Breast Lifts and Implants Are Very Big Deal, Ladies, but Results Are a Vast Improvement

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I have always been extremely busty (34E) and...

I have always been extremely busty (34E) and needed a lift after breastfeeding two children. I went round and round with my two doctors consulting on the surgery about whether or not to use implants. I did not want them but the lead surgeon insisted we needed them for reshaping after removal of so much skin and tissue.

Well, it was an excrutiatingly painful recovery and a very big deal to do - so don't go into thinking it's going to be like the stupid shows on the Discovery Channel - but my breast are very nice now and completely natural looking and feeling.

My husband says he cannot see any strangeness/fake look in the shape or feel, nor has anyone that has hugged me or seen my in a tight shirt or bathing suit - 95% of people who know do not know I have had anything done (believe me, most would ask if they thought I did!) The ones I've told have said there is no way to tell - they look and feel normal and natural - that is the idea.

My measurements are exactly the same except I am now 1/2 inch more busty but it's all up where it's supposed to be and the proportions were perfect. The surgeon did a tremendously good job but it was extremely painful and a long recovery.

Think long and hard before you do any sort of surgery that requires general anesthesia - I stopped breathing on them eight times and nearly died - so I question recommending any cosmetic surgery which requires a general anesthesia but the saline implants and breast lift do look very pretty and natural.

Five stars on the product and procedure but thumbs down on the danger factor. I have two kids and a husband who need me - after my surgery scare, I felt very stupid for doing any unnecessary surgery and very, very grateful to have survived.

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Is an exacting perfectionist who strives for normal, natural looking beauty. Would not do anything over the top or unnatural looking - I wish they all thought that way!!

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