Breast Reduction & Lift 12 Days Ago. Best Decision Ever!! :) - California

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I had a breast reduction and a tummy tuck 12 days...

I had a breast reduction and a tummy tuck 12 days ago and I'm so happy with the results so far. It was 100% worth it! I have always had large breast and after giving birth to each of my three daughters they grew bigger and bigger. They caused me back and shoulder pain and I could not stand on my feet for very long because the pain would get worse. They also caused ugly dents on my shoulders. I could never sit straight up because of how heavy they were. I was a size H. I always knew my breast were large and that I need a reduction but the truth is that the thought of how a reduction is preformed terrified me. So I made a deal with myself. If I could lose 60lbs maybe I won't need a reduction because they will get smaller. However for losing that much weight I would reward myself with a tummy tuck. Well I ended up rewarding myself with both because even after I lost all that weight my breast didn't get much smaller. Insurance covered my breast reduction. I went from an H to a D and I love my new breast.

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