Brilliant Botox - Manchester, NY

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Brilliant is the word for Botox. It shows results...

Brilliant is the word for Botox. It shows results within just a few days. Mind you, the results are pretty dramatic. I loved it bigtime. I took Botox injections for my brow lines and they have smoothed but completely. There was almost mild or no pain. The doc adminstered those tiny injections all over my forehead and brow area. It pinched a bit, but it was not painful. More like plucking eyebrows. The injected area was sore and mildly bruised for a few days but that got covered by make up and i even went straight to work the next morning.The only trouble i had was a headache till the time the bruises disappeared. The headache was preytty bad so i took an advil every few hours. Within a few weeks, my frown lines were totally gone. Ok i know what you might be thinking. The frown likes will come back within 6 months.. right? Buy hey, considering how affordable Botox really is ( $500), doesent it seem very possible twice every year? I like Botox because it is cheap, it barely hurts and no one can tell you have had work done.I personally think Botox is brilliant.

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