32 Years Old, Two Kids, 5'7 and 133 Pounds - Brentwood, TN

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I will be having a breast augmentation silicone...

I will be having a breast augmentation silicone round gel by Mentor and smartlipo, and I am looking for some advice and reviews, I am a little bit concern about how can affect my back the implants wait and I still making decisions about if I want under or over the muscle, I am nervous about the pain.

18 days countdown for my breast augmentation and Smart lipo

I was with my surgeon this week he confirm me the 500 cc round mentor implants under the muscle and how my tummy and waist are going to end. I am excited to see the result he told me I will be looking great because my skin and the volume of my breast are great and will be looking natural. I was working out in the last months and the hard part to me is work with my tummy and waist fat. I do. It have enough time to really work hard in the gym so the smartlipo is a great option to me to get it off this fat I really hate.

I am excited and nervous, preparing myself to the...

I am excited and nervous, preparing myself to the pain and being relax in Christmas. I already bought a recliner, I ordered some sport bras. I will be taking two weeks off from work. Any suggestions and recommendations are welcome, to manage pain and the recovery, meds, creams suplements anything can help me to be prepare. i will be staying in a friend house to help me in the first days. i hope that be enough to return to my home soon.

Just 7 days away to my surgery, I have concerns about sensibility in the breast after augmentation

I already ask my DR but I would like to really know if I am going to loose the sensations in my boobs after the augmentation.

6 days for my breast augmentation and smartlipo I am so nervous and trying to have everything and preparing my self for the pain

I read hundreds of different experiences, I am glad to found this website, that help me a lot to be prepare and aware. I already bought a recliner, some new PJs with front bottoms, oil and coconuts creams, I still thinking in buy arnica cream and pills. If any body have any suggestions And recommendations I am glad to receive them.

My new boobs will be 500 cc round mentor implants under the muscle, gummy bear silicone

My new boobs will be 500 cc round mentor implants under the muscle, gummy bear silicone

Two days for my surgery

Just two days for my surgery, I bought arnica pills and bromelian supplements, I begin to take them last Friday. I bought some PJ, arnica oil. Let see I am excited and nervous. Preparing my self to be in pain for few weeks. I read many reviews, I think I have a good expectation about how is the healing process.

New boobs and new waist

The surgery was a success the doctor saw me today, he is excited with my results. I feel like a elephant is sitting in my chest but not to die. I sleep 4'hours, tonight I feel more swelling and muscle pain. For now my boos are so high, I am wearing my surgical bra with the band.

Second day!!!

Today is my second day, I am swollen still feeling a lot of pressure. I am taking pain killers and muscle relaxers that help me a lot. I am already in love with my new body.

My left boob is more swelling than the right. They are too high, I am using arnica pills and arnica oil to massage my boobs.

I am so happy with my result and is soon

I have done the breast augmentation and Smart lipo. My breast looks beautiful and still swollen, I don't have any pain in this two weeks, the Dr. And his staff are great and very responsive, I still swollen in my tummy but I already see very good changes and they suppose get better between 6 weeks to 6 months, so I am very excited. I highly recommend Nubody concepts and Dr. Greco
Brentwood General Surgeon

They are so kind, respectful the Dr team always answer all my questions.

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