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I will be having a breast augmentation silicone...

I will be having a breast augmentation silicone round gel by Mentor and smartlipo, and I am looking for some advice and reviews, I am a little bit concern about how can affect my back the implants wait and I still making decisions about if I want under or over the muscle, I am nervous about the pain.

18 days countdown for my breast augmentation and Smart lipo

I was with my surgeon this week he confirm me the 500 cc round mentor implants under the muscle and how my tummy and waist are going to end. I am excited to see the result he told me I will be looking great because my skin and the volume of my breast are great and will be looking natural. I was working out in the last months and the hard part to me is work with my tummy and waist fat. I do. It have enough time to really work hard in the gym so the smartlipo is a great option to me to get it off this fat I really hate.
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