Veneers on Front Two Teeth - Badly Chipped - Brighton, GB

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I met with the dentist last week and he gave me an...

I met with the dentist last week and he gave me an appointment and an idea of costs.

My two front teeth were damaged 20 years ago when I fell down some metal steps and whacked them! One has a corner chip and the other some of the bottom of the tooth came off so they are different lengths. My worry was that eventually they will crack more as I can see a hairline crack going through the middle which is starting to discolour.

Yesterday I had the prep work done which consists of taking impressions, filing down the enamel on the front of the teeth, more impressions and finally fitting the temporary acrylic veneers.

The procedure was painless (apart from the injections) and took around an hour and a half. Lots of loud filing noises and water being sprayed all over the place, but I tired to relax and it wasn't a traumatic experience at all.

This morning the teeth are sensitive but not awful, just have to be careful not to knock them out. The advise was not to use them to bite AT ALL until the permanent porcelain veneers are fitted as the glue isn't as strong as the perm glue.

They don't look great; a bit darker than my natural colour and the shape is the same as my old shape. I was told when the veneers are being made they will not look like this and will be of equal lengths. I hope so anyway !!

2 days since temporaries were fitted

Just thought I'd share my experience so far with the temporaries.
Yesterday the teeth were sensitive but today much less so, just have to remember they're there ! It's hard not being able to bite with them, but no big deal as it'll be worth it in the end !

Veneers fitted !

Veneers finically fitted!

All went fine; took about 50 mins. No pain, the only thing that hurt a lot was the injection !
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He is very gentle, patient and explains everything clearly. He and his assistant are both lovely and put me at ease straight away.

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