Breast Implants and Autoimmune Disorders

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Breast Implants: 1st surgery 1989, second surgery...

Breast Implants: 1st surgery 1989, second surgery after severe capsulation 1997. Leakage detected 2009.

Pros-nice breasts, for a few years. I did it because I lived in L.A. Great reputable doctors both times. The best.

I have read 5 or 6 doctors here comment ardently that silicone will not cause an allergic response therefore breast implants cannot cause the myriad of allergic systems that are related to auto immune disorders. However, why do the doctors not address the foreign body defense reactions of the body to the implants as a whole? This is itself seems to be causing my symptoms which I have had chronically since my implants were put in and now acutely since leakage. Please address this. Also- I want mine removed, what are my options to have as natural an augmentation as possible?
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Do not recommend breast augmentation.

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