Breast Lift with Augmentation - a Good Thing - Gainesville, FL

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I had a breast lift with augmentation at the age...

I had a breast lift with augmentation at the age of 43. I am pleased with the results. The worst part of it is the first 24-48 hrs after surgery. Getting the sutures out is uncomfortable but not bad. I had stopped taking the pain meds after about 5 days. And have resumed riding after 2 wks per my doctor's approval.

Would I do it again? - yeah - I would. For years I was dissatisfied with the size of my breasts and the fact that they had sagged even though there was not much there to start with. I was fortunate enough to be able to only have a scar around my aerole and with time it will not be noticable.

Take the time to research your surgeon - wear a water filled bra for a month even to bed to get used to the extra weight and how your back will feel. After all the water bra can be taken off - the implants are a little harder to get rid of if you determine that they are not to your liking.

BE informed and educated - ask questions - this is your body after all.

Well it's two months post augmentation and...

Well it's two months post augmentation and lift.  Have to admit it took a while to get used to the "new me" but am very pleased with the results.  I did not go up a cup size but stayed a B but a full B and the difference in how I feel and look in clothes is well worth the cost and discomfort of the first few weeks. 

I have returned to all my normal activities.  I am still figuring out which bras work best with the fuller shape and so far it's been fun to be able to shop for ones without all the padding that I used to have to get to give the appearance of cleavage. 

I would recommend the surgery - just make sure that you're ready for the down time to let yourself heal fully.  Still loving the new look and so is the boyfriend.  They may say that more than a mouthful is enough - but trust me ladies they are visual creatures and the new visual is getting a lot of attention. 

Gainesville Plastic Surgeon

The surgeon was very knowledgeable and competent and made me feel comfortable with the size and decision of saline that I made. His staff were very good and compassionate.

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