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Breast Augmentation Success

Breast Augmentation

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6 Oct 2016

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Breast Augmentation Success

From my very first phone call with Helen to my most recent follow up appointment, my experience with Dr. J. Darrow has been amazing. Dr. Darrow addressed all of my questions and concerns at my first pre-op appointment and was very timely in answering questions via email that I forgot to ask in the office. He was clear and concise on why he chooses the products and textures that he does, how my surgery would be performed and why, and what to expect during my recovery period. I have done research on plastic surgeons for almost 14 years and settled on Dr. Darrow based on his fantastic recommendations. I am so happy that I did! I am currently 6 weeks post op for breast augmentation and am already back to running and a modest amount of gym exercises. I would recommend him to anyone who is seeking a professional, courteous, and honest surgeon who will deliver great results but will not go beyond the realistic limitations of your body, putting you at risk. He is truly top notch.