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Hello, im 21 years old 5'2, 137 lb and currently...

hello, im 21 years old 5'2, 137 lb and currently wear a 36DDD. i have had bad back neck and shoulder pain since i was 12 years old, i currently have to take 2 pain medicines, a pain patch, a muscle relaxer and an anti-inflammatory just for these issues. i went to a Dr named Hagarty in kingston,ny. he told me i was a great surgery candidate and that my insurance would cover most, if not all of the surgery costs. come to find out that through my insurance company they only cover you if you fit into some specific formula that deems you as low risk or something like that, and at the time i was 155 lbs and my insurance company said my weight made me a high risk patient and that i would have to pay out of pocket and then be reimbursed later on. is that normal????? now i have lost some of the weight i take good care of myself but i work at a job where i have to strain my back 7 days a week, so i need to build up enough vacation time to take two weeks off for the surgery and come back on light duty, now to find a surgeon in upstate New York. any suggestions???

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