28 y.o, 5'4", 105lbs

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28 y.o, 5'4", 105lbs

I researched all the doctors in Atlantic Canada and Dr. Bendor-Samuel has positive reviews and good results. I had a consultation with him and he was very straight forward and told me what I can and can't expect. I appreciated how direct he was because I can be a little wishy-washy with decisions. He was also very personable and friendly.

Almost there!

I'm hoping to get my boyfriend to take some before pictures of me very soon so I can post them!

I am getting mentor 275cc smooth round high profile under the muscle. I am currently a 32A sometimes I can just fit a B. I am very petite and I did have worries about going too big, however 275 is the largest my doctor says I can go. He did mention 300 briefly but he seemed VERY hesitant about that size. So now I am worrying about going through all of this and still being small!
I am so nervous/scared but also very excited. I do have concerns about recovery time. I work in a male dominated industry (it's an old boys club basically) and I sometimes have to lift 50 pounds repeatedly and I don't know what to say. I haven't told anyone I work with about the procedure, I've just said I'm taking a week off for vacation. My doctor said he would write a note saying i am unable to lift that much for the next 4 weeks, and just tell work it's none of their business as to why I can't, but that is easier said than done! Luckily I'm always in baggy coveralls so the guys I work with will never notice a difference haha.

I also haven't told my parents. They are a little old school and I am not sure how they would feel about it. Obviously they're going to notice eventually but I don't want to tell them! My boyfriend thinks I should. Many of my friends already know and I have no problem telling them. I just don't have any idea how to tell my parents. I don't know how they would react. I know my mother would just worry and I don't want to worry her.

Every once in a while I freak out and think 'why am I doing this to myself?!' But then I remember that it is something I have wanted and talk about getting since I realized they weren't going to get any bigger! My boyfriend and friends are very supportive, which makes things easier.

Can't believe how close it is! I don't think it's really going to set in until I'm at the clinic getting prepped. I've said it's something I'm going to do for the last 10 years, and it's finally only a few days away!

Tomorrow is the day!

Definitely starting to freakout a bit. Not sure if I will sleep much tonight. I'm still in a little bit of disbelief that it's all finally happening.

I think what scares me the most is the pain. The only surgery I've ever had was getting my wisdom teeth out, so nothing major. So I have no idea what to expect! I think being helpless for a few days freaks me out a bit too.

Tomorrow morning when I get to the clinic I'll probably start freaking out pretty bad, nervous sweats haha. Too bad I have to wait a while to shower haha.

I think I have everything I need! Lots of ice packs, pillows, magazines, and Netflix. This time tomorrow I will be camping out in my bed, only moving to use the bathroom haha. Told my boyfriend I expect to be waited on hand and foot! hehe.

Eeeeekkkk I've been trying to find any form of a distraction tonight. Ooohh my nerves!

On the other side!

Been out of surgery for a few hours now.
Was in more pain than I had expected when I came to but now that my dose of Dilaudid has kicked in I have no pain but I feel yucky :( might try reducing the Dilaudid and upping tylenol tomorrow.

Getting up off the couch is hard but once I get moving I'm pretty mobile. Although my boyfriend had to help pull down my pants so I could go pee hahah. I'm camped out on the couch with Netflix and water. I highly recommend a Camelback for your water after. It's a lifesaver! It's clipped to the collar of my sweater so I only have to turn my head to drink.

Can't believe I did it! I was less nervous in preop than I thought I would be, which was a surprise. My boyfriend was able to stay with me until they took me into the OR which definitely helped a lot.

All nurses were wonderful. Tracy was my recovery nurse and she was very sweet. Dr. Benfor-samuel was great. It was almost like he was excited for me, which was cool, made me feel good about my choice. He has a positive but straight forward attitude which actually helped settle my nerves a bit before going into surgery.

I'm wrapped in gauss and a tensor bandage and I have to leave it like that for three days. The suspense to look at my boobs is huge! But I don't want to risk anything so I'll wait to look.
I'm all pink from the soap they washed me with in the OR! I look like some weird alien haha.

Day two

The pain may be a little worse today, but I can't tell if it's just from my back bothering me so much or pain from the procedure. Hot water bottles for my back and ice packs for my boobs are a life saver today, that's for sure.

I slept alright I suppose. My doc recommends sleeping on your back, so that definitely helped but my back is still so sore! I set an alarm every 4 hours to take my pills, but I was waking up a lot in between alarms.

I am so itchy from the tensor bandage! But my Doc said it can come off Friday and that day can't come fast enough!

So far I am feeling fine mentally. I keep telling myself when the bandage comes off that I will have 'franken-boob' and not to get upset and that they won't always look like that! Gotta stay positive! Even though I'm pretty uncomfortable right now, I know I made the right decision. Still can't believe I actually did it!

The pain this morning upset me a fair amount, even though I tend to have a high pain tolerance. I don't think the dilaudid really does a lot for me, unfortunately. I've been trying 1mg of dilaudid with tylenol but it doesn't do enough. My next dose I'm going to go back to 2mg and hope I don't feel yucky again. When the nurse calls to check up on me again tomorrow I may ask if there's anything else I can be put on for pain.

Think it's time for netflix and a nap!


So my Boyfriend suggested I try 1.5mg of dilaudid along with tylenol and it seems to be working. Pain isn't 100% gone but it's better and I don't feel all dizzy and nauseous. Glad to have found a happy place with the pain meds. Definitely in a much better place than I was this morning. I also took a baby wipe "shower" hahah. Freshening up helped too.

Also my boyfriend has been absolutely awesome helping me recover. I definitely would have had a mental break down by now if it weren't for him. Felt he deserved a shout out for being super amazing and supportive!

Day three

Today was a good day! My boobs hurt a little bit but I think that's because I was a late taking my Dilaudid. The Dilaudid definitely makes me slow. Thinking is difficult and I've been avoiding it haha.

I am far more mobile today than I was the last two days, which feels good. It's nice to get up and moving around. I can get off the couch by myself, but I need help sitting up from lying down. Good news is I can actually pull my pants up and down all by myself now hahaha. Yay for using the bathroom on my own! I can reach my arms almost straight up over my head today. I'm expecting tomorrow to be able to reach straight up. However, my back is still hurting, guess my body isn't used to the added weight yet, but it's not like my implants are huge or anything. Maybe I'm just slouching more? I've been trying to have good posture but it's still sore.

My tensor wrap comes off tomorrow! I can finally shower! I am so excited to shower and wash my hair!! And also see what my new boobs look like. I'm nervous too. I know they're going to be all swollen and sitting high, I just have to tell myself it's normal and that they will settle.

Off to watch netflix and not use my brain!

I finally got to shower!

Took my bandages off today finally!
Showering felt soooooo good.
And I finally got to look at my new boobs!! They're definitely high and swollen but I can tell they're going to look good! They feel sooooo strange. Like they're apart of my body but foreign at the same time.

I took some pictures as soon as I took off the bandage, just before I hopped in the shower. A bit of bruising, which I expected because I bruise very very easily. I'm also super bloated from all the pills :( can't wait for that to go away!

Sports bras

Oh man. So yesterday I went sports bra shopping and it is nearly impossible to find one that is front closing or even back closing! There's some front zip ones at VS but they pretty much have a bra built into it and it sits right on my incisions. I got a different front close one from VS but I wore it for a few hours today and it rides up to my incisions :( It was getting uncomfortable.
I've tried Walmart and three different sports stores as well. I have a bra from Macom-medical that I got for post surgery and I wanted another bra to rotate between. So for now I have to wash my Macom and let it air dry while I constantly tug down my other bra. Ugh. I would order another Macom but they're from Britain and cost nearly $100 Canadian and I don't feel like spending that much again. But if it comes down to the best for my new boobs, I'll do it.
Anyone have any suggestions???

Just over a week!

I've been busy!
Things are going well. I stopped the Dilaudid three days post op and haven't had any pain. I took tylenol for a couple days after and I take Advil now and again since I went back to work the other day. Although I am on "light duties" I'm still noticing it's hard to do every day things. Like open and close doors to big work trucks, or grabbing my kit. So I've been going really slow at work. People commented that I look "stiff" so I told them I did something to my back and I can't lift anything above 10 pounds for a few more weeks. They didn't ask further or for a note, just to say when I was better. Although I do feel bad for lying about hurting my back, I would NOT be taken seriously if I said it's because I got implants.

I think they're coming along nicely. They're slooooowly getting softer. I think once I start massaging next week they will get softer very fast.

I do wish I could have gone bigger but it was not an option for me so I have comfort in knowing I didn't make a poor choice.

My boyfriend loves them already. I let him lightly poke them the other day and I said "don't worry they will get softer and settle and look more natural" and he was like "I wouldn't even care if they didn't. They look great". Always nice to hear! When I touch them they don't feel so strange on my body now. Before it felt so strange and I was like oh man I hope this isn't a forever thing. I think in a couple more weeks they won't feel weird to touch at all.

I have a check up next week. I can't wait for my stitches to come out. They haven't really bothered me but every once in a while they get super itchy and all I want to do is scratch!

I snapped a couple boob selfies yesterday so show some progress. It's very minor and I have to remind myself it's only been one week!


I forgot to mention that sneezing HURTS!! I'm so glad I don't have any summer allergies! If you have summer allergies, definitely have your procedure in the winter.

Busy busy

Hello all! I have been so busy working lately, covering people's vacations. I've had one day off in the last 12. Ugh.

Everything has been going great. I went for my 2 week checkup a few days ago. I was shown how to massage. Feels so weird to do but they're getting softer by the day! I rarely have any pain in my day to day, but every once in a while when I try to lift something at an odd angle, it will feel weird. My 'morning boob' is pretty much gone.

Every once a while I will wish they were bigger, but at least I went as big as I could! 90% of the time I love the size. Big enough to show off if I want, small enough to hide too. They definitely don't look out of place on me. I honestly wish I had surgery years ago! I can't believe surgery was only 2.5 weeks ago. Seems like a lot longer because I am just so used to them and how they look.

I have to go swimsuit shopping soon and I am so excited to not be disappointed with my boobs in a swimsuit for the first time in my life! I always hated swimsuit shopping, I never felt I looked right in them. I always got super padded swimsuits to make myself comfortable. No more of that! I held up my old swimsuit to my new boobs the other day and there is no possible way I am going to fit into it and I was so happy!

I will get some updated pictures soon!



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