5'1, 116lbs ,2 kids, deflated 34a 350cc mod plus

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Petite 26yr old, 5'1, 113lbs, 2 kids, deflated 34a hoping to get 375cc

I've always wanted to get boobs and now I finally can! I'm an empty 34a I'm hoping to be a full C cup (375cc or 400cc, not sure which profile HELP). I've been researching doctors for years and I've been on Realself looking at nothing but boobs lol I never breast fed my children but after all my milk went away I noticed changes in my breasts. I just don't like how they feel or the shape of them :( I have a consultation with Dr.Alexander on Friday so hopefully everything goes well and he can help me get some boobies!

Set the date!

April 6th is when I'm getting my breast augmentation. I chose Dr. Alexander to do the procedure. I LOVED his staff they were so helpful and made the decision so easy. I'm stuck between 350cc and 375cc. I feel like 350 is sort of like the "sweet spot" if you will lol and 375 is overwhelming. I don't want to regret what size I chose after surgery wishing I would have gone one size bigger. So I'm kind of at a cross roads here lol HELP!!!


I'm stuck between 350cc and 375cc


I'm stuck between 350cc and 375cc


I'm not sure which one I want. Scared of getting "boob greed"


I can barely believe it! I'm so nervous and excited all at the same time! I have to be in by 8am...surgery is at 9am.....someone pinch me! Wish me luck!

On the other side!

So this morning I woke up around 630am and left by 7 to the surgery. Once I got there I waited about 10 minutes then they took my back. The pre op nurse was so sweet! After she got me already Dr. Alexander came in marked me up. Shortly after I was sent back to the O.R. And that's all I remember. Doc ended up putting im 350cc moderate plus. I haven't seen them yet but they I'm sure I'll peek by the end of the night

Day 1

This was the only pic I could take. lol I'm scared to move too much.

Post op

Just had my post op apt. Everything went well. Not in that much pain. Just sore around my incisions and feeling tired. Other than that everything was fine. Slept fine last night...... set alarms in the middle of the night for my medicine to try and prevent morning boob lol and it did! I felt great when I woke up. Hoping the rest of my healing journey is this easy!

Day 4

Took my first shower and I feel AMAZING! My husband has to help of course. I'm completely off my pain meds and my bloating has gone down quite a bit. My boobs feel pretty numb but my back and shoulders feel a little sore. I'm wanting to lay on my side SO bad UGH!

One week doc visit

Just had my one week post op. My doc says I need to take it a little easier than I have been. Kinda scared me a bit. So I'm really trying to tone it down. But recently my 6 year old slept in bed with me and kicked me in the boob! And theeeennn my 60lb dog jumped up and pawed me right in the boobs. So I'm really worried about that. Doc said everything looked fine I have bruising that should take a few weeks to go away but I'm REALLY going to take it easy. Anyone else have an accidents like this happen during their healing process?

Almost 4 weeks postop!

Everything is going well! Started massages and they have helped my boobies get softer! Yay! At first they felt super weird to do but not so much anymore. Other than the massages I don't really play with them much. I don't know if it's just me being paranoid but I'm scared I'm going to break something if I play with them or squeeze them in the slightest lol has anyone else felt that way? I'm half way out of this "bulletproof" bra....only 2 and a half more weeks! I'm getting pretty impatient....I'm beyond ready to get out of the bra and just be freeeee! I'm so happy with my results. I wouldn't change a single thing. I already feel like they are MY boobs. I'm not so focused on the when I'm out and about. I tried on sports bras the other day and I'm happy to report that I have upgrading from and XS size to a MEDIUM! Hahahaa! I was shocked! In a good way. I love my new boobs!


Here are some pics.....the one of me in front of my shower is from 2 weeks ago and the one of me sitting is from yesterday.

1 month Post!

Yesterday was my official one month mark. Everything is going really well. The massaging has definitely evened out my implants and made them a little softer. They are still a little hard. I can't wait for them to be completely healed. I'm trying to be patient but I'm slowly running out lol my nipples are still pretty sensitive but not nearly as much as last week or the week before. I'm sleeping on my sides now which is sooo much more comfortable than my back. It did take me a few days to get used to it again because I could feel the implants shift and move when I laid on them. Such a bazaar feeling. Oh! I got my first sports bra and I'm happy to report I have went from and EXTRA SMALL to a MEDIUM! I never thought I'd fit in a medium lol I'm so happy!

Hey guys!

Sorry I haven't updated lately! I've just been so busy.....ok so the boobies are doing great! I'm not massaging them as much anymore and they are still very soft. Except when I lay down on my back they feel hard. Did that happen to anyone else? Kinda weird to me. I got fitted the other day for bras and I'm still not too sure on my size. So far 34c has been the most comfortable the only thing is that my nipples kinda peek over my bra so my breasts aren't fully covered in my bra and I don't have high nipples so idk why that's happening. I need to go and try on different sizes to really find out what my true size is. I haven't been wearing bras that much though. It's a great feeling! I'll post pics soon!

Almost 3 months

Loving my boobs! I'm braless 90% of the time and it's wonderful! My boobs are jiggly like real boobs! I'm happy with my size although I could've gotten away with 400 I don't regret anything. My 3 months check up and I don't really have any questions for my doc. I'm feeling like they are mine and not so foreign anymore. I barely started being able to sleep on my stomach because I'm so paranoid about messing something up lol and I really feel the implant when I lay on my chest but I'm slowly getting more comfortable. That's really the only time I notice the implants. Other than that everything is great!

Bra shopping

Bra shopping
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