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I always knew my breast looked different but I...

I always knew my breast looked different but I figured well no one is the same so i let it go. then one night while watching a tv show they was talking about tubular breast and showed a picture of them. It looked just like me. So I made the appointment with dr. clark to see what she thought. she told me that it was indeed tubular breast and that she could give me a breast lift to help the shape of them and resize my nipple since it was bigger than it was suppose to be. after the surgery I was in a fair amount of pain but when I looked down at my breast and seen what I could I was so happy so the pain was worth it. I would have to say the first night was the worse. however it didn't hurt unless I have to move around, go to the bathroom ect., I had minimal bruising that was mostly under my breast. within a week I was up cleaning my carpets I know I shouldn't have but with kids and a house I couldn't handle my husbands ways of cleaning any The worst part about the whole thing I thought was the bra they put you in for support where its tight its uncomfortable. when I went back for my check up and finally able to get the bra off I was amazed with the results. I was cut under each breast up the middle and around each nipple. they were nice was a perky something I had never seen in my life. yes the scars looked awful then but i was still healing, right now I am about 8-9 weeks post op and I have to say the scars look good. they are fading some and my husband doesn't mind the scar in the bedroom, its helped my self esteem too because i feel good about my self now I am happy with how I look in a shirt, bathing suit and everything. Dr. clark helped me in so many ways. she done a GREAT job, i will post you all some before and after pics.
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