait to see what they look like in a proper bra!!

3 weeks down

Well, I'm 3 weeks down. I'm still loving them! My scars are looking much better. One is still a little bit irritated but I'm happy now with their progress. My breasts are still numb in some places and my nipples are hyper sensitive, to the point where it's painful. It almost feels like the feeling you get just before a let down when you're breast feeding! I know I'm not supposed to until 6 weeks but I really wanted to see what size I was measuring at and wanted to see what the girls would look like in a "proper" bra rather than a sports bra. I didn't buy any just incase my shape changes but I did try on a few quickly :) I'm so happy with the way they look!

4 week check up

I had my 4 week check up with Dr Bezic. He said they looked fantastic and he seemed to be very pleased with the result. The reason my right incision was having trouble was because there was a stitch making it's way to the surface. He pulled it out and now hopefully it will heal properly! He showed me my before photo, the difference is amazing! I won't see him until October now but he said I can sleep on my side (phew!) and wear underwire bras at 6 weeks :) so happy!!

6 weeks!

Woohoo!! 6 weeks! Time to go shopping haha!

Oh my F'ing god!

I went to Myer yesterday to get a proper bra (get fitted etc). She measured me at a 14F!!! An F???!!!!!! I can think of another F word to use!! Wow! Did not expect that as only a few weeks ago I measured as an E (unless the girl measured wrong) I bought a black tshirt bra size 14F for $69.95. There was not much choice in size F let me tell you and nothing on sale in those sizes. Hmmmm.. Loving my girls but not loving the limited clothing and brazier choices. Every morning I have a battle with my wardrobe. I ordered a bikini about a month ago and it just arrived yesterday "XL" apparently. The bottoms fit perfectly but the top was about a C cup so off it goes to eBay for resale. I went to an outlet store on the Gold Coast and went into 10 different swimwear shops, nobody had anything past a size 12. I even tried Kmart and Target etc but nothing would fit my girls! I'll have to shop online now that I know what size I am officially, little bit disheartening. I still adore them though!!

Scar update

Just updating to show my scars. They still look so red! I'm happy with my result so far but am finding it difficult to find clothes that fit a size F at the top but still remain a 12. Stretchy fabric is my friend!

6 months on

Well it's been a while! The girls have settled and I am much more comfortable with them. Measuring at a 14F! And every now and then finding it somewhat difficult to find nice bras and clothes that fit!

Happy Boobie day! 1 year!!!

Wow! Really? Has it been 1 whole year already? The girls have well and truly settled and are looking very natural. I didn't get much feeling back unfortunately, only the tops are normal but the sides and underneath are completely numb. I ended up an F or sometimes an E depending on brand etc. Cleavage is hard to obtain without a proper push up bra but even then it's not dramatic because they are so heavy and no bra can truly lift them up!! The scars are healing well, one of them isn't as good as the other, that's the one that wasn't healing right after surgery.. Overall, I'm very happy with my result. Ron did a great job :) I'm on the train so a boob selfie is not appropriate right now hahaha! I'll post one soon xxx
Dr Ron Bezic

From the first moment I met Dr Bezic I knew he would be the right surgeon for me. I felt instantly relaxed and comfortable. He listened to all of my concerns and answered my lists of questions thoroughly. He was careful in his consideration of going larger and explained the risks but was agreeable on my size choice unlike previous opinions from other surgeons. I don't believe that he would have led me astray if the information wasn't thought out. Dr Bezic also has lovely bed side manner, is wonderful and I would recommend him to anyone. Ron did a fantastic job with my breasts and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. I cannot wait to see the final result in a few months!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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