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Breast augmentation review - Allentown, PA

Breast Augmentation

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30 Nov 2016

Updated, 3 months ago

Breast augmentation review - Allentown, PA

Definite 5 Stars! Him and his team are very friendly and helpful. I am very satisfied with the results of my breast augmentation. It was a great experience!! A little more detail: The procedure went smoothly. All of the nurses at the hospital informed me from the beginning that the doctor was very menticulous of his work. He doesn't hurry, but he takes pride in doing his best. The time at the hospital was pleasant, everything was handled professionally by the doctor and all of the staff. All of my concerns were addressed promptly. My procedure was performed the day before Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving night I actually had a small issue, allergic reaction to the adhesive tape. The doctor was available on the first call. Follow up visits to remove drainage tubes and stitches were pleasant as well. I will definitely be back for any future ps work.