Breast Implant Nightmare

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Hiya im 26 and since i had my little girl i...

hiya im 26 and since i had my little girl i always wanted to have breast implants. i had them done on the 27 of march, i was surprised how fast the whole procedure was done, i was in and out of the clinic, the operation took 1hour,and i was back at the hotel that same evening only with strong painkillers,even knowing that my friend was with me i feelt very scared in pain and lonely.

i didnt have no medical suport after my op.. plus on my consultation i told my surgerion i wanted to go to a DD size, and maximo of 650cc , for my surprise when i wake up i had 750cc, i felt even worst knowing that the surgerion done something against my wishes... anyway the recovery was goinging well till the 9th of april, i've been rushed in to hospital in severe pain on my righgt breast and cheast, i had a infection, i've been put on antibiotics for the first twoo days, but the infection started to spread in to my back and ribs, so on the 13th i had my right implant taking out.. now i have to wait up to 4month for my breast to ill and for me to put the new implant.

My problem is i dont know if i can go through all this again, i didnt like the way the clinic treated me, the size and look of my implant, i asked my surgion if it was possible to take my left implant out so i could go to a small size and to put both of my breast at the same time because now i'm walking with a EE left breast and an A on my right breast, but he told me that it was best to wait, leave my left breast in, so they only had to work on my right.... at the moment i feel revoulting, a shame of my body and scared.

i dont leave my house and i dont know what to do, i want to take my other implant out so i can feel more human, more normal.. people say risc of infection is 1 in 1000 well i was that 1, and i regret the whole procedure ..

clinic beaucare

no after op support, and no consideration for the patient's wishes

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